Wednesday, June 17, 2015

BELLA AT 50: be bold

THE NIFTY FIFTY: this is my first official blog post at the age of 50.
Hello world. It seemed apropo to put on this black graphic T-shirt telling me to BE BOLD. After all, I have been slinking around lately in very drab outfits as of late, with little thought to style. My 50th birthday resolution was to re-invigorate the wardrobe, and as a treat to myself, I created a brand new (to me) capsule wardrobe, culled from secondhand sources. As ever, I am shopping #SECONDHANDFIRST. That means I look first for a secondhand source to supply my needs, and I keep my eye out for sustainable and ethically produced goods. (So no thank-you to sweatshop produced goods!) Expect an upcoming post, sharing my cultivated capsule wardrobe with you in the near future.

Thrifted Tee + American Made dress + Thrifted Shoes = 100% #SECONDHANDFIRST
One of my recent purchases was a brand new pair of black perforated leather Vans, snagged from the nearby Goodwill for a whopping $20. They fit me perfectly, and I like their mix of practicality and California cool. Since the dress was one I've had for over a year, the total cost of my new "bold" outfit comes to $22. The fact that my commitment to shop #SECONDHANDFIRST for over 4 years feels priceless.

Get in the VANS: kicking it with a little California cool.
What's your favorite most recent #SECONDHANDFIRST find?