Friday, May 25, 2012

Outfit Post: Creature Comforts

creature comforts (noun, plural) material things or luxuries that help to provide for one's bodily comfort.

Our body has this defect that, the more it is provided care and comforts, the more needs and desires it finds.        
                                                                                                          - St. Teresa de Avila
I am possibly in need of comfort. It may have been the overcast day, the cravat of change that has coiled itself around me recently or just my nerves, but I was yearning comfort, and fell into the arms of an all black outfit. To keep it from being somber, I lightened the mood with some whimsical animal references, the lace bunny-ears headband, the teddy bear backpack, and always comforting is this furry find: a Davis of Boston late 60's era vintage faux fur coat with fake leather trim. I discovered it recently at the nearby Goodwill, in mint condition, and knew I had met my (coat) soul mate.

Since it was rainy, I picked a skirt that could easily shed water- a thrifted good-as-new Koret labelled bubble skirt. I feel that it's a late 90's skirt but I'm really not sure. Layering with long pants seemed as much practical (it was chilly) as well as blogger inspired. I've been seeing it reappear around the bloggersphere; I used to do it a few years back, and perhaps the latest Prada collection featuring long dresses over pants has refreshed the trend again.

The snake cuffs are also a subtle reference to creatures, but not so much comfort. Same goes for the vintage black sweater with sequins- the sparkling discs representing snake scales. No paradise is complete without a touch of snake. For every Eden comes its serpent. 

On a whole other note, I'm ramping up my Etsy shop again! So far, there's only a handful of items, but look for more in the shop by the beginning of next week. Use coupon code BUDZFREESHIP for free U.S. shipping. (International friends, email me, and we can figure out the international shipping for any item you want, and I'll charge you accordingly.)

The Marketplace of India give-away ends today! Thank you all who participated. I'll announce the lucky winner of the $100 gift certificate, courtesy of Marketplace: Handwork of India, first thing Monday morning. 

Happy Weekend friends!
Now Wearing: 
  • lace bunny ears
  • vintage 1960's fun fur coat, thrifted
  • lace camisole, thrifted
  • vintage sequined cardigan, coming soon to the shop
  • Koret bubble skirt, thrifted
  • snake cuffs, this one for sale in the shop
  • vintage teddy bear bag, coming soon to the shop
  • skinny khaki pants, Target


A BRIT GREEK said...

LOVE it all! Especially the bunny ears lady!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend poptart!


Hang T. Tran said...

look cozy and huggable.
I love you too Bella!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

That is the most adorable outfit! I love the coat but the ears and rucksack really make it xxx

Kitty said...

Sounds like you're having a pooky time of things. Just remember, if it's meant to be, it will be.xx.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

How are you adjusting, Bella? Is it difficult to go from sun to rain and does it really rain that much in Seattle? I hope all goes well for you...keep smiling!!

Patti said...

This is an inspired look of comfort, indeed. Love the backpack and ears, to keep the creatures close to you. : >

Curtise said...

Your caot is just stunning. All the layers and textures work so beautifully. Especially the ears!
Hope your need for comfort is met, Bella. xxxxx

Heather Fonseca said...

I also find myself gravitating towards all black outfits when I need comfort. I don't know why black would be so reassuring, but it is.
Love your bunny ears and your vintage finds are just getting better and better!

Anonymous said...

I really like the skirt and coat together. The way they drape away from your body. Makes it look a bit festive and girly. Yay for the Goodwill.
Have you been to the new Value Village down by Westfield Center? It's huge!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Bella, this is a Fabulicious outfit - it may be all black, but there are so many cool textures and shapes, I love it! Great score on the coat, and you look adorable, and cool in the bunny ears.

Unknown said...

ah, My favorite comfort color,too! Love the ears :)
here's to a faboo weekend,my love!

Unknown said...

Faux fur, lace, and sequins!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that your eyebrows are SPECTACULAR. You're giving me arch envy!

Vix said...

I love every element of your outfit and those lace antlers defy words, they are too cool.
Doesn't the weather cast a huge dampener on our moods and outfit choices? It's a huge effort to dress creatively and spiritedly. Bright colours feel a bit try-too-hard and darker tones cast a shadow on the whole day. I think you've got it spot on, you'd turn heads and cheer up everyone you encounter on your way.
Best of luck with the selling and have a top class weekend! xxx

propriatress said...

I feel animal attraction.....

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I want to fall down down the rabbit hole with you! Cute elements make a great outfit on you. Hope you're having a good weekend xx

The Style Crone said...

So many lovely layers. I like the idea of long dresses over pants and will keep that one in the back of my mind. Very intriguing headwear! Hope that you find comfort this weekend.

Melanie said...

You have the BEST eyebrows! That first pic does them proud - truly a marvel. I try shaping mine to siren swoopiness but they still look like baby caterpillars... Your impishness makes me want to pinch those pretty bunny ears. And the bubble skirt with all the rest - perfect. In this you say, WAKE UP SEATTLE!!! in a gentle, luxurious way.

Anonymous said...

How unusual to see you in all black...and so many textures. Wish I could send a hug and make it all better.

doradadama said...

You gorgeous wondorous creature!
In love with all the black layering amor.
Those lacey bunny ears are spectacular.
Your hair always stands out beautifully with any shade of clothes.
Hope you find comfort soon.

Style Mentor™ said...

"I lightened the mood with some whimsical animal references". You are so funny! But I know you were being serious so I don't want to make light of this seriously glorious outfit. Love the bunny ears, they look quite comfy. :-)