Monday, January 31, 2011

Guest Post: Ashley Hook of Rogue Roots

Sacramento native Ashley Hooks is a thrifty fashion blogger lives in hi-style on a lo-budget. She writes from Lodi, CA.

I am pleased to introduce you to a fellow Californian fashion blogger, Ashley Hook of Lodi, California. I heard about her from my BFF, a certain Ms. Moore, high school teacher extraordinaire who told me about one of her favorite students who has since graduated, who had the best fashion sense. The BFF then told me that Ashley had a blog, which I promptly followed. I am thrilled to have Ashley as a guest blogger at the Citizen, and I hope you take a moment to check out her blog: Rogue Roots.

As a thrifty fashion blogger, I get a lot of questions and comments about the clothes I wear. Sometimes they are nice like, "That is so cute! Where did you get that?" and sometimes they are more subtly not-so-nice like, "Wow. I would never wear that." But, the most wonderful thing about personal style's all about expressing yourself. What joy! You don't have to dress for anyone but yourself! (and sometimes that is fun too). I think there are a lot of people out there though that are a little hesitant and unsure about personal style, especially when it comes to incorporating thrifted items into their wardrobe. So, I've created some quick tips on how to look fab without spending a fortune and still maintain a unique approach to dressing.

1. PAY ATTENTION TO PROPORTION If you don't read past this, at least read this because it is the most important part of dressing. We all, obviously, have different bodies. And we all have parts of our bodies that we like and dislike (trust me, even the skinny-minnies). So, when it comes to dressing, it's all about highlighting our best assets and cleverly camouflaging, well...the rest. However, proportion is not just about accentuation, it's about creating the illusion of balance and symmetry in the body - like makeup! This is especially crucial when it comes to purchasing items second-hand because a lot of styles that were once popular are, thankfully, no longer. Case it point: tapered "mom" jeans, shoulder pads in floral print t-shirts, etc. etc.  My rule of thumb? When it doubt, throw it out. No sense in buying something that doesn't make you feel and look like a million bucks!

2. BUY YOUR JACKETS SECOND-HAND Jackets are a staple in any wardrobe. And they are often a key piece in bringing structure or an interesting focal point to an outfit. In high school, my greatest thrill was finding really beautiful and unique jackets from thrift stores and pairing them with more bohemian pieces like distressed flared denim or gaucho pants (hello, 2004). The plus side? A lot of consignment and thrift stores have a wide variety of jackets in all shapes, sizes and colors. And feel free to browse the men and children's sections, too! There are plenty of do-able options (like blazers, trenches and fur coats) if you keep an open mind and a sharp eye!

3. EXPLORE YOUR PERSONALITY I think the most important part of creating an individual style is to define your likes and dislikes. If you hate the color red or wouldn't be caught dead in sparkles, you obviously would not be drawn to a maroon sequined dress. But likewise, we all instinctively know what we enjoy outside of our closets. Well, the good news is, you can incorporate your personality into your wardrobe. For instance, if you are a nature buff, you can look for things that mimic the colors already found in nature: deep greens, chocolate browns, sky blues, etc. Or, if you're more of a sci-fi fan, look for items that are more asymmetrical, or perhaps have hints of neon colors. Whatever it is that you like, just remember to K.I.S.S. - keep it simple and sweet. And have fun!

4. MIX IT UP Don't be afraid to try new things. I think the greatest misconception is fashion is that it is "so serious". Who said?! Fashion is meant to be playful, exciting, inventive...a joyful expression of who you are as a person. You can look sophisticated and sleek one day and rocker chic another. There are no rules and no mistakes. One aesthetic is not right for everyone! And if you're worried about taking risks because of what someone else might think, I have news for you: there will always be critics. No amount of change was ever made without someone trying to slam the breaks on. So, go ahead, take a fashion leap. If anything, you can look back ten years later and laugh. (And you probably will either way!) 
I hope this was helpful and that you all  take stock in the fact that you are magnificent and unique creatures and deserve to be showcased to the world. Let the beauty of the world speak through you...and happy bargain hunting! 

Ashley is sitting pretty over at Rogue Roots.
Ashley Hook is the writer and designer behind the blog, She is also the author and publisher of a 2010 collection of non-fiction and poetry entitled, "Licorice". When she is not documenting her daily musings and inspirations, you can find her at local thrift stores, farmer's markets, poetry readings, book stores or hanging out with her grandparents playing scrabble. Aside from being a vintage enthusiast and collector, she also sells her unique finds in her online shop,

(Editor's note: you can buy Ashley's book Licorice on here. )

Thursday, January 27, 2011

beautiful like crazy

She said: you're beautiful like crazy and that beauty comes from your soul -
Eres guapa
a rabiary tu belleza emana
de tu alma

Quote: Sacrameno, of MisPapelicos
Photo Credits: Jemina Jakin as photographed by Kanaya, Indian gentlemen on a pilgrimage shot by Polka Princess, Bella Q from (Pink) Oleander , my favorite Finn- Sara of Autumn, Coffee & Inspiration, Portrait of Ann Tindall (Bella Q), the cool California style of C's Isquisofrenia, Ari Cohen of Advanced Style for Vogue Japan, photo by Polka Princess of Chappals vs Stilettos, Last is from a blog feature posted at Anika Sweet-Face Style (now on

 remember: YOU are beautiful.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the Refinery 29 + the Rosebud: "I'm in it, to WIN/WIN it."

My name is Bella and I am the voice and face and thought machine behind The Citizen Rosebud. I am not a model. I am an over 40, Mexican/Scot-Irish/All American  sustainable blend of thrift-store chic, and tongue-in-cheek. I weigh in at a solid likes-to-butter-her-bread 165 lbs, so I guess you might call me plus-sized. I am non-plused about this. 

I am also, by the way, entered in a blogger contest. The Refinery 29 is sponsoring a Style Blogger contest, and the winner wins a trip to New York, some pocket money and the thrill of victory. I like the prize, and my odds. I've got YOU people in my corner, and that means I've got a running chance. 'Cuz, you know, I'm in  to win it. So far I've got 50 votes in my pocket, and since the leader leads by over 250 votes, I've got some work to do.

I've also got some friends who have also entered the contest. My home-girl, Steph from The Loud Mouth is also running. Since we met as contestants in another contest last Fall, along with Brooke of Center Sage, we've all become chums. Steph and I then convinced Brooke of Center Sage to enter too, for old times' sake.

More for #team kristy connections: Then of all sweet things, Laura, yet another friendship that was struck up under the auspices of a Kristy Elena, has entered the contest.  Laura writes For Those About to Shop. A few days ago, while visiting her page I saw that she's running, click over to vote for her, and come back to her blog. It's then I read that not only is she asking her readers to vote for her in the contest, she is asking them to vote for me! This melts my heart, people! Being a team player feels so good when you have so many incredible players on your team!

Brooke needs your VOTE!

This is Brooke. 
She is a total babe. 
And she only has 7 votes
which is a shame because she deserves hundreds! 
So vote!

For Those About to Vote: Laura
This is Laura, the blogger behind For Those About to Shop. She also has an eBay store, which can be viewed right here
She too, is in it to win it over at the Refinery 29. I voted for her. Will you?

The Loud Mouth can hear you! Vote!
And then there's Stephanie. She comes armed with a large following and she's garnered over 100 votes. A peek over at her engaging blog and you'll see why. The Loud Mouth deserves your vote.

To vote: 
  1. Log into your Facebook account. 
  2. Then head on over to Refinery 29
  3. Search for the contestant's picture (I set up links to the blogger contestants, above)
  4. and click the heart next to their name.
So I'm asking you folks to vote. Of course I want you to vote for me at the Refinery 29's The Next Big Style Blogger contest. And you can vote once on as many contestants as your heart desires. So desire these lovelies as well. Because, for me, there is more than one way to win. 
And I'm not just talking about contests.           -Bella Q

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

outfit post: The Last Detail

"I am the muthafuckin' shore patrol !"
Nautical or Naughty-cal? Outfit inspired by Hal Ashby's The Last Detail.
All right. I'm not REALLY the muthafuckin' shore patrol. Jack Nicholson is. But I did feel blue like a sailor when I dressed today & donned a real Navy-issued wool pea-coat. The coat, recently given to me by the mom of my best friend from high school, had been my BF's grandfather's & I used to wear it like an over-sized swing coat; it was huuuge on me.  Believe it or not PEACOATS were not on a ladies' fashion menu back in the early '80's so it stood out in a crowd. Now the coat fits snug and blends in. The only detail missing is a white sailor's cap.

I've been wanting one for years, and haven't yet found one. But I think I need one to go with my new/old Navy pea-coat. And I need an navy shirt too, while I'm at it. Because I am the muthafuckin' shore patrol, damn it. Now give me a beer. 

Now Wearing: black knit cap, authentic Naval peacoat, red/grey striped scarf, navy/black striped pullover, vintage nautical themed belt, jean shorts, navy tights, platform shoes. (Most items thrifted save the scarf, shoes and tights.)

Monday, January 24, 2011

No Man's Land

"I was a woman in a man's world"
                                    - Jeanne Kirkpatrick
My neighbor, good friend, and fellow blogger, Ari is a Woman's Studies major and an avid feminist. We've been chatting a lot over coffee, and she's got me thinking: where are the feminist fashion bloggers? A quick Google search shows up a plethora of articles and blogs that date from 2008, 2009, but there isn't anything recent of interest, save the sharply witty Man Repeller, if you consider her content feminist fashion. Do you know any style bloggers covering fashion through a feminist lens?

Here's some interesting Fem-Fash reads:
Why We Need Feminist Fashion Blogs? - a l'allure gaconniere
The F Word - Feminist Fashionista
What is a Man-Repeller? - The Man Repeller

I'm looking forward to Ari's new focus on contemporary culture, and I hope she includes fashion.
Feministified: Contemporary Culture from a Feminist Perspective

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sacramento Seen: Last Saturday's Verge Success Party

Last Saturday night, the Verge Center for the Arts celebrated its recent Kickstarter fundraising campaign by throwing a party. The Citizen Rosebud was there. You can see more party photos over at the Citizen's flickr page by clicking here.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Citizen's Choice BEST Blogs 2010: Another Day to Dress Up

Yankee Doodle: Megan Stewart models her latest vintage finds in Another Day to Dress Up
Is THIS woman on your blog-roll? I really, really hope so. Say hello to Megan Stewart. When I first discovered Megg's blog, back in late 2009, she only had a little over 30 followers. I think I was follower number 34. I remember thinking how could this woman have only 30 followers? She had the best style! I was daily being blown away with her unique flair, and loved that she dressed so hip and modern with a wardrobe largely stemming from her thrift-store addiction. She could and would, wear vintage without looking too precious or quaint, and those stunning blue eyes and sunshine smile just cinched it for me. I was hooked. And Meggs was my fashion heroin. 

She has since rapidly become recognized as an online arbiter of style. A starling in the blogosphere, Megg has enjoyed immense popularity,  getting dazzling press and mentions, modeling gigs and magazine features, to name a few of her perks. She has sponsors pounding down her door, and last fall, took part in a Ralph Lauren breast cancer awareness ad campaign. To date she has over 2000 followers, 2111 to be precise, and her fan base grows daily. I predict she'll be the next it-blogger designing a bag for COACH, like Kelly from the Glamourai, or Karla of Karla's Closet. Let me tell you, I would buy a handbag designed by Meggs!

Meggs seems pretty amazed and thankful for her quick success in the short time that she's been blogging. And with her success comes some change. The biggest change has been her recent move from California to Utah, and the opening of her very own Etsy shop. I know one of her lifetime goals is to own and run a vintage store, so here's hoping this is the first step towards that dream.
Meggs plays frontman for the Another Day team. Wolfgang plays the boyfriend/photographer.
The Citizen: 2010 has been a big year for you. Your blog is barely 1 years old and you've had your share of international re-known. What do you see for Another Day in 2011? 

Meggs: It is so crazy to me that I started my blog less than a year ago and have so people supporting me! I’m just so grateful to have been accepted by my readers, and I’m always so excited to see that people are enjoying and gathering inspiration from what I do and next year I’m looking forward to continuing to cultivate my blog and connecting with even more people. Also, I do have a few things in the works to make my blog more interactive, ie: video, twitter, facebook and, most importantly, expanding my web-store.  Also, I’m moving to a beautiful mountain town, so expect to see tons of hats, sweaters, coats, and hopefully, a puppy.  

The Citizen: What inspires your style?

 Meggs: The clothing itself. I wake up in the morning, wander to my closet and wait for something to pop out at me. Whether it be the color, texture or the silhouette - something that can excite me. The rest of my outfit comes naturally. Basically, I just pile things on until I am satisfied! If I'm in an inspiration slump, I always find that watching movies from the 1930's or 60's provide instant inspiration.  People had an incredible amount of pride in their clothing back then!

The Citizen:  Name 3 of YOUR favorite blogs

The Citizen: Your boyfriend, Wolfgang, has been a big contributor to your blog, taking the photos for your outfit posts. How would the blog be different if he hadn't volunteered to be your photographer? How has he contributed in other ways?

Meggs: : Oh my gosh, I don't know where my blog would be without his photography skills and unwavering support.  I would probably still be using my little point and shoot on a tripod, which, don't get me wrong, is completely acceptable.  But, my pictures have far more character when he’s behind the camera. It allows me to prance around like a goof ball, because I know that he’ll always capture the movement beautifully.  He is also one of the only people that I’m comfortable shopping with.  I let him wander off to find dog paintings and knickknacks, and I’ll reappear with mounds and mounds of clothing for him to sort with me.  Basically, we’re a team.  We both work really hard on the blog, and he reminds me that nothing is as hard as it seems and to have fun with it!

Shop Megg's Etsy shop by clicking here

Thursday, January 20, 2011

outfit post: Tights That Cut the Mustard

I  LOVE Colors: Feeling comfy-cozy in a a green, mustard yellow, black and brown ensemble.

First off: this outfit is much cuter in person. It didn't photograph very well. When I started shooting, one of my neighbors walked past me with his dog. While Princess-the-Puppy scampered about, said neighbor thought he'd show his support by watching me take photos of myself. Uh, not very comfortable, but since I couldn't shoo him away, I tried to pose anyway. I was so self-conscious especially after some "encouragement," in the way of him telling me I was doing a sexy pose, LOL. I know he meant well, but...uh, awkward! So these are the best of the lot, and if you look closely I'm sure you can see the look of discomfort in my expression. 

The outfit on the other hand was total comfort: big slouchy jeans shorts layered over a pair of mustard yellow tights (you can get a pair like mine over at We Love Colors Inc., click here to shop) with brown suede flats to shuffle around in. The T-shirt is probably an antique by now, an ancient Target Tee bought on clearance in the last century, and now on the verge of falling apart. In better shape is my favorite cashmere cardigan, an old standby purchased from J. Crew, back in the day. Super soft and warm- I feel that wearing a 2-ply cashmere sweater is the sartorial equivalent of sipping  a cup of hot cocoa: toasty goodness! And I LOVE this color of  yellow! It seems to add happiness to grey days like the ones I'm having right now in Sacramento. The necklace is from The Clothes Horse, my first give-away prize! I love the wooden heart with the black leather over it. Very simple and easy to wear! The jacket is a recent score at a yard sale: a vintage moss green corduroy jacket that is so easy to wear. I am so into this down-to-earth color of green which is a nice change from my recent diet of black & white prints. What do you think?

The cool heart pendent courtesy of The Clothes Horse is my first give-away prize won ever.

Now Wearing: 
  • Wooden Heart necklace, courtesy of The Clothes Horse
  • J. Crew mustard yellow cashmere cardigan
  • Super old Target T-shirt
  • Lucky brand, brown leather belt
  • Jean shorts
  • Yellow tights (I am now an affiliate with We Love Colors Inc.)
  • Vintage green corduroy coat, yard sale
  • Thrifted handbag, Thrift Town

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guest Post: The Daily Fashionista

Meet Emily Keen, the Daily Fashionista. I don't remember how I discovered her, or if she found me.  But, it was  from our first comment exchange, that we hit it off, and I've been a big fan of Emily and her easy-going Virginian style ever since. Does the name sound familiar? Well, I've mentioned her a few times before: once when she was a recipient of the "I Heart UR blog" award (click here to read,) and again recently, when I shared some blog-roll with ya'lls. You can refresh your memories by clicking here....OR you can just sit tight, because the Daily Fashionista has agreed to be my FIRST GUEST POST! 

One of my New Year resolutions for the blog was to incorporate a greater variety of voice and perspective here at the Citizen Rosebud, which has nicely meshed with Emily's New Year's resolve to replenish her wardrobe by ONLY buying (or swapping) second-hand items. It's her way of promoting even MORE sustainability into her daily life.  
So please welcome the lovely Emily of the Daily Fashionista

The Daily Fashionista takes the SHOP SECOND-HAND pledge
This year, I pledge to SHOP SECOND-HAND; I resolve to purchase only items that are thrifted, swapped or handed down. 

I'll be honest- I'm a tad bit apprehensive. Because I still like to try new trends and buy newish shoes, which aren't guaranteed to trickle down, but I choose to do this for two reasons! I enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle (just ask my co-workers..they think I'm down right crazy!!!) and this pledge is also going to make my wallet happier.  It's no secret that I already thrift a majority of my wardrobe, but lately I've been finding myself shopping for brand-new, trendy items either at Forever 21 (not the most eco-friendly or responsible company) or some other random fast fashion store. I'm going to put a stop to this, and I'm hoping that this will be a smooth transition.  

I have a few tips for people who may be like, "What?!!! I can't do that!"  I think everyone has the power to change their consumptive habits fed by their run to the big box stores, the fast fashion stores, and all those fine first-run retailers out there.  There were some stories floating about a little over a year ago about how a big clothing company was destroying their clothing overstock, and then disposing of them in dumpsters. (Editor's note: H & M stores were specifically named). The fact that they do this, rather than donating the surplus to a charity or shelter, like many retailers opt to do, is in my opinion, ridiculous and wasteful!

If you're truly worried that you won't find anything fashionable at the thrift stores in your area, try to locate a consignment shop or a re-sale store like Buffalo Exchange and Plato's Closet  You often pay a little more for the used clothing found there, but these places specialize in keeping their shelves well-stocked with current items.  I've also noticed these stores are more likely to be located in more affluent neighborhoods(a marketing ploy I'm sure!!..hehe) so the quality of items are usually quite good.
And Hey!! You're still buying second-hand! 
As far as thrift-store shopping is concerned: patience will be your virtue.  Usually when I go thrift- shopping I try to give myself at least an hour to navigate the whole store, so that I will almost always find something. 

I plan on sharing my tips and my experiences as I challenge myself in my pledge to SHOP SECOND-HAND, so I'm starting a regular monthly feature called "A Day in the Life of a Thrifter."  Please stay tuned!!

Emily Keen is the voice of The Daily Fashionista, a blog about style, animal and eco-friendly living, and life.  When she's not running around from thrift store to thrift store, she can be found writing her blog posts along with her pal for life, Starla Darla...The Chiwienie, going on photo hunts with her husband Zach, and enjoying life amongst friends in her local neighborhood of Ghent.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Red Carpet-baggers: Do Critics Hit the Miss?

Green with envy? Angelina does her star turn in an elegant green gown.
Of you knew before I did- the Golden Globes Awards went down last night. You probably watched it on T.V. Twitter was all, uh, atwitter.  You watched, listened and read about the WINNERS & LOSERS, the hits and misses, and watched who walked down the red carpet. It was MAJOR news: who won, what they said. Oh, and almost as importantly, WHAT THEY WORE. 

Nearly audible were the whirling of ooohs and ahhs, a veritable cooing over the stellar shines: Angelina in her Atelier Versace, Anne in her Armani Prive. And who couldn't resist the collective clucking, the turgid tsk-tsking over the fringe elements playing peek-a-boo on January Jones in her cardinal Versace? Eyebrows raising ceilings in stern disapproval over the dress selection of a certain otherwise embodiment of perfection, Halle Berry?

Playing Neutral: Scarlett manages to make it on both lists in her nude red carpet number.
Dare I even bring up the Hollywood BALLYHOO over an Englishwoman's eccentric take of a tornado tearing up a florist's shop; who appeared not only topsy-turvy but TIPSY, and, and, AND with MIS-MATCHED SHOES, no less! OH MAH LAWD, HAVE THE MERCY!  Most critics were DEVASTATED by the blast of Hurricane Helen-Bonham-Carter.  

Yet somehow, "Style" MIRACULOUSLY survived in the eye of the storm, in the eye of the beholder, really. One critic's candidate for the hit-list was another critic's contender for the MISS list, with the likes of Sandra Bullock, Clair Danes, Christina Hendricks, Leighton Meester, among others, who prominently placed on both.
Seeing Red: Critics blew hot & cold over Hendricks' boiling Romona Keveza gown.
With only a few unanimous HITS, it leaves this carpet-bagger wondering: just how on target are the critics? How representative is the critic's eye for the "average" woman Are the critically declared celebrity misses still a hit with "the Missus"? With a huge industry booming in knock-off dresses inspired by the frocks walking the red carpet, does a thumbs-down dress affect the sales of a copy-cat gown? 

There is no disputing the fact that we, the adoring public, are almost as much interested in the costume of celebrity as their craft. We seem as much obsessed in a star's body as we are in their body of work. IS THIS GOOD, IS THIS BAD? Not my question. I am left wondering however, how STAR power affects OUR style? Does it validate our own personal view of the tasteful, the sartorial, the glamorous? 

And, who was YOUR choice stand-out dresser on  this year's Golden Globe RED CARPET? Was it frock or folly? Was there anyone, if any, who incited your style inspirations?

Swan Song? Competing with Bjork's infamous Swan Dress for most memorable Red Carpet Don't,  HBC gets nominated for her Westwood floral and tulle tsunami complete with a pair of mis-matched pink and green satin shoes. And the winner is........

Friday, January 14, 2011

Blogger Bits & Bobs

There is a 10 car pile-up when it come to me and ideas for blog posts. Seriously. I have to pace myself on publishing, so when I paste bits and pieces together for a post, I'm a bit disappointed, because this is valuable real estate for my many bloggy brain storms. But some days call for a Cold Duck approach to posting, filled with odds and ends of time sensitive information.

The term Cold Duck, many of you may recognize as a type of sparkling wine. Originally it stemmed from a German tradition of combining bottles of unfinished wine with champagne.  Celebratory but frugal: that's my kind of living. And ladies, ladies, and one gentleman: today is Cold Duck Time.

First in your glass, taste a sip of the upcoming SACRAMENTO FASHION WEEK, now slated for February 24th to the 27th. And yours truly will be sitting in the press box, eagerly covering the two fashion showcases. This year SACRAMENTO FASHION WEEK will be benefit a non profit organization. Make‐A‐Wish Foundation of Sacramento & Northeastern California will be the sole beneficiary.  Tickets are on sale now, and for a limited time, you can get $25 off your ticket price if you order your tickets by January 30th. Any fellow bloggers who are attending Sacramento Fashion Week, and want to join me for some pre-event socializing, contact me so we can meet-up!  You can get more information about SACRAMENTO FASHION WEEK on their website,

Bella joins the 21st century with her first foray in the latest technology from Apple
 Sparkling in my hand, like a tasty glass of bubbly is my shiny new iPhone. I am such a Luddite, that this is such a novelty for me. My cell phone was so old, people were remarking on how cute and quaint it was! I'd get comments like the following all the time: "I remember when I had a phone like that." And the feeling I got was that they thought I was sportin' it to be retro and ironic. Well, I just upgraded, and got the fancy-smancy phone of my dreams, and can't wait to start tweeting and snapping photos with it. Oh, yeah, and taking phone calls. So call me already!

Life is GOOD! Kristy Elena gives mention in WWD
Over coffee, while checking in on Twitter, I discovered that Kristy Elena mentioned my blog, among others in her interview with WWD

Ok. The fact I get mentioned in the same breath as GRIT AND GLAMOUR, and BRYANBOY, is amazing enough. The fact that it happens over at WWD, makes it all the more incredible. REALLY? How awesome is this for a small independent fashion blogger from Sacramento? (Answer: PRETTY FUCKING AWESOME!)

Cut to the chase: "Eléna counts The Citizen Rosebud, Bryanboy (also one of the Full Time Fabulous judges), Grit and Glamour and Fashion Toast as her favorite blogs."

 Read the article here: Social Studies: Sunglass Hut Names Style Blogger

Well, there you have it, friends. Blogger bits & bobs to mull over, courtesy of the Rosebud. 
I wish you all a fantastic week-end, and will "see" you on Monday!                -Bella Q

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How Do YOU Spell 'Fulltimefabulous"? K-R-I-S-T-Y, that's how.

MY beautiful fellow bloggers, and wonderful readers: 

Please take a moment to say hello to Sunglass Hut's new fashion blogger: Kristy Elena. 
I am tickled pah-pah-PINK to read the announcement over at SGH's Full Time Fabulous website

Folks, I feel like I feel when I watch one of those Oprah shows, you know the one where the audience looks under their seats and finds keys to a brand new Mercedes, a set of Louis Vuitton luggage, or tickets to fly to Australia? The episodes where Oprah is giving away a roomful of ridiculously fabulous prizes? Well, I cry like a baby. I'm not sure why, it's not me getting the prizes, but I weep for the beauty of generosity.  They are my Oprah-Tears-of-Joy (yes, I've named that type of crying) and friends, I've been leaking little OTOJ's all over my little laptop all evening! 

Behold they are TEARS OF VICTORY! Seriously, am I the only one who feels like I've won too? I feel like it. That mah home-girl, the ultimate in style, the fabu Kristy Elena won one for the team

Congrats Kristy! It was a victory most deserving! 

Let me add a big congrats to ALL the top 10 finalists of the Full Time Fabulous contest. I mean, they beat out thousands of entries, and basically were picked as the best of the best, and for 30 days these bloggers had this AH-MAZING platform to showcase their style, bloggy chops and personality. 

There are a few I'd like to acknowledge especially, not only for their hard work (I mean it was obvious EVERY FINALIST put in their heart and soul to win this contest,) but for the gracious, good sportmanship they showed in their final entry. True winners really show their colors in the way that they yield. 
Kudos to these wonderful, class-act set of winners:
AND I have no doubt that Treasure, Anh and Allie all have bright, successful futures ahead of them.
The Loud Mouth starts the celebration with a bottle of vino
 There was some cork popping and toasting on Twitter as happy members of #teamkristy raised a virtual glass to Kristy's win. Some lovely pics sent twitpic from Steph of the Loud Mouth, Vahni of Grit & Glamour, and the uber-lovely Brooke of CenterSage. Cool thing is that I met Steph and Brooke from Kristy's fashion contest, The Essence of Fall. We were all competitors for the prize, and became fast friends!
Vahni adds a fireplace
And Brooke brings bubbly and boyfriend!

 Here's an Update:
#Team Kristy has been busy all over the blogosphere celebrating the success of their girl!
Check out these posts