Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Outfit Post: Mi Corizon

I am inspired by many things-
fashion history, fashion magazines, beautiful poetry, blooming flowers, and... bloggers

When I spied this beautiful vintage dress on the racks at a neighborhood thrift store

Monday, May 28, 2012

Product Review: United Styles

When I was asked to review unitedstyles, I jumped at the chance. It's an interesting concept in where you can choose a design and customize it to your specifications. The website is user friendly, fairly easy to understand and navigate.  you're encourage to post inspirations and to have at it in designing the perfect garment for you. In fact, they are so dedicated to a bespoked experience, unitedstyles guarantees a perfect fit.

After you design your desired garment and order it online, you'll receive a sample of the garment in the mail approximately 3 weeks after you order it. It is a simple black jersey knit version, and when you try it on, you make a note of adjustments needed, if any. You then send back the specs for the needed modifications (you keep the sample dress) and they will make the final garment according to your instructions. In fact, they are so committed to that perfect fit, in case the garment still doesn't fit, they will reimburse you for taking the dress in and having it altered by a professional tailor. Sounds good?

It's Your Life

Happy Monday, peeps!

We've got a winner for the $100 shopping spree giveaway at Marketplace: Handworks of India. I'm announcing the lucky winner HERE.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Outfit Post: Creature Comforts

creature comforts (noun, plural) material things or luxuries that help to provide for one's bodily comfort.

Our body has this defect that, the more it is provided care and comforts, the more needs and desires it finds.        
                                                                                                          - St. Teresa de Avila
I am possibly in need of comfort. It may have been the overcast day, the cravat of change that has coiled itself around me recently or just my nerves, but I was yearning comfort, and fell into the arms of an all black outfit. To keep it from being somber, I lightened the mood with some whimsical animal references, the lace bunny-ears headband, the teddy bear backpack, and always comforting is this furry find: a Davis of Boston late 60's era vintage faux fur coat with fake leather trim. I discovered it recently at the nearby Goodwill, in mint condition, and knew I had met my (coat) soul mate.

Since it was rainy, I picked a skirt that could easily shed water- a thrifted good-as-new Koret labelled bubble skirt. I feel that it's a late 90's skirt but I'm really not sure. Layering with long pants seemed as much practical (it was chilly) as well as blogger inspired. I've been seeing it reappear around the bloggersphere; I used to do it a few years back, and perhaps the latest Prada collection featuring long dresses over pants has refreshed the trend again.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Forty, Fifty, Fabulous: Blogs Roll, YOU Rock

The list on the +40 Blogroll has exploded! If you haven't checked it out lately, please do, there are so many new and wonderful ladies (and one gent!) on the Roll. I'm having trouble keeping up. But I'd like to say Welcome and Hello to some of our newest members: 

Walking Colors (from Seattle no less! And introduced to me by one of my faves: Reva!)
Peetee's Palace (a pink-hair babe from Portlandia, we met through UK's Vintage Vixen)
Ava Grace's Closet

I've written several times about some of my favorite over forty style bloggers, in fact one of my most popular posts is The Six +40 Fashion Blogs I can't Live Without, but did you know that I've previously highlighted some great over 40 bloggers?

In the past, I've featured a handful of plus forty-year-old lovelies:

And I'm interested in featuring some more. Tell me, who would YOU want to see featured here at The Citizen Rosebud? Do you have any favorite +40 fashion and style bloggers? Leave your picks in the comments!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Outfit Post: Suburban Jungle

More urbane than urban is my latest play of flora and fauna. I love mixing it the way Mother Nature does - with florals + animal prints. You can see some previous incarnations here, here, and here. This time however, I think I lost some urban edge and added spinster spice. There is nothing edgy or dangerous to my look, just look how cute this '80's floral sundress is! Throwing on that sweater like a good grannie somehow gave me suburban vibes. Which looks tame and well, nice. As in, less likely to pull a switchblade on ya, more likely to serve up some ice cold lemonade.

Welcome to the jungle, dearies.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Neon Tribal

Earlier this week you saw the shoes. Now see the outfit. Behold, the 'Bud rocking it tribal style and making it modern with fresh pops of neon. The dress, a handmade garment made from Guatemalan cloth, and recently acquired from a nearby consignment shop, has been on constant rotation, meaning that I've pretty much worn it non-stop since I got it. And I thought a great partner to this tribal print dress would be this wonderful jacket: a geometric woven cotton coat, courtesy of MARKETPLACE: Handworks of India.

The jacket is a prize- it'd be so perfect as an outer layer for the hot summer days in my hometown, Sacramento. I love the tribal yet modern look of the weave and the cut. Christened the Amrita Jacket, it's woven in lightweight cotton, has a subtle detailing at the lapels and draped side panels, which I feel, give it an avant garde appeal. For some reason, I wore the jacket belted, but I can't wait to style it on the loose, thrown over a tank top and paired with shorts and some gladiator sandals.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Blue Suede Shoes

I'm feeling more inspired by nature than Elvis when I step out in my newest shoe crush, my DV for Dolce Vita "Roja" booties, plucked from the shelves at Nordstom Rack. Check out these gorgeous blue suede shoes  (or should I say shooties?)

Monday, May 14, 2012

outfit post: My Sunday Best

Navy and White polka dots make a good Sunday, better. (Photos: Bella Q)
There are some days when nothing looks better to me the crisp, chic tones of navy blue and white. Those days are often on a Sunday. Sunday is the day in which you check out of the daily worries of your life, and nourish your spirit, reflecting on the good days to come.

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Blogger's Reflection + IFB Links Ala Mode

You know you're a fashion blogger when the dressing room = photo booth + the iPhone is your right hand man.

It's not normal to feel comfortable snapping photos of yourself in a dressing room is it? If it's normal to you, I'm guessing you're a fashion blogger. When my neighbor tells me she noticed that I was taken photos of myself in the backyard, and that she was polite and didn't watch, I realized how unusual this meta-world I live in is. Who really plans outfits to fit into some sort of blog schedule? Who takes constant pictures of themselves wearing those outfits? Not your average joe, let me tell you. I don't think everybody makes themselves at home in front of a dressing room mirror and snaps away. And how many of these mirrored images are on my cellie is between me and my iPhone. 

Also, it's not normal to find out that when one googles the word GINGHAM, one's very own blog shows up. ON PAGE ONE! And PLAID: ditto. I'm learning via the charming boyfriend, 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rosebud, Rosebud

Sacramento Rosebud.
This photo was taken last summer, inside the Thinkhouse Collective. I had just moved the Citizen HQ into the Thinkhouse, and was enjoying the afternoon sun. I was neophyte to Instagram. As you can see, I was indulging in my fascination with fascinators, enjoying my gorgeous hand-made Piccolo Red Rose hat, made for me by "Dr. Stacy," a multi-talented woman with a soft spot for vintage.
Seattle Rosebud.
My latest incarnation takes place beneath a blossoming crown of ruby red dyed hair, shot in front of a place aptly enough called the Copper Gate. I'm feeling every bit a summer rose blooming madly in this gorgeous spot of earth called Seattle. While I feel very much the same, I can also feel/see the differences between my present and former selves, with the last few years chronicled on this blog.  "I'm the very same girl," I think, as I review these former versions of myself, I just have more tree-rings. More marks of history in the form of grey hairs, wrinkles and laugh lines to be sure, but worn with more ease and confidence than I've ever felt before in my life. 

If I were to offer any words of advice to a younger self, I would offer the following:

1) Don't wait for happiness. Never think that happiness will come in the future if you're not holding onto some of it now. Don't fool yourself and say: I'll be happy IF... I were....(fill in the blank: a size 2, an straight A student, a pro wrestler) or HAD... (a brand new Prada, a new sports car, the newest iPhone, or that man) because THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. No-one and no-thing will ever MAKE you happy. You CHOOSE to be happy- now and not later. If you're not willing to savor whatever little bit of happiness you've got in your present, you won't grasp a hold of it for later. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cinema Verite: The Film of Tomorrow

"The film of tomorrow will look like the person who made it."-Francois Truffaut

In Reel Life: Do you dress like you're the star in your own movie?  I know my clothes have to function, but I like it when there do more than just get around town. I like it when the details play a starring role- a clever mix of print, say a cheetah print and crisp vintage gingham. I still need comfort, but I want to stand out, not fade in the background. I can appreciate an articulated, artful way dressing, I like dressing like a character straight out of an Art-House movie.  Let's face it, I like the look of drama.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Social as a Butterfly, Busy as a Bee

Click HERE to enter the Karina Dress GIVE AWAY- Winner is announced Thursday, May 10th
Happy Monday, peeps!

I've been a busy little rosebud, doing all sorts of things, some fun, some just busy-ness. Let me tell you, I'm liking the fun stuff, but the get-done/TO-DO list, uh, not so much. Sigh. I'm getting settled in my new digs (which I like alot!) and I've got a million not very sexy errands to run, when I'd much rather be....THRIFTING! I have been lurking shamelessly over in my neighborhood Goodwill and spending all my time and money there. It is smack dab in the middle between my and my boyfriend's casas, so it's too easy to "just drop in and see what's on sale." I've been hitting the thrifter's jackpot there + so, need to get busy and put some of the goodies up in my shop. Ahem. But that's on the TO-DO list- so not as much fun as drinking coffee, hanging with the boyfriend or walking my beautiful neighborhood and posting pictures of it up on Instagram.  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Picture Perfect: A Rock + A Hard Spot

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.   -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Friday, May 4, 2012

Your Little Red Dress

 When in doubt, wear red. -Bill Blass

"Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power,
  determination as well as passion, desire, and love.

"Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. It has very high visibility, which is why stop signs, stoplights, and fire equipment are usually painted red. In heraldry, red is used to indicate courage. It is a color found in many national flags.  

"Red brings text and images to the foreground. Use it as an accent color to stimulate people to make quick decisions; it is a perfect color for "BUY NOW" or "Click Here" buttons on internet banners and websites. In advertising, red is often used to evoke erotic feelings (red lips, red nails, "Lady in Red", etc)Red is widely used to indicate danger. This color is also commonly associated with energy...."
-Color Wheel Pro: Color Meaning In Action

I made this realization the other day when I was out walking: there is NO uncertainty in the color red. Red is not only the color of action, it is the color of immediate action- there is no hesitance in red, only an unquestioning move forward. The wearing red is pure confidence-

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bella Blooms (A Karina Dress Review)

Spring has sprung in the Pacific Northwest-landia, and I have been itching to wear my newest frock from Karina Dresses. This one, is a fetching number in black with red polka dots. I said, RED POLKA DOTS! People, you know I had to choose that one. The style is called the Audrey, named after a fashion icon of mine (and likely yours, too!) Audrey Hepburn. It's a classic cut, in a classic print and makes for classic comfort.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May-Day. Hello You.

Today is the first of May, and this is my 620th post.
I've been blogging as the Citizen Rosebud for about 4 years. You can read my very first post (on Wordpress, no less) by clicking HERE. While some things have changed,  much has stayed the same. I'm still mad about mixing prints, in particular polka dots, stripes, florals + plaid. In reviewing my early attempts at blogging, I can see a pattern in my love of patterns; there are lots and lots of pictures of stripes shirts with floral skirts. While reviewing these old posts, I'm wearing a plaid jacket, a striped shirt, a leopard print cardigan and a pair of leopard print shoes (w/ striped socks)  as I write this. Worn, of course, with a floral tapestry shoulder bag. 

While my style is more or less unchanged, some things have evolved since those early blogging days. Besides my blog's early move from Wordpress to Blogger, I've recently uprooted and moved from Sacramento, California, to Seattle, Washington.  I blossomed from a nearly neo-Luddite into a social media butterfly: Tweeting, Facebooking, Pinteresting, and posting on Instagram almost daily. I'm now a freelance writer, as well as pursuing a venture in selling vintage clothing. Probably one of the most notable changes to this blog is that it now is monetized via affiliate links and various forms of sponsorships. 

And this month, I am proud to be supported by the following businesses:

Mixed Prints in black/white featuring POLKA DOTS. August 9th, 2011- it was a hot Sacramento summer day, and I wore a cool rayon polka dot romper from Target. Since it was too hot to layer, my mix had to come from accessories- a floral framed pair of sunnies and a thrifted vintage cotton checked scarf. You can see the original post HERE