Thursday, March 5, 2020



I'd recently been playing with old and vintage photos, trying to come up with creative ways of re-use. Then, my boyfriend sent me THIS LINK featuring an artist doing AMAZING work using embroidery on a photo, and I am in love! I love the particular picture above where the bride literally BLOOMS on her special day. So cool.


It reminds me a bit of another artist I follow, Kathy Laskey from Silverton, Colorado. Her Instagram is full of fanciful re-workings of vintage imagery topped off with embroidery. I definitely recommend a follow or you can bookmark her Etsy shop HERE.

Creative Embellishments, image from Haiku Moving Co on Instagram
It is with no small irony that I relish my action of sharing on the interwebs some of the WONDERFUL stuff I discover via online. What a world that opens up to ya, if you let it.


Bridal Bloom, digital overlay on vintage photograph by RQ Bella
Offline, I recently received a STACK of vintage photos by a fellow vintage dealer, when he heard I was in the process of making art with vintage media. I'm looking forward in exploring my own ways to bloom via this wonderful windfall of old pics.


Here's something I did last year, pretty primitive compared to the above artists, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere!

Tell me, are YOU a creative or artistic sort? What do you like to work with? 

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Looks, Familiar


Oof, where have I been? 
(Here's where I insert the bad pun: CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE?)
A big lapse of posting, and ya know what? I feel no need to apologize for that.

It appears I had been needing a B-I-G break from blogging because I just couldn't be bothered by it for the last, um, year or so. I had other platforms where I have been actively daily (check my IG feed) in spite of my constant whining about the lameness of social media (esp Facebook!) let me admit to you, almost to your face, that I LOVE how connected I can be to friends and foe the world over by logging on and tuning in.


I have been busy dealing with a very personally challenging year. AND guess what, bitches?
I HAVE SURVIVED SAID CHALLENGES AND YEAR. And dare I say, I might be even better for it. It has be ROUGH. It has be TOUGH. And, thankfully, it has spun itself into some deliciously, delightfully, spiritual gold.

And for that, I am grateful.

One thing about dealing with challenges is that it can really jump start one's creative juices.
Last year, exactly to the month, in one of the lowest points of my life, I turned to making art as a form of emotional therapy. AND HOLY FUCKING MOSES, did a flood gate of creative juices open up! I'll be sure to tell you more about it in a future post, but the daily practice of making art, resulted in a wonderful release of emotional blocks as well as sales of said art AND having a piece included in an art show at my local neighborhood association. I was just recently ask to contribute to another venue featuring original works, so I've got even more incentive to keep creating.


Another big improvement last year, has been the mellowing of my cat Francis and his growing affection to his humans, me being a central figure. He has chilled and warmed up to us, actually seeming to enjoy our company. Like me, he has grown fat and contented, and so we head into 2020 with some wind in cat tail sails.

So expect to see (and read) more from me in the upcoming future. A big hearty thank-you for those who have taken time to read this. Enjoy your day!

SIDE NOTE: If anyone is interested in jump starting some of their own creativity, I highly recommend using Pic Monkey for fun photoshop and graphics creation. (You can probably guess that the above images employed their website for some fun image play) Use THIS LINK for a $12-20 discount on your yearly subscription and I'll get a $20 gift card for referring you.