Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Future Has a Checkered Past

Ok, FINALLY feeling some holiday spirit! It could have been that eggnog latte I sipped at the Starbuck's kiosk in Target a couple of days ago, the  piped in holiday tunes at Fringe, or the dry chill that's been lacing the Sacramento night air as of late, but I am feeling a bit Xmas-y at last. This doesn't mean I've got a lick of ornaments dangling at the homestead, but I'm thinking maybe I find me some ugly Christmas sweater to parade around in and go a'caroling.  Whatever the reason this season, somehow a bit of Christmas cheered, and I'm now wanting to deck the halls and fa-la-la all the way to Bethlehem. Or the North Pole. Whichever one is closer. 

Happy Holidays, friends!

Monday, December 19, 2011

citizen VEGAN, now at Never Felt Better

Sacramento's Vegan lifestyle shop, Never Felt Better now carries Citizen Rosebud's line of vegan-friendly vintage

This weekend marked the launch of Citizen VEGAN, my new vegan-friendly line of vintage and pre-loved clothing. I am stoked to be doing this in collaboration with the fine folks at Never Felt Better, Sacramento's premier Vegan lifestyle shop in Midtown, California. Never Felt Better sells animal friendly products including clothing, and accessories, books, body care and a growing section of edibles. What I love about the Never Felt Better Vegan Shop is that it is more than a mere shop, 

Friday, December 16, 2011


Maxi, to the Max: This dress is the second of three that I now proudly possess, thanks to the generous nature of my dear amiga, Idalia. This robe/lounge dress/morsel of fabulousity is straight out of the 1960's and its is strangely very snuggly. The terry cloth top and quilted floral skirt were quite comfy and kept me warm on a biting December day. I think I'm definitely changing my mind about maxi dresses. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

outfit post: Double Pin-Striped & the LBD

"The part of me that never changes bears witness to the parts of me that do. Being true to myself means accepting the rhythm of the novelty + the obsolete,  and trusting that my true self  will bear out in every adventure and glacier of movement."   -Bella Q
The LBD: the basic little black dress in a classic silhouette can be the starting point to express your true individual style.
Classic styling doesn't have to be boring. I find that you can express your truest individual style when you forgo the trends and focus on classic clothing and design. Take the eternally chic LBD, or Little Black Dress. This classic staple is a must-have for any girl worth her fashion salt. In my recent love of pattern mixing, I feel that I've neglected this quiet closet jewel, but I am here to show that a classically cut LBD is guaranteed to make your star shine, day or night. 

In fact, if I were to showcase a look that represented the "real" Bella Q, this little number would top the list. This is something that I could have easily have worn in my early 20's,

Friday, December 9, 2011

outfit post: Maximum Rosebud

Sometimes it doesn't take much to feel like a million bucks.

A couple of months ago, my friend Idalia gave me a rack of vintage clothing. It was her way of showing her support in my venture; she was moving out of town, and said she'd rather me get some use out of her donations then pay for storage.   She gave me a great collection of mostly vintage 1960's and '70's polyester pieces, which I don't normally wear, but there were so many cute and charming shirts and dresses, some of them just found their way into my wardrobe. Without Idalia's gift, I NEVER would have considered wearing a maxi dress, and here I am, rocking it loud and proud in a bright floral number. In fact, I now have 3 long dresses to wear this winter, 3 adorable frocks that I wouldn't have considered wearing on my own.
This dress fit me perfectly. It's a late 1960's frock, and I love the back built in train. The fabric is quite breathable, and the dress is so comfortable. Making it even more endearing, is the fact that it reminds me of something dear Helga or Vix or Sarah might wear. So, Helga, Vix and Misfit Sarah: this 'bud's for YOU.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Heather Fonseca: Doll Designer vs Personal Style Blogger

 It was sometime last year that I first became aware of Heather Fonseca. She was doll designer from Los Angeles, and had a design blog but began frequenting and commenting on many of my favorite personal style blogs. Her blog was mostly about design, but soon she started posting street style pics and outfit posts.  Originally her self named blog was exclusively about design, particularly doll design but as she fell into the world of personal style bloggers she started sharing her own passion for fashion, and her own personal style. Last April, Heather decided to spin-off these interests into a blog of its own, and The Style Confessions was born. It started out strong with a clean blog design, and thoughtful, well written posts. The Style Confessions is most definitely on my must read list.

Heather and I posing together when we met for the first time last summer.
Since she has been a keen supporter of me in my endeavors, and is now one of my sponsors, I asked Heather to share the differences of her doll design website and blog, and her personal style blog. Since we all blog for different reasons, I was curious to hear about the motivations a blogger has when writing more than one blog. Heather explains the differences between her professional and her personal style blog:

Design Blog vs. Personal Style Blog promotes my freelance fashion doll design business by displaying my portfolio of designs to potential clients.  The blog on the site is meant to present me as a dynamic, creative designer with a great interest in fashion illustration and doll design. 
Heather shares her love of doll design on
According to just about everything I’ve read about blogging you should present yourself as an expert in your field.  To do this you write interesting, meaty articles about issues affecting your industry.  So last year I wrote an article for my design blog about a very cute new doll that had many of the same features as a competitor’s product.  I wondered out-loud if they might have copied the concept. Almost immediately I received a number of e-mails from friends in the toy industry begging me to take down the post before someone saw it. I altered the post, and now keep my articles on the positive and fluffy side.

The problem with writing fluff is that it’s boring.  After my attempt at addressing important topics failed I found myself facing a really bad case of blogger’s block. Although I still have a blog incorporated into my on-line portfolio I only post about once a month. I now focus on sharing new drawings when I have time to work on them. (Because the work I do for my clients is confidential I cannot post any of my current projects until they arrive on shelf.) Every so often I’ll write a light and positive article on the subject of dolls, toys or fashion illustration.
The early part of 2011 found me grappling with a design blog that still hadn’t found its voice. Meanwhile I was becoming more and more fascinated with fashion blogs, especially the one’s that showed off the author’s own style with outfit posts.  Pretty soon I started posting my own outfits on my design blog. I realized that this kind of personal expression needed it’s own home so in March of 2012 I created my first fashion blog.
"I view fashion as a designer, as a woman AND as a blogger." 
TheStyle Confessions™ started as a way for me to express my personal style, creativity and interest in fashion. But as I posted photographs of my outfits I realized that I wanted to do more than just show off my wardrobe, I wanted to inspire other women to feel beautiful and sexy and glamorous too.
Now as I’m creating new posts I think about how the photos or text might inspire my readers. My friends tell me they’re trying out clothing that they normally would never have considered because of something they saw on my blog, so perhaps it’s working.

Heather in an early Film Noir inspired outfit post from The Style Confessions
My favorite fashion blogs are the most personal ones.  I enjoy the glimpse into another person’s mind, closet and personal style. I know the author is only showing me an edited version of her life, but the feeling that I’m seeing how a real woman dresses and lives in her clothing gives me an appreciation for her styling choices and current fashion trends that I have never gotten out of a fashion magazine. Many fashion blogs are a lot like mainstream magazines as the models are very young women. I enjoy them regardless of the age of the blogger, but I still feel more mature women are in the minority. My goal is to create a really beautiful, elegant blog filled with gorgeous photography that will appeal to women of all ages. 

The work I do in fashion doll design requires a constant stream of new apparel ideas. I have to spot new trends and figure out how they can be worked into an outfit for a doll. The Style Confessions™, on the other hand, forces me to look at fashion as personal expression.  I look at new fashion trends and wonder how these shapes and styles will look on real women. How will we feel in this clothing? How will this style look on me? I view fashion as a designer, as a woman AND as a blogger. Seeing fashion from these different angles expands my mind and makes me a better designer. Writing a fashion blog inspires my work in a way that my design blog never did.  It truly is a creative outlet.

Heather's Design Blog:
Heather's Personal Style Blog:

Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Sunlight

I took these photos of my dear friend, the uber loverly Lindsay Rickman who is probably one of my favorite people ever. I love the look of the light in these photos and the way it contrasts with her dark velvet coat.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tongues Waggin'

I think the wind brought with it, an intense push for change. And I'm not sure I like it. 

It's been an odd couple of days for me, a bit wonky, and I hope I land on my feet. To top it off, someone sent a link my way in which I discovered some not very nice things being said about me, which sort of wobbled my already awkward day. It is human nature to talk smack about people, places or things you don't like, and trust me, I am no innocent when it comes to shit talking. But man, the power of words can lynch your ego, let me tell you. Anyhoo, yesterday was full of strange stewings and unsettlings but the best thing is..... days end, and the next one always promises the possibility of better outcomes. 

Speaking of outcomes, the Karina Dress Give-Away winner is announced over at and you can find out the lucky winner of a Karina dress by clicking HERE

And if you want to help the outcome for a good cause, be sure to stop by Annimal's eBAY auction. She is selling a gorgeous vintage Zandra Rhodes gown for seed money to raise funds for her non-profit Annimal House Foundation. She posted about it (check it out, if only for her cute outfit) HERE. You can bid on the gown HERE

Have a GREAT weekend, Rosebuds!