Friday, March 19, 2010

Window Shopping: American Apparel

Sweat-shop free, and innovative marketing. American Apparel makes cotton basics anything but. Recently I went perusing on their website (I really want their new Look Book) and found a handful of items that would improve my life dramatically. Ok, I exaggerate, but these are clever additions to  my what-to-wear list. 

Brogues/Oxfords. These are a must have item for summer. I already have a lovely vintage white pair, but want black leather brogues. American Apparel has two offerings of these beautiful basics, both made in the USA. 
American Apparel makes cotton basics anything but.

 Nautical Striped Sweater. Oooooh-fucking-La! This sweater is so adorable it makes my teeth hurt. And would go so great with my denim bubble skirt and "jeggings." And pretty my entire "Mayflower" red, white and blue ensembles that I usually wear all summer. 

Lace trimmed biker shorts. I wear short skirts and dresses but am a girl of modest means. Meaning I have modesty and always put on a pair of bloomers or shorts beneath my high hems. These shorts would be great to wear under a breezy mini, or paired with a long T-shirt or sweater.

Polka-Dot Body Suit. What a great layering device this little bathing beauty could be. I've always liked wearing body suits as they are incredibly versatile, and this polka-dotted number would wear so well underneath so many of my things!

Dear Reader: What would YOU want from American Apparel this spring?


Kallie said...

i secretly want everything from american apparel, including a skinny butt. I love how it looks in theory, but I feel like I've wasted so much money there because the stuff never fits quite right if you aren't built like a "unisex" person (that includes the women's clothes)
have you read any of the stuff about how the owner is totally creep-tastic, the factories actually employ illegals and pay them under minimum wage, and how the models are exploited?

the Citizen Rosebud said...

"including the skinny butt." LOL! you are so right, Callie, that the sizes are funny unless you're super thin and uh, unisex. i've had probs with the shirts as larges are too snug in the wrong spots at times.

i haven't heard the rumors of illegals though...that makes me sad, as that doesn't make it "sweatshop free." do you have a source for me to look this?

Katie said...

Omigosh, that's so ludicrous and untrue! I'm in the immigration reform community, and I know American Apparel pays their workers well in both wages and benefits. I really hate hearing this stuff because sadly there are sweatshops all over the country, but American Apparel is not one of them.

Kallie was probably referring to a story about how they were forced to lay off undocumented workers after an immigration raid. The story is that they check all employee paperwork, but the raid found that some employees provided false documentation. It happens everywhere. It's actually a really sad story because here's a company that DOES pay their employees well over the minimum wage, so now many of these people have to turn to work in other factories that pay far, far less.

American Apparel is absolutely not a sweatshop, and they've been so supportive of the immigration reform community. Here's a video on the subject. So tragic.

Katie said...

Oh! But on an unrelated and more selfish note, I totally need that sailor sweater! Haha

tobes said...

"skinny butt" ha lol! love it !!
i love that model's loafers!!! and want them

Robyn said...

Oh my. I could buy half the website on most days. I have practically lived in their skirts and V neck T shirts.

As of right now, their new nail polish line is blowing my mind.

Eye said...

hey, I want to share this award with you!!!!!!


priincess said...

i love those Lace trimmed biker shorts! they look amazinggg! <3

Cocò said...

I really love navy shirt! It's the trend of now!!! Congratulations for your blog, it's lovely...
If u want you can follow me on . See u soon . Xoxo

Martwa Marta said...

i am broke at the moment and consequetly i have no choice - i have to do the window shopping! i hated polka dotted stuff, but actually i'm changing my mind! i saw a fantastic dotted top in h&m so i can't wait to get some money at least!

chaoskontrolowany said...

Nice post:)


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