Thursday, January 30, 2014

Real. Part 1.

Blasts, from pasts.

As far back as 2009, I was grateful to be a "fashion blogger" Around that same time, I was developing my "womanifesto" on being a +40 woman, and just what all that entailed. I was spinning on style, and it's still relevant today. In fact, I encourage you to share my post entitled "Spin it Spinster."

I've been a bit nostalgic lately- noting drastic changes in "the bloggersphere" feeling the keen absence of the many women I "grew up" with as a blogger. A lot has changed since my first blog post, but reviewing many of my past blogs, I can see a lot has remained the same. What interests me today, is pretty much the same- and I still love stripes, polka dots and plaids. But HOW it interests me is very different now.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Outfit Post: Extra, Extra!

For me, there's nothing that makes me feel more dressed like "me" than wearing black + white with red. Throw in some clever pattern mixing, a goofy hat, and my signature style dish is served up nice and hot.

#SECONDHANDFIRST: 80% American made, 20% Thrifted, 100% Original.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Picture Perfect: Live Gratitude

Signs of the Times: Live Gratitude (Photo Credit: Bella Q)
Someone's been leaving around various hand painted signs around my neighborhood- all using scrap wood, and simple stenciled graphics. This one was was placed in front of an art gallery close to my home. I couldn't have said it better myself. 

What are you grateful for?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Outfit Post: Vintage Love, Biker Babe

#SECONDHANDFIRST: This Biker Babe is 99.99% thrifted + 100% bad-ass.

THAT OL' BLACK MAGIC? I'm not sure what the heck happened, but everything changed the moment I put on this vintage black leather biker jacket by Drag Specialties. Personally, I'm not a black leather (or biker) chick- leather is too slick for me- I'm a warm and fuzzy type- I like velvet, suede, corduroy,  you get the picture, don't you? I AM SOFT. There's not a bit of hard-core, or whiff of edge to me, so biker jackets, while I love the look on others, just don't feel like ME. And leather, well, let's just say I'm more Richie Cunningham than the Fonz.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tog is in the Details: 3 TIPS FOR BOLD PERSONAL STYLE

Clashing patterns, stacking bangles, quirky rings, fun color add up to charming flourishes of personal style.
"Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live."  -Gianni Versace

If fashion is king, then style is god. And as they say, god is in the details. And it's easier than you think. Some of my favorite outfits look bold, but they were easy to style. Three ideas boiled down into 3 words will give you infinite ways to add the personal touch to your outfit that make it you. 

Here are my 3 Tips in creating a bold personal style: 
  • Work the PRIMARY. 
  • Engage the RULE of THREE. 
  • And ECHO (echo-echo-echo.)

TIP #1: WORK THE PRIMARY. Here's a color secret: primary colors (and nearly all variations) go together. Did you know that? By mixing any variation of the primary colors of red, blue and yellow, your outfit will automatically seem to match? Somehow, red/blue/yellow mixes go with everything. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#SHOESHINE: Be Present.

Welcome to Shoe Shine No. 10.

The year has just begun, and we've so much to look forward to.  One of the things I look forward to is refining my shoe collection/hoard and turning it into something full of great keepers, like the shoe above. Fabulous, well made and almost timeless in its appeal- it's by Cydwoq, a shoe brand I became aware of only because of a couple of fashion bloggers, Patti of Not Dead Yet Style, and Megan of Megan Wear Daily. Now I've got Cydwoq on my radar, and wish list.

Cydwoq gets bonus points for being a U.S. based company from California. 

Now, share the shoes that make YOU feel like a star! 

Early Bird give-away: Be one of the first Superstars to share your link, and you are entered to win a $20 worth of Citizen Rosebucks, Good for a FRESH PICK personal shopping spree. Enter your link before January 17, and you are automatically entered to win. Winner will be announced in a blog post, January 21st. Rosebucks are valid 90 days from date issued. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Buzz it Up! Coffee, +40

This episode of Buzz it Up is brought to you by the number Deux, and the letter Vous

Last week I had the pleasure to meet with the beautiful and talented Joni James, Seattle based artist, +40 blogger. Mother, wife and the gifted hand behind CalligamOrama, Joni has a way with saying things, whether it be through her incredible word art, or in her expressive style of dress.  A quick recap on how I got to know this incredible woman: it was through the blog post of a Cincinnati +40 fashion blogger pal, Reva (Reva's Rags to Roses) I was introduced to this Seattle based +40 (fashion and art) blogger, and later got to meet last year. I instantly felt love drunk + giddy from the first hello- such an instant rapport we made, that we yakked FOR hours, before even making the move to order our first cup of coffee. 

Let's Meet for Coffee: Cultivating Friendship Over a Cuppa (image courtesy of Calligamorama)

That's pretty much what happened, part 2. Joni showed up to my house, looking lovely in a play of leopard on leopard,  leopard print umbrella (picked up that morning from Rite Aid), cute leopard print cardigan (what? this old thing? got it from a local consignment shop), and some fresh looking animal print kicks. I wish I would have thought to take a full length photo of Joni, but you know what- I plain forgot to; I was having such a great time just hanging with her, that all blogger to-dos just fell by the wayside. After the first hug, I pretty much just spilled the beans all over her, a hours long yak fest, (again) before even taking a breath, and suggesting we walk to a nearby coffee shop for some coffee talk.

We shared some good laughs and some coffee talk over at Caffe Vita in Phinney.  As we caught up and brainstormed about best practices towards world domination, a rainstorm swept through the 'hood. Let me tell you, nothing feels cozier than drinking a hot bevvy with a dear friend in a cute coffee shop, while watching a heavy down pour happen outside. And I was so glad we had brought our leopard and plaid umbrellas! 

We discussed how certain things have improved with age (like our self confidence, and improved fashion sense), I couldn't help but think about the many, lovely and inspiring people I've gotten to know over the years, through blogging. Many, like Joni, are vibrant, creative women, who have generous souls and colorful wardrobes.

Colorful, Confident, Comfy: +40 Fashion Bloggers Show a Diverse Range of Style and Expression.

Speaking of inspiring bloggers over 40, Catherine has got a FANTASTIC post up on why it's great to be a Fashion Blogger over 40. Do yourself a flavor and check it out here.

Don't forget: Shoe Shine is tomorrow! It's a shoe party, and it is OPEN TO EVERYBODY! Link up in our monthly community event. You don't need to be a blogger, just someone with a valid url link of you showing off your stellar kicks.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Flashback Friday: Floral Frenzy

FLASHBACK: This picture was taken and posted the week of January 19, 2012 (see original post here. That's nearly 2 years ago, yeah? This exact dress, and socks have been on regular rotation for the past 2 months- I still love the cut of the dress, and the colors- dreamy violet and turquoise against a midnight black cotton background. This is winter blooming at its finest.  The shoes are long gone, the gorgeous metal scaled belt has recently been sold, but everything else is still in my closet. And that feels good!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hats Off: American Made

TIP O' THE HAT: Hats off to those who choose to SHOP LOCAL and LOVE GLOBAL.  Hats off to the folks who really value the dollar, by spending it ethically, and wisely. I tip my hat to those who "put their money where their mouth is" and show in action the power of principles and beliefs.

Hat off to the positive power of social media- and the people who use it to support sustainable shopping choices. Hats off to Mrs. American Made. I tip my hat to Ana B, aka Mrs American Made because she perfectly exemplifies the beauty of shopping #SECONDHANDFIRST

Not long ago, I posted a picture (see top photo), first on Instagram, and then to my Facebook page. It's me in a fun vintage ski hat, beautifully knitted by an American company that's been around, and manufacturing in the United States since 1905. I posted my pic, and a link to the listing, and within minutes, lovely Ana had made the purchase. She sent along a note- this will be the perfect thing to keep my head warm in the cold Colorado winter! I happily shipped it off, looking forward in seeing this fun head gear on her beautiful head. 

In almost no time, Ana posted this picture to her Instagram- and tagged me on Facebook. Her caption read: "I had no idea how cool my #madeinusa #wigwammills #vintage ski hat from @rosebudz was- until my son stole it from me."  And lo and behold, her handsome  son, Alex is seen strumming his guitar and rocking the bright yellow vintage wool topper by Wigwam Mills.


For those looking for style inspiration that showcases American made products, DO check out Ana's blog, Mrs. American Made.

Also check out these USA made product directories: 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winners, All of Us.

Because of this gal: 
Textile Artist/Artist/Graphic Designer/+40 Media Maven Anne Bray
I feel like a winner. 

For starters, Anne has created some pretty incredible art work, featuring many of my favorite +40 bloggers. If you haven't seen Anne's work, take a peek HERE. I'll wait. And, for added measure, I've even been put to paint with an incredible rendition of me wearing an outfit inspired by Advanced Style. You can see me in it here, and Anne's version of it here.

And secondly, Anne recently purchased a scarf from my shop, and rocked it. The image above taken from her Facebook page. Look how great she looks! She even did a fun blog post about it, which you can check out here.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Gaucho

Rive Gaucho: Wearing a vintage wool felt hat inspired by the somberos of South America
The  Gaucho
The traditional Gaucho hats is a felt hat with a wide flat brim, a shallow flat-topped crown and, on most, a wind tie. This hat was the main article of clothing used by Gauchos in the early 19th century to work on the South American ranges. The nomadic cowhands of the Argentinean grasslands were in need of a hat that would protect them from the harsh winds when out on the prairie herding cattle. The gaucho sombrero is usually black and is sometimes worn with the brim turned up against the windy conditions to ward off the chill.
One can not help but feel the tinge of the dramatic when wearing almost anything from the 1980s. This Gaucho inspired vintage wool felt hat by Betmar is no exception.