Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blogger Meet-Up

What a small little world, this place turns out to be. May I tell you about it? A couple of weeks ago, someone left me a sweet comment on one of my few photos posted to Chictopia. Her photos were stunning, I loved her sense of style and the way she really rocked the vintage, so I checked out her blog. LOVED the name: Starship Narcissus. And loved the blog. Then I noticed something sounded familliar, her favorite vintage shop, Crimson & Clover. That's the name of a vintage shop in my hometown, so I guessed she lived somewhere nearby. Shot her off an email, asking her if she from Sacramento. She was. Turns out she's the little sister of some friends of mine. Turns out, she and her husband and adorable toddler live in my city. Turns out, they live down my street. 

Small world, eh? Someone whose style I dig ONLINE, a million light-years away on Chictopia live on the same street as me. What are the odds, you figure? Well, I just had to meet her. So we met for coffee and chatted away at the Pangea Cafe
I'll admit, I was pretty nervous about meeting my fellow Sacto blogger.  I've never arranged to to meet someone I've never met before. Who I didn't know. But we seemed to get along just fine, and before you know it, I had pulled out my camera and had the barista take our photo. I hope you notice that that both Lisa and I are wearing polka dots. She looked absolutely chic and stunning in a sheer polka dot blouse with navy banding, skinny jeans and not shown, an amazing navy fitted blazer with brass buttons.

This is my nervous, Cheshire Cat smile. 

Here Lisa is, being stunning, but let me tell you, photos do not do this beauty justice. She is even more alluring in person! And I got to meet her daughter, Beatrix who is a double helping of adorable, and fast on her feet.

 "Turns out, she and her husband and adorable toddler live in my city. Turns out, they live down my street."
Then, we went thrift-store shopping!

I have never been to the legendary Goodwill Outlet, aka the Bins, which is the Goodwill outlet that sells clothing by the pound. We had a blast! Clothing and whatnot are piled in very large bins and lined up in aisles, and all you have to do is dig in and sort out. Which feels a little tricky at times, as the place is packed with fellow bargain hunters. Sometimes you find some really cool stuff. 

I did all right. Got myself a vintage plaid vintage blazer, a cotton Asian jacket, beautiful eyelet shirt, a couple of dresses, a vintage sweatshirt from 1984,  a pair of tights, a vintage hand-painted table cloth and hand-sewn quilt for under $15.00.  Quite the bargain!

We has such a good time, we made plans to meet again, next time we're going to visit her favorite vintage spot, Crimson & Clover. Expect more pictures!


stylenuggets said...

How awesome to meet a fellow blogger. And one who lives in your town.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics! Have a nice weekend;)

The Semi Sweet said...

I found you via starship, and I'm so glad. You have lovely images on your blog and your style is pretty awesome.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

@ MarchMusing: I think so too! And not just one who lives in my town, literally, one WHO LIVES DOWN MY STREET. what a small world!

@choas: Thank-you my darlin'. Wishing you an awesome weekend as well. xo.

@ Daily Fashionist: Thank-you! If your Starship people, I know you're pretty awesome yourself.

Wynne Prasetyo said...

awww, thrift store shopping is most fun when done with a fellow blogger! i'm going to do that soon:)

E said...

That's crazy that you two have such connections! I love how your styles are so complementary, too!

Unknown said...

both you and lisa look stunning!