Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Etsy Find: Penny Dreadful's Pretty-in-Pink

Don't ask me why I was shopping etsy. I guess, I just like the place. Was checking out a lovely new etsy shop from the U.K. with a killer name, Penny Dreadful Vintage. Well, she is stocked full of vintage, and they are pretty amazing.

Here's a dress that caught my eye and stole my heart!
I can't enlarge it too much, as it gets fuzzy, but the scene stealers are the buttons. They are a medley of mis-matched vintage buttons, so very Citizen Rosebud. Last year, I pretty much slapped a vintage button or two, or twelve on everything, and this little suite of buttons makes a sweet impression on me!

Click here to visit Penny Dreadful's etsy shop, and tell her the Citizen Rosebud sent ya!

What do you shop for when you visit  Are you there for handmades or vintage? What are your favorite shops? Please leave me your list of favorites in the comments, so I can check them out.

On a completely different note, last night was date night, and my boyfriend took me to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  I hadn't yet read the book, but the movie is nail-biting good, that I am now very interested in doing so. It's a Swedish film, so the actors are completely unfamiliar to me, but the girl who plays the kick-ass tough girl Lisabeth Sanders is now on my to-be-watched list.  Go see this movie! Now playing at an Art-house Theatre near you.


Penny Dreadful said...

Oooh it is me! How exciting. It is a totally gorgeous dress isn't it - way too small for me unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), or it would NOT be in the shop x

Martwa Marta said...

the dress is so unbelievably cute! i have never been in favor of pink, even being a girl, but the dress is sweet!

chaoskontrolowany said...

Nice post!

feministified said...

one or two or twelve...haha! very much adorable :)

Meggstatus said...

I have seen that book at Barnes and Noble so many times, but never picked it up to read it. To be honest I never really understood what it was about. But now that there's a movie I may have to buy the book to see the movie... HMMMM

Violet Folklore said...

Oh those buttons! I always search for vintage dresses, keywords: peasant, rainbow, dirndl, empire waist, purple.


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