Sunday, May 30, 2010


"Violets are humble, and determinedly everywhere. I always find them in bloom, it seems, when ever I need them."

Now Wearing:
  • Hounds tooth fedora, thrifted (Goodwill, Modesto)
  • Old Navy B/W striped jersey-knit top, thrifted (Buy-Rite, Modesto)
  • Polka dot scoop (maternity) t-shirt, Target
  • L.e.i. shorts, faded rinse, thrifted (Thrift Town)
  • Black tights, Target
  • Black leather skimmers, Target
Three birthdays ago, around this time, my boyfriend asked me what my favorite flower was. Without hesitation I answered: "Gardenias." He didn't seem to like this answer, and asked me again. I thought a bit.  Violets.  Violets are humble, and determinedly everywhere. I always find them in bloom, it seems, when ever I need them.

One year, years ago, I made my mother a birthday cake. My home-made chocolate frosting tasted great, but looked a bit rustic. So I went out to my backyard and harvested the feral spearmint and wild violets, which were conveniently in bloom. Placing the fragrant mint leaves around the plate, and  covering the cake with the flowers made the cake extra-special. It looked amazing and tasted divine.

So I said, "Violets." Didn't think anything more about it, until the dear showed up on my doorstep with a big pot of the common houseplant, the African violets, and presented them to me. He thought that African violets were my favorite plants. They aren't. Eventually they died, and the next year, dear ol' D gave me a white antiqued planter full of Impatiens, which threw me a bit, until I saw the marker that described the color of  blooms as "Violet."

Recently, I stepped out into D's backyard to soak up some sun. And what did I see getting ready to bloom along the fence? For starters, a big gardenia bush. AND a cluster of real violets. Large ones too, with big heart-shaped leaves the size of baby hands, and flowers interspersed among weedy clover. There were  also teeny-tiny wild violets growing there too, slowly colonizing the underbelly of every tree, bush and bamboo. "These," I showed him with glee, "are my favorite flowers". Humble, low-maintenance and wonderful.  Quietly edible. I wonder if he'll get it right this year.

Well, what he did get right this year, was my fun Modesto get-away with him, and I can't thank him enough for all his year-round thoughtfulness. So I suppose I don't need any flowers. But I did manage to snap a few shots of them today, along with my outfit post. The theme is mix-n-match, so maybe it all makes sense.

I'm wearing some of my favorite prints all mixed up together: hounds tooth, stripes and polka dots. The hat and top are recent acquisitions from the Modesto trip. The hat was a steal for $1.50 at one of the Goodwill shops we visited. The Old Navy top was a deal at Buy-Rite for $2.99. I actually have one very similar to it, only in grey and white, but I like this one better. I just happened to have the polka-dot t-shirt in my overnight bag, because you can pretty much wear dots with anything these days. The tights are dotty too, with a d.i.y. hole pattern that echos the polka.

And there you have it. My birthday is today, and I turn 45.  
                                                                                                                      - Bella Q


Unknown said...

Stripes spots houndsooth.. I freakin love how it all came together! :0

PS. Much admiration all the way from India :)

The Semi Sweet said...

Well Happy Birthday!!! I would've never guessed you for 45 by the way. I figured maybe 30, so wow! Anyways, it sounds like a fun trip! I'm in Kansas visiting a friend and will be hitting up thriftstores today too!

Emilie Delance said...

Happy B-day!! Love the hat :D Hope you have an awesome day <3

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thank you all for your sweet wishes. And thanks so much for visiting my blog! xo.

TrAcY (The Wardrobe Wanderer) said...

I am loving all the patterns of black and white--just wonderful! This is a look I would LOVE to copy, lol ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! You look amazing, and I just saw that you're in Sacramento? I'm just about two hours of North of you, near Chico :D

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday - hope you had a nice day:)
Love your outfit!

Marta said...

adorable combination - dots and stripes! i just want your haaaat!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

My b*friend just came by with an adorable home-made birthday card and a pot of VIOLETS! what a lovely gift! He said: I finally got it right, sweetie." Boy, Mister, I think I did too!

Catie said...

Aww! Spots and stripes are a go! It's hard to pair those two together but you did it beautifully!

Marie said...

Belated Happy Birthday!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

the top is just chic, goes perfectly with the shoes. Love it!

Lisa said...

That hat is such an amazing I want to go thrifting in Modesto too. Your boyfriend sounds soo sweet. Glad you had a great bday!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I was told the gardenias were popular among the men in the early the scent as well~ Luv the stripes on you!

stylenuggets said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bella. Hope it was a great day. Loving the mixing of prints:check,spots and stripes!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thsnk-you, peeps!

luciana said...

Love, love, love your Blog!
Greetings, Luci :)