Monday, February 28, 2011

Sacramento Fashion Week: Fashion Finale

Model Behavior: Sacramento Fashion Week's Runway Shows Showcased a Pleasing Display of Model Diversity

Are you Sac-Fashion-Weeked out?
Well, as of today, Sacramento Fashion Week is over!
Saturday night was the big fashion show finale featuring seven Sacramento designers intent
on making their sartorial mark.

The Elks Tower Ballroom was filled to capacity for this event.  The crowd seemed livelier (and friendlier) than the night before, and without a doubt,  dressed to impress. The fashionable definitely showed their faces for this event and turned up a sassier side of Sacramento. In fact, I haven't seen a crowd this stylish gathered up in one room since, well, EVER. The group was a good looking bunch of snappy dressers.

Designs on Sacramento: Designer Ceazar Cabreros, crowd favorite

Possibly due to the sold-out factor of the event, the V.I.P. shown the night before was aimed, I will surmise,  at the very, very V.I.P's. This time, bloggers didn't get personal escorts to a choice front row seat, but instead were waved towards the entrance with the lukewarm entreaty to "find a seat." No lovely goody bag for me this evening, although rumor had it the V.I.P's sitting in the front row received generous goodies including free haircuts at the Allure studio. One blogger, who sat second row the night before, was almost refused admittance-there was some catorgorical confusion of her being on the media list. Perhaps, someday, the producers of  Sacramento Fashion Week will value their local fashion bloggers better in the future. Good thing she was with a friend who helped her get in. Yours truly sat back row, with a very poor view of the runaway, so in spite of some sincere attempts to get some clear images of the designs from the Finale Showcase, I was disappointed with the limited amount of good shots I got. I'm grateful my pal Melody Stone sat front row for Midtown Monthly and caught some great pictures from the Finale. You can see her post on Sac Fashion Week's Finale Showcase here.

Sacramento Sapphire: Jewel-tones and color blocking seems to be the statement du jour at SFW's Finale Showcase

I was privileged, however, to be in such a smart-looking crowd. Seriously, I am so impressed with the fantastic style I saw milling about me that evening, and I guess I could say say that Sacramento's best catwalk is on the streets. So turning my lemon into lemonade, I worked up the nerve to approach some of the beautiful people and snapped some shots to post over at Street Style SACRAMENTO.  Keep your eye out for them in the following week; I'll add a mention over here when I get them up.

To Get Your Sac Fashion Week Fill:
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It's all happening.: Fantastic Finale - Sacramento Fashion Week
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Animal Magnetism: Check out this Sacramentan's stylish leopard print scarf. Meow!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

SFW Street Style: Mama Q

Mama Q exemplifies the stylish woman in her '70's.
Who better to attend Sacramento Fashion Week with me than my premier style maven, my Mama Q? Seen posing here for the paparazzi (ok, it was just me, her daughter with her trusty Canon Rebel Xsi) my mamacita was stoked to be attending her first ever fashion show. We dolled up, sipped pre-show cocktails at Ella's and had a blast. 

Mama Q is a perfect example of ageless style. Turning 70 this year, Mama still loves to express herself in her way of dress. Self-taught, Mama Q sewed her first dress when she was 19 years old; it was for a dance. She used to love going to dances and would make herself a new frock to wear every week. She has had a life-long love affair with color: favoring big bright colors- the bolder,  the better for her, as shown here in her gorgeous cardinal red wool swing coat. Never afraid to try something new, my Mama is less interested in "what's in", and more into expressing "what's inside."

She loves to make her style her own, and if you look closely you'll see added zebra print trim on her pants, and blouse. Everything but her shoes come from second-hand shops. The shoes were a recent purchase she bought to use as her walking shoes for her recent trip to Turkey.  Mama Q  LOVES to travel and is pretty much game for any adventure that strikes her fancy. Maybe that's the secret to looking young- an adventuresome and cheerful spirit!

For more pictures of Sacramento Fashion Week click here

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sacramento Fashion Week Starts Out Strong

Sacramento Fashion Week flies by when you're having fun
As Sacramento blogger and gal-about-town Melody Stone put it: Where else but Sacramento has a Beer Week that lasts for ten days and a Fashion Week that lasts for three? Well, there you have it- my hometown of Sacramento has a 3-day fashion week, or better put: a Fashion Week-end. 

Sometimes it's more about quality than quantity, and the if the Emerging Showcase was any indication, Sacramento is off to an ambitious start. The event took place in the historic Elks Tower ballroom, and the runway with its twin projection screens, looked grand. The event was well produced, ran smoothly, and I was touched by the warmth of the folks that organized the show. The woman who graciously escorted us to our seats, greeted me with such a genuine welcome.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that we were seated in the second row which gave me an excellent view of the clothes on the runway. 

Mama Q and Melody Stone read about the emerging Sacramento fashion designers in the program.

Where else but Sacramento has a Beer Week that lasts for ten days and a Fashion Week that lasts for three?
                             -Melody Stone

Most of the shots are posted over at Street Style SACRAMENTO, so if you want to check out some home-grown fashion, be sure to head over there for a more extensive photo essay.


On a whole other note: Thank you for making the about the  +40 Blog roll my #1 post in Citizen Rosebud history. And to think I almost DIDN'T write it! With nearly 1500 page views and counting, it shows that there is a real interest in style of ages.

If you haven't read the post and would like to, please click here.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Links Ala Mode- IFB Flavor from the Last Week of February

The best scoop on the block: Gunther's Ice Cream (photo credit: Tom Spaulding)

The best Links Ala Mode in WEEKS, and yes, certainly I am being biased. Because not only did yours truly make the list with the highest rated blog post in Citizen Rosebud history (with over 1000 page hits and counting...) but also making the list were several of my favorite reads this week, contributed by some of my favorite bloggers. HUGS ALL AROUND!

This month, my valentine was to highlight women of style over the age of 40, and it turns out I'm not the only one who is interested in this group of stylish women! In fact, more and more, women, and men are discovering the seasoned style of these fabulous + 40 bloggers- a few who just might be featured in this week's Links Ala Mode. 

The View from Here

Edited by Holier than Now

So the time has come for me to pass the baton to the next Links a La Mode curator, but in reflecting on the last few months I’m amazed at the diversity of aesthetics, lifestyles and opinions I’ve discovered gathering these links each month.  It’s a great view from here in the blogosphere: whether it’s up close at Fashion Week from the comfort of your chair) a new take on what you see in the mirror, or a peephole into the world of stylish women from Scotland to Spain (and everywhere in between).

But Links a la Mode is also about putting yourself on view!  If you’re reading this and you publish a blog, why not bookmark the link to submit your Links a La Mode posts here and make a repeating event on your calendar to drop by each Tuesday of the week with your latest and greatest post?  I’ll see you there…

Links à la Mode: February 24th

Links à la Mode brought to you by:

If you would like to submit your link for next week’s Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links HERE. The HTML code for this week will be found in the Links a la Mode group will be published later today. ~Jennine

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sacramento Fashion Week

Ladies and Gentlemen: Fashion Week has come to Sacramento. Today is the launch of the 2011 Sacramento Fashion Week. Are you feeling fancier already, Sactowners? 

Looks like this rosebud isn't the only one who wants to put Sacramento on the fashion map. Magnum Opus, the producers of the event, want to promote Northern California community and culture by producing professional, top-notch, high quality fashion shows.

"We would like to encourage the lifestyle, night life and leisure in Sacramento to flourish and grow into a prosperous city with the fashion industry that encourages the masses through trends, statements and political movement. It is our goal to impress upon our audience that there are many things to do in Sacramento. We are inviting luxury and premium brands into the Sacramento fashion industry to get involved in our movement towards a prosperous Sacramento."  -Magnum Opus

Sacramento Fashion Week will be showcasing emerging designers as well as introducing the 2011 Fall/Winter collections of some of Sacramento's more established design and couture houses. The proceeds will benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation. I am please to announce that I will be attending the two fashion shows and giving you my full report. Getting my camera and notepad ready, and planning my outfits as we speak, so to speak. So stay tuned!

More more information on Sac Fashion Week check out their website here
or "like" them on Facebook here.

Sac Fashion Week in the news-

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Woman of Style: Collette Osuna

Freelance Writer.
Style Blogger. 
Magazine Editor. 
Fashion plate.
Sweetie pie. 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Collette Osuna

a Statement
in Fashion 
& says it
with style,
& sincerity.
Collette Osuna is living proof that style doesn't stop at 40. This proud mother, wife, writer,and soon-to-be magazine editor walks the talk when it comes to fashion friendly outfits, which you can see over on her personal blog, Statements of Fashion. 
Collette took time out of her schedule to answer some questions for the Citizen Rosebud.
The Citizen: You are a relative new-comer in the blogging world but have been in the fashion industry for 15 years. What did/do you do, and what inspired you start blogging?  

Collette: I'm a freelance fashion writer and model for an amazing Michigan fashion designer, Lesley Anne Designs. I've also been involved in Michigan Fashion Shows and feel that has helped me as a springboard for where I am now today. I've been a freelance writer for many years, and decided to change directions in August of 2010, and focus more on the fashion industry. I've always had a love of fashion from an early age, and decided to follow my passion.
I started my blog as a creative outlet for my freelance writing, as well to show women that style knows "no age".

The Citizen: Did being in the fashion industry help you getting started? Do you have any tips for up and coming bloggers to get noticed quickly?

Collette: Making fashion contacts has been a priceless thing for me. I have been fortunate to have met some amazing, talented people along the way who have helped me with advice, words of wisdom, etc. My best bit of advice to any blogger is to be yourself. I know this phrase gets overused quite frequently, but I cannot stress its importance enough. Far too many times, newer bloggers struggle to find themselves. Keep posting great content and your audience will grow. If you are not "keeping it real", your followers will know.

The Citizen: Not only do you consistently post on your personal blog, Statements in Fashion, but you were assistant editor for Style Sample until it ceased operation, and have taken on a new big project, The Fashion 411 Magazine? Care to tell me about it? 

Collette: I was very sad and disappointed when Style Sample ceased its operations. I respect and admire Tamia (Editor in Chief) for all  her hard work on the magazine and for taking it to such great successes.  Not only was I the News Editor of Style Sample, I was a reader who would get excited just like everyone else when each bi-monthly issue was released.
I realized that our industry needs this type of publication, be it in print or online. We need a "go to" source for the latest and greatest fashion industry news.
The The Fashion 411 will be published bi monthly, and will be written 100% by bloggers. The magazine will have several regular columns including Full Figure Fashion, Women Around the World (focusing on different ethnicities), fashion blogging from a male point of view, The Teen Scene, among many, many more. There's a lot of behind-the-scenes magazine planning going on right now, with updates posted weekly.
The Fashion 411 now has a redesigned blog, Twitter account, and can be followed on Bloglovin as well.
I'm hopeful that the first publication will be debuting within the next 4-6 weeks or so.

The Citizen: I read in a great interview by Katy Rose on Modly Chic that you spend 20 a week on your blog. To me this is incredible, as you produce great posts AND are very active commenting on other peoples blogs. Do you have any time management secrets you'd care to share with other bloggers?

Collette: My best time management tip would have to be to stay ahead of the game. I treat my personal blog as a magazine. I create an editorial calendar of what I want to post, outfits, features etc. and assign it a date. I plan things out as much as possible i.e. Twitter Tuesdays, Friend Friday, 30x30 Remix posts. I do my very best to respond to every reader who visits my blog. My relationship with my readers is very important to me. I value each and every one of their comments:) I have my blogroll set up on my page to post the newest entries first. That makes it easier for me to keep track of the last blog I read, if I need to catch up. It also doesn't hurt that I only require about four hours of sleep per night either, lol.

I follow no fashion rules. I wear what  I like and want, regardless of the current fashion trends. 

The Citizen: What inspires your style? How would you describe your style?

Collette: I find my style inspiration in many places. I love looking through magazines and ripping out pages to file in my "inspiration folder". I get tons of inspiration from everyday people on the street, and of course from all the fab, rocking blogs I visit everyday. I would best describe my style as "unexpected pattern mixing, meets cool colors."

Collette kind of makes looking great look effortless, doesn't she?

The Citizen: Is there a difference in the way you dress now then when you did in your 20's? What's changed?

Collette: I'd say there's a difference! Strangely, I dressed more conservative back in those years! Go figure....I realized along the way who I was. I follow no fashion rules.  I wear what I like and want, regardless of the current fashion trends.

The Citizen: You shared the fact that you lost 40 lbs in March by enrolling in Weight Watchers. First, congratulations, you look fantastic. Was it easy for you? What would you attribute as the key to your weight loss?

Collette: I lost 40 lbs from January to March of 2010. I joined Weight Watchers with my 18 year-old daughter Chloe, and we have been attending weekly meetings ever since.  Chloe is now 3 lbs away from her goal weight, and I couldn't be more proud of her!! It actually was very easy to follow the program. I really watched what I ate, gave up regular soft drinks completely, and became a vegetarian in the process.
I believe being a vegetarian had alot to do with my great success! I have never felt better, and will never go back to my old style of eating.

The Citizen: What are 3 essential must-have items in your wardrobe?

Collette: A leopard scarf, distressed hobo bag and chunky sweaters.

The Citizen: Name 3 bloggers that inspire you.

Collette: Kelly Framel @The Glamourai
                  Bella @The Citizen Rosebud (<-- Looky that's me! -Bella)
                  Folake Huntoon @The Style Pantry

The Citizen: Any predictions on big trends for spring?

Collette: I'm loving what I'm already seeing for Spring....the return of wide leg pants, full skirts and tons of things in Honeysuckle!

The Citizen: Why should we want to read Fashion 411

Collette: Because you want to be "in the know". You are interested in reading up and coming blogger interviews, and learn about the latest and greatest online stores and happenings.

The Citizen: Where do you see yourself, and your blog in five years?  

Collette: Still posting outfits and maintaining Statements in Fashion and being Editor in Chief of The Fashion 411 Magazine. Life is good....I'm doing what I love!

The Citizen: What advice do you have for aspiring bloggers?
Collette: Take your time finding your blogging voice and niche. It's not a race for comments or followers. I would much rather have fewer followers who read what I write, than many followers who could care less. Get your feet wet by visiting blogs that interest you, asking questions and making new friends along the way. You are unique, and your readers will appreciate that.

We LOVE Colors! Collette shows how to rock the colored tights from We Love Colors.
You can keep up with Collette by visiting:
Fashion 411

Monday, February 21, 2011

We LOVE Colors

We Love Colors Inc.

Lately I've been looking into affiliate programs as a way to monetize this blog. It's been a bit of a challenge, as I want to pick the right partners, companies I respect, who have something of value to offer me and my readers.  So it's probably no surprise one of the first company I signed up for was We Love Colors Inc..  I wear the tights, I like the tights, and I love the range of colors and the  affordable prices of We Love Colors Inc. tights and leggings. And the 50 plus color choices and the numberous of crazy patterns options is right up my alley. So the Citizen Rosebud is now a proud affiliate for We Love Colors Inc.. It is a company I feel good about, who sells a product I believe in. 

So when you click on a We Love Colors Inc. link on my site, and buy a pair of tights from them online, you are also helping to support the Citizen Rosebud.
And for that, I thank you!

                                                                                                                                            -Bella Q

Over 50 Colors on tights, fishnet pantyhose, and other hosiery items.  Kids to plus sizes.  We Love Colors

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Now Wearing:
  • '60's era Saks 5th Avenue label dress (bought 7 years ago)- $100, eBay
  • Vintage Levi's Big E jean jacket, circa 1960's (purchases 8 years ago)- $20, eBay
  • '60's era stiletto heels (bought on trade 5 years ago)- Cheap Thrills, Sacramento
  • Circa '60's vintage bauble bracelet (3 years ago)-  $10, eBay
  • Clear umbrella (bought 2 years ago)- $20 bucks on eBay
  • Vintage 1960's handbag (5 years ago)-$20, eBay
  • Tights, Hue brand (purchased a few months ago)- $12, Macy's

Yeah, this babe gets her most her vintage from eBay. 
Where do you get yours?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sacramento Style ICON: Ann Tindell

Sacramento's Own: Ann Tindell shows off some leg with her serious SAC-TOWN style

I am obsessed with Ann Tindell's style. She has a great eye for fashion, and is known to rock anything made in the 1960's without looking the least bit stuck in the past. Her extensive wardrobe (taking up most of the closets in her home plus two jammed packed storage sheds) is full of vintage Pucci , Rudi Gernreich, and other great '60's designs. Her collection is fueled by a serious eBay addiction, which she offsets by selling some of her choice vintage pieces from HER eBay shop. She has also just recently opened a shop on Etsy, so you can check out her new Etsy shop by clicking here.

Ann, and her equally stylish husband, artist/musician Stan Tindell, are plastered all over my street style blog, Street Style SACRAMENTO. They are collectively the best of Sacramento style, for sure! And since this month I am honoring the +40 WOMEN OF STYLE, I have yet another excuse to highlight this Sacramento fashion icon. And COMING UP! Yet another outfit post of Ann Tindell's  street-style.  So stay tuned!

Time for Style: Ann and Stan Tindell surround themselves with vivid style

Ann hasn't met a strong graphic print she didn't like.


For a glimpse of more RAD Tindell style check out these posts:

Street Style SACRAMENTO: A Smile is Her Umbrella

Thursday, February 17, 2011

outfit post: Triple Denim, Double Stripes

Move over "Canadian Tuxedo,"
and say hello to the Pan-American, or Triple Denim. 

You are witnessing three, count 'em, THREE layers of denim on my body. T-H-R-E-E, tres, trois, or as they say in Ottawa, "three, eh?" Three colors of jean on me, and I lived to tell the tale. Folks: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! This is a dangerous combination, highly combustible, and if careless, can cause injury to the wearer. To be honest, I narrowly escaped with my life.

For some reason, I've been layering two pairs of skirts all winter, pretending I own a petticoat, and thought to try it with my two full jean skirts. The addition of my recently acquired grey demin jacket from Thrift Town, was pure Yankee gumption. I really like the cut of its jib. Since I was already doused in denim, it was a slippery slope and so I ruthlessly added a pairing of mismatched stripes: a Target purchased acrylic navy-black pullover (from last winter) and my grey-/black striped knee highs. Ok, I'll confess: I have 3 of the exact pairs of these socks. I buy my socks in threes.  So if I lose one sock, I'll always be able to muster up a pair. There's nothing worse than ending up with a lonely-only of your favorite pair of socks. 

Interesting story (not really): I sometimes sneak into my neighbor's yard to take my pictures. He is a friendly old man, who is himself a hobbyist photographer, so he's pretty supportive of my shutter-bugging. Well, he caught me frolicking in his yard in my triple threat of denim.  I was trying to apologize, you know, for blatantly trespassing, which is difficult to do when you are wearing a Pan-American, but he cut me off. Laughing, he wanted to see what I had taken so far. After a quick peek in the view-finder, he shook my hand and told me I was always welcome to use his yard to take my pictures.  I just love my neighbors!

Now Wearing: 
  • Red knit cap, thrifted
  • Vintage Dooney & Burke leather shoulderbag, thrifted
  • Grey jean jacket, thrifted
  • Striped Sweater, Tar-jay
  • Old jean skirt
  • Old jean skirt, thrifted
  • Striped knee-high socks
  • Vintage black leather boots, thrifted

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Grrl Talk: The Vagina Monologues at Sac State University

What does a Feminist look like? This one looks forward to her upcoming role in the Vagina Monologues

This is my neighbor Ari. She is the feminist writer behind the feminist blog, Feministified. She applies her feminist lens to contemporary culture covering all topics: music, movies, fashion, news + events. Ari is a woman's studies major at Sacramento State University and will be appearing this week on stage in the Vagina Monologues.  

Playing this week from February 17th to 19th on campus at Sac State University.
All proceeds benefit the Sacramento State Women's Resource Center & the SHARE Institute

For more information about show times and ticket sales. click here.

Are YOU a Feminista? Show it this March 16th

Fearless Femme: Do you wear your feminism on your sleeve? (Photo: Irving Penn)

Last month I asked in my post, No Man's Land: Where were the feminist fashion bloggers? There were FEMINIST blogs, and FASHION blogs, but somehow, after 2009, the feminist-fashion blogs that existed grew quiet and since, there's been a blatant void in the blogosphere. This seemed so strange to me, as Feminism and it's aim towards gender equality is alive and well in the 21st century, and many of the fashion bloggers with whom I'm acquainted, are proud and savvy feminists. So why are there no blogs or bloggers who can comfortably post about both feminism AND fashion?

To my relief, there came a response or two, then three, then four or eight, and so forth, and the reaction has since avalanched into something incredible: a renaissance of the feminist fashion blogger!

Recently, a handful of feminist bloggers and fashion bloggers  got together and formed a hybrid feminist/fashion group, and called themselves the Feminist Fashion Bloggers. Feminist Fashion Bloggers (FFB) is a network for fashion bloggers interested in feminism and feminist bloggers interested in fashion. The aim is to encourage dialogue and discussion both within and between the two blog niches and to explore the intersections and links between the two topics.

FFB is hosting a blog event to celebrate Women's History Month. 

Show us YOUR "Fashionable Feminist"
Wednesday, March 16th.
You are invited to answer the question: 
How do you express your feminism
in the way you dress?

If you would like to take part in this Fem-Fash event, you can sign-up by replying in the comments. Leave  your name, blog name and email address. All participants will be linked for the event. This will be a great way to meet like-minded people and encourage a healthy conversation!
So show off your inner Feminista this March 16th, and show us your "Fashionable Feminist"

Participating Bloggers
For those about to shop
Mrs. Bossa Does the Do
Oranges and Apples
Those Graces

(for those interested in joining the Feminist Fashion Bloggers group please e-mail-