A bit of an odd bird really, A writer by vocation (and a sucker for sassy consonance) who presently wears a boss hat as vintage + secondhand clothing seller.  Clever for a college drop-out, Bella, (that's me) has been a fast food worker, a barista, a waitress, a cook, a marketing assistant, a pre-school kitchen manager, and a pizza slinger.  All the while, I've been tapping away on a keyboard, writing things and doodling pictures. 

Enter the internet, and this odd bird took flight into the wonderful world of blogging. A whole new landscape opened up before me. I found some of the community I craved, in readers, in like minded bloggers, and stumbled into some good opportunities and experiences by being this self-professed citizen journalist. Crash course lessons learned in digital photography, I've shot over six years of street style and selfies, as well as blogged about fashion, personal style and the experience of being a woman over forty. 

Who am I really? Still finding out, to be honest. But, I like gardening, watching videos and movies; I like coffee, pretentious artistsanal beer, and sometimes people. I LOVE thrift shopping and vintage fashions; pretty much anything plaid, my family and dear friends, and the fact that I'm breathing. My favorite phrase in childhood was "Bloom where you're planted," and currently my favorite flowers are any and all that manage to blossom from a sidewalk crack, in an inch of dirt.

It's my dream to form a collective of creative sorts who want to explore the palette of recycled materials. In my mind's eye, I see a spot where a community space  can be used to create, to sew, to paint, to re-build, and to grow. In my efforts to make this dream a reality, I began in 2008 to sell vintage clothes, and other things I found at yard sales, garage sales and thrift stores. I'm still doing so now, presently online, over at EBAY and ESTY. When you SHOP THE CITIZEN, you help me further towards my goal to make this happen.  Thank you in advance for that. 

Hey, bud, let's connect.

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Facebook: Facebook.com/citizenrosebud
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Pinterest: @citizenrosebud
Instagram: @rosebudz 

Via Correspondence.
Email: please send your queries, comments, and howdys to either bloom or bella (AT) thecitizenrosebud, er, dot and com
And for any marketing, media or press inquiries, please add the word "INQUIRY" to the subject line, to ensure your email doesn't get mistaken for spam.

Oh, and there's a Newsletter.
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