Thursday, March 5, 2020



I'd recently been playing with old and vintage photos, trying to come up with creative ways of re-use. Then, my boyfriend sent me THIS LINK featuring an artist doing AMAZING work using embroidery on a photo, and I am in love! I love the particular picture above where the bride literally BLOOMS on her special day. So cool.


It reminds me a bit of another artist I follow, Kathy Laskey from Silverton, Colorado. Her Instagram is full of fanciful re-workings of vintage imagery topped off with embroidery. I definitely recommend a follow or you can bookmark her Etsy shop HERE.

Creative Embellishments, image from Haiku Moving Co on Instagram
It is with no small irony that I relish my action of sharing on the interwebs some of the WONDERFUL stuff I discover via online. What a world that opens up to ya, if you let it.


Bridal Bloom, digital overlay on vintage photograph by RQ Bella
Offline, I recently received a STACK of vintage photos by a fellow vintage dealer, when he heard I was in the process of making art with vintage media. I'm looking forward in exploring my own ways to bloom via this wonderful windfall of old pics.


Here's something I did last year, pretty primitive compared to the above artists, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere!

Tell me, are YOU a creative or artistic sort? What do you like to work with? 

CITIZEN NOTE: any photo editing done in this post, is with the helpful assistance of PicMonkey. You, too, can spruce up your photos + graphics by joining today! Use this LINK for a special deal.


PinkCheetahVintage said...

Not much talent, but I did just co-host a cool hat making class-- we used paper bags to make Mad Hatter hats!

citizen rosebud said...

Becky that sounds like fun! I’d love to try my hand at making a whimsical topper! Xo

Shybiker said...

Cool idea! I buy old photos and postcards with thought about converting them into fun gifts to friends. I never imagined modifying them; thanks for the notion.

citizen rosebud said...

Ally- I agree- old pics make fun gifts so sure.

Forest City Fashionista said...

The "Blooming Bride" is wonderful! So much creativity in the world if we are open to it.