Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween: Black, Orange + Cream

KILLER LOOKS: In the past, I've loved dressing up for Halloween. I've dressed as a witchy Witch, a Gold Rush Saloon Girl, a Jack the Ripper victim, a Geisha, a Bumble Bee, and in the works, a Raven/Black Goddess of War. But this year- no party. So no big Halloween costume. 

Instead, I've been dolling up on a daily basis, a sort of generic Halloween dress: the 90's era black booties I've christened Franken-boots, with exaggerated, Goth-flavored black on black ensembles. Outfits with a "cartoony" edge, I suppose. Not sure what I'm dressed as today, but with black + white elements, and orange accents, you get the gist I'm all hallowed out for the Halloween.

Ain't No Party Like an Undead Party: Me and My Shadow Getting Ready to Step out for Halloween.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pattern Play: Checks, Dots + Spots

I Spy: Mixing in the Feline in a Bee-line for Spy Girl's 52 Pick-Me-Up

I know what you're thinking: how does she make it look so damn easy? When it comes to print mixing, I'm a veritable idiot savant, yeah?

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Spin of It

Thank-you to all the wonderful "soles" who participated in this month's Shoe Shine! I'm going to be visiting each and every one of you today and check out your stellar picks. Shoe Shine is our monthly community event that happens every 2nd Wednesday (lasting to Friday,) so if you would like to join next month with your favorite Fall kicks, please, please, please do so! 

The photo above was snapped of my beautiful mother taking a spin on the Seattle Great Wheel, When she visited recently, this was her one tourist request. I stayed grounded as she joined the gaggle of visitors wanting a bird's eye view of magnificent Seattle. While I suffer from a crippling fear of heights, my mama's got wings and the will to fly! 

Lately I've been feeling a bit like I'm riding my own strange Tarot-esque Wheel of 
Fortune: all spinning wheels, and feeling a current of change underway. Feeling, quite "spun," and a bit dizzy from taking on too many projects. I need to regain my balance so I'll be taking some time off. Gotta recharge those energetic batteries, and the best way to do so, is to unplug, and unwind. See you all again by October 25th. 

Happy spinning, friends!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shoe Shine: Everyday, People

Trust me, folks, I have a plethora of fancy shoes that would have been great to show off to you for our monthly Shoe Shine shin-dig. But, truth be told, I haven't been wearing those fancy "big-girl" shoes. Why? Because I've been sticking close to home, and there isn't much need for towering wedge platforms (like these for instance) in house. On me at least.  I've been wearing out these leopard kicks- sadly not to be replaced, and soon to be retired. So let's enjoy their last days together shall we? Leopard sneaks, paired with thrifted striped cotton socks and a trusty dress by Karina

What have you been wearing, peeps? 
Do share and shine!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Soul to Sole

I believe that beauty can be found almost anywhere. From the humblest street corner, to the loftiest ideal, beauty is everywhere.  If you refine your palette, and delve beyond topical declarations of beauty, you'll discern the tenacious omnipresence of beauty: clinging stubbornly, found even in neglected gardens, on broken pavement, and in your own unadorned, and naked feet. 

Here lies the ambrosia of being: the bloom, the climb and our point of origin. Like the Chinese proverb asserts- the journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.

Where are you heading? And how do you intend to take your own beauty with you? 
Reminder: Shoe Shine: October is this coming Wednesday! Slip into your favorite soles and share your beautiful soul by linking up for our upcoming Shoe Shine!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Outfit Post: Hop-a-long Highlander

#PLAIDURDAY celebrates the eternal truth of Tartan.
Happy Plaidurday, peeps!

Today I share yet another taste of the Tartan.
The idea was a little Hop-a-long Cowboy Meets Highlander; the result seems to be Tyrolean Tourist.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Plaidurday Saints

Holy (Rock and) Rollers: BJ and O getting righteous in their Phinneywood plaid.
How do you recognize kindred spirits? For me, they are often found through a mutual love of plaid. (See above.) That would be BeeJay and Omaima, the power couple that fuels the vintage lifestyle experience known as Beats + Bohos. And those two sure love their plaid. When I told them about Plaidurday (coming up October 4th) and how I've been an enthusiastic participant in this world-wide event since its inception, they jumped on the #plaidurday bandwagon, and readily readied to celebrate it too. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Outfit Post: Animal Overkill

Lions and tigers and leopards, oh my! Prowling the urban jungle in animal overkill.
How many animal references can you smoosh into an outfit? If you answer to the name of Bella, the answer is five.  As in three big cats and two servings of galavanting giraffe. Toss in a foxy Tyrolean plaid for no good reason, and we've got something to see on a Tuesday, don't we?