Sunday, May 30, 2010


"Violets are humble, and determinedly everywhere. I always find them in bloom, it seems, when ever I need them."

Now Wearing:
  • Hounds tooth fedora, thrifted (Goodwill, Modesto)
  • Old Navy B/W striped jersey-knit top, thrifted (Buy-Rite, Modesto)
  • Polka dot scoop (maternity) t-shirt, Target
  • L.e.i. shorts, faded rinse, thrifted (Thrift Town)
  • Black tights, Target
  • Black leather skimmers, Target
Three birthdays ago, around this time, my boyfriend asked me what my favorite flower was. Without hesitation I answered: "Gardenias." He didn't seem to like this answer, and asked me again. I thought a bit.  Violets.  Violets are humble, and determinedly everywhere. I always find them in bloom, it seems, when ever I need them.

One year, years ago, I made my mother a birthday cake. My home-made chocolate frosting tasted great, but looked a bit rustic. So I went out to my backyard and harvested the feral spearmint and wild violets, which were conveniently in bloom. Placing the fragrant mint leaves around the plate, and  covering the cake with the flowers made the cake extra-special. It looked amazing and tasted divine.

So I said, "Violets." Didn't think anything more about it, until the dear showed up on my doorstep with a big pot of the common houseplant, the African violets, and presented them to me. He thought that African violets were my favorite plants. They aren't. Eventually they died, and the next year, dear ol' D gave me a white antiqued planter full of Impatiens, which threw me a bit, until I saw the marker that described the color of  blooms as "Violet."

Recently, I stepped out into D's backyard to soak up some sun. And what did I see getting ready to bloom along the fence? For starters, a big gardenia bush. AND a cluster of real violets. Large ones too, with big heart-shaped leaves the size of baby hands, and flowers interspersed among weedy clover. There were  also teeny-tiny wild violets growing there too, slowly colonizing the underbelly of every tree, bush and bamboo. "These," I showed him with glee, "are my favorite flowers". Humble, low-maintenance and wonderful.  Quietly edible. I wonder if he'll get it right this year.

Well, what he did get right this year, was my fun Modesto get-away with him, and I can't thank him enough for all his year-round thoughtfulness. So I suppose I don't need any flowers. But I did manage to snap a few shots of them today, along with my outfit post. The theme is mix-n-match, so maybe it all makes sense.

I'm wearing some of my favorite prints all mixed up together: hounds tooth, stripes and polka dots. The hat and top are recent acquisitions from the Modesto trip. The hat was a steal for $1.50 at one of the Goodwill shops we visited. The Old Navy top was a deal at Buy-Rite for $2.99. I actually have one very similar to it, only in grey and white, but I like this one better. I just happened to have the polka-dot t-shirt in my overnight bag, because you can pretty much wear dots with anything these days. The tights are dotty too, with a d.i.y. hole pattern that echos the polka.

And there you have it. My birthday is today, and I turn 45.  
                                                                                                                      - Bella Q

Saturday, May 29, 2010

the Citizen Rosebud: Behind the Seams

Here's a little peek behind the scenes here at HQ of the Citizen Rosebud. We love to be inspired, especially by flowers, and use floral prints extensively in our re-made fashionables.

 There's quite a bit of chaos in the beginning. First we select a a handful of second-hand clothing that  make-up a "story." This month we are playing with the theme of "Garden Party." We might come up with a basic idea of simple cotton dresses with floral prints, and select ones that seem to compliment each other. No scrap is wasted, as we collect them and save them for re-use. Often times,  you may find the material snipped off of one dress on the hem another. Instructions are written out and attached to the item. They are then taken to the sewing studio and re-worked:

Like our flower arrangements, we like to keep it fresh and simple. We rescue quality clothing from second-hand sources, clean & mend as needed, and update the piece to be relevant, not just for the present season, but for many years to come. We like classic yet quirky prints & well-designed cuts. And voila!
An old cotton patchwork slip-dress from the '90's turns into a refreshing remake complete with a vintage butterfly print petticoat under hem (made from fabric scraps) and is the perfect ensemble to wear while thrift shopping in Modesto!

Now Wearing: 
  • Blue/multi-print cotton slip dress, the Citizen Rosebud
  • Navy tights, Target
  • J. Crew Oatmeal wool cardigan, thrifted (Thrift Town)
  • Vintage red leather shoulder bag, thrifted (Salvation Army)
  • Black leather Dansko clogs, Violet Folklore

Friday, May 28, 2010

Modesto Mouse

Just got back from a thrift-shopping expedition to Modesto. Hadn't ever been to that neck of the woods, and was curious about their shops. As a thoughtful and fun birthday get-a-away, my sweet boyfriend D planned this little adventure for me. He reserved a room at the Holiday Inn, planned a few food stops and charted out dozens of thrift-stores in the area. We left Wednesday morning & returned Thursday night. I had such a blast!

Of course, I was soooo busy ooohing and ahhing over all my thrift-store finds, that I forgot to take pictures, so aside from a handful of shots, I didn't chronicle our adventures very well. The folks of Modesto were super friendly, and the prices were right. We're definitely looking forward to a return visit.



Thursday, May 27, 2010

Geek Chic: Interview with Wynne of Fashion Geek's Closet

 Meet Wynne Prasetyo. This blogger doesn't live down the street from me. In fact, she lives half-way around the world, in Indonesia. Her style however, is international.  She dresses it best in effortless, classic chic style, that knows no borders.

Her blog is called Fashion Geek's Closet, and she's from Jakarta, Indonesia. She's 19 years-old, a student of Law, and a blogger since 2008. She says fashion took over her blog last summer, in August 2009."I've had a thing about fashion for quite a long time," she writes, "Fashion is a freedom of expression and I want to share my personal style." She won't cite any particular fashion or style influences, she feels "the biggest influence is something within me, the way I think about fashion. When I dress up, I dress for myself, and I go with my mood. I do read magazines, and sometimes they can inspire me, sometimes they don't. I can wake up in the morning and think that a certain fashion item is trending even when no fashion magazines say so, and I'll wear it for weeks."

It's a message she wants to share with those around her, to be confident of one's personal look, and to use one's own interior world as inspiration. 

She's eager to share her favorite blogs, and shows an ardent support of fellow fashion bloggers. "I LOVE Karla's Closet the most," she says, "I love that she's completely confident with her body shape and curves, and she always succeeds in putting together her outfits in ways that compliment her body." Wynne also "adores" Tagrid, Le Blog de Betty, and Saucy Glossy, calling each of them "awesome bloggers."

Trends she plans to wear this summer are lots of short skirts and shorts to show off her legs. Not a big fan of bright colors, this Fashion Geek prefers instead to wear neutrals: black, cream, grey, khaki, and even pastels. This seems to resonate with her personality, which seems confident, yet quiet and understated. The outfits I think she wears best are strictly colorless, the seasonless neutrals of grey, cream and black dressed up in flowy fabrics and classic cuts, like here:  

As you can guess from her photos, Wynne is a shoe-lover. She's an avid fan of Christian Loubotin, and Jimmy Choo. And as much as she likes mixing up high-low fashions, she does appreciate the big-time designers. Her favorite collections this season are Lanvin, Ellie Saab, and Zac Posen.

The Fashion Geek has some salient advice for up-and-coming fashionistas: "Don't focus on your flaws to present your style, emphasis your strong points. There are no unbreakable rules in fashion, and even if there are, be brave enough to break them. At some point, you may think you've run out of ideas for new looks, so remember that is what fashion magazines and blogs are for: they are sources of inspiration. And lastly, don't hesitate to modify items in your wardrobe to keep your clothing looking fresh and brand-new."

Not exactly pocket protector stuff, this geek. Just chic. You can follow her latest outfits posts at her blog:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In the Navy

Sometimes you just wake up to a day feeling navy. Solid, no mischief, honest & hard working N-A-V-Y blue. The day started out sunny and ended up with rain. But I was ready for it, peeps. I was ready.

Wore a big over-sized vintage blazer that has sweet satin cuffs. For some reason I chose to pose with the blazer over me like a shawl, so you can't see the cute sleeves. The shirt is a recent re-creation for the Citizen Rosebud. Formerly a dress, it now lives happily as a top with added buttons in front and on the sash in the back. The belt is a rope which for some reason seemed nautical to me and therefore went with my white & rope espradrille wedges & suitable-for-yacht-living red/white/blue with gingham lining tote. The bag is a one-of-a-kind creation by my dear friend Kris Laskey, the designer of the Sacramento-based label, Butt Ugly. She gave it as a gift from her my last birthday, and I love it!

Kris & I share a nostalgic love of red, white & blue. For me it reminds me of my childhood summers.  I love the crisp, clean innocence about the color combination. Right around Memorial Day weekend, when you all are busting out your white shoes, I'll be releasing my "Americana" colors out onto the world. Today, it's just a simple study of blue & white. Because I'm in the navy now.

Now Wearing: 
  • Blue/White Batik scarf, worn in hair, thrifted
  • Vintage '80's rayon blazer, thrifted (Salvation Army)
  • Navy-blue jersey knit top w/ butterfly sleeves, the Citizen Rosebud
  • Ralph Lauren dark-rinse denim short-shorts, thrifted
  • Soft cotton rope, worn as belt
  • Navy blue tights, Target
  • Tri-color tote w/ gingham lining, Butt Ugly Boutique
  • Mia white/rope espadrille wedges, Macy's (2007)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Heart NY

Day 2 of wearing the new saddle shoes from Payless. It was such a lovely, sunny day out, I (gasp) left the house without a sweater or coat! Took my revamped vintage tourist Tee out and about, proclaiming my love to a city that never sleeps. The t-shirt was modified a bit to vamp up the girlish charms: the neck scooped out, and the sleeves shortened and capped with elastic. 

Also wearing a polka dot slip that I wear as a dress, from Target and first seen here and under that my gingham mini skirt with black tulle, as first photographed here. And of course, these delightful (yet slightly sweaty) saddle shoes made their appearance yesterday. So why am I talking? I'll let the T-shirt speak for me!

Now Wearing:
  • "I heart NY" oversized black vintage T-shirt, the Citizen Rosebud
  • Polka dot slip-dress, Target
  • Gingham/Black tulle skirt, worn as slip
  • Vintage polka dot scarf wrist-band, thrifted 
  • Clear "Ray-Ban" styled sun-glasses, Target
  • Saddle shoes, Payless Shoes

Monday, May 24, 2010

the Saddleshoes

Overall, it was a good day.
Wore my new Payless saddle shoes.

Now Wearing:
  • Striped T-shirt w/ floral trim, the Citizen Rosebud
  • Sears over-alls, grown vintage in my own closet
  • Vintage checked cotton handkerchief 
  • Vintage purse with "hand-painting," the Citizen Rosebud
  • B/W Saddleshoes, Payless Shoes