Monday, September 30, 2013

Stripes and Dots, with Dots on Top

Top This: Dotted 1960s Wool Felt Pillbox Hat in Marine c/o Trove Vintage

Dots and stripes make for a cheerful pattern play. While this is probably more of a spring look, I'm enjoying my new-to-me vintage 1960s wool felt pillbox hat, a recent score from Trove Vintage. Isn't it a fun topper? It seemed a good fit with my navy/cream cotton t-shirt, a secondhand find from the Goodwill- what makes it extra special to me is the fact it is made in the USA. Of course, I don't mind that it is figure flattering and was purchased for a little under $10.The whole outfit felt first rate, and on budget.

SHOPPING SECONDHAND FIRST: The items came from a variety of shops- from charity, thrift, consignment and vintage boutiques, but the one thing they all have in common- they are all secondhand sourced. So, 100% Thrifted. And 100% affordable. Boo-yah. Total cost of outfit comes in under $50 bucks.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Picture Perfect: Fall

Perfectly poised: a random collection of fallen Autumn leaves with the added bloom of a fabric flower, discarded and caught up in the tide of city debris. This little vignette looks like an artist's tableau all ready to be framed.  Blooming, always blooming, Mother Nature dabbles in mixed media on her urban concrete canvas.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Outfit Post: Garage #Plaid

You know what they say: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. So today, on a rainy day in Seattle, I joined them. Basically I'm grunged out- long sleeve layered under a rock t-shirt, rainboots, and the pre-requisite plaid. This is me, disguised as a native. Only nobody really dresses like this anymore. I am referencing the grunge era of the late '90s.

No matter, I got a handful of smiles, and a few compliments. I guess people in Seattle really like their plaid.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Blessed are the Pattern-mixers, for theirs is the kingdom of plaid-dom. According to those in the know, and I kid you not: PLAID IS HOT THIS SEASON. I just read all about this trending trend, breaking news: plaid for in for Fall. It's um, "revolutionary, yeah?" In the fashion cycle of nothing new under the sun, I'm not sure why the fashion peddlers have to keep re-inventing the wheel.

However, plaid is one of those things- that you're either into plaid, or you are not. You're either "mad for plaid" or "meh for plaid. There's no middle ground really. It's just a great classic pattern, like polka dots, leopard print, or pin-stripes- plaid is always in style.

Friday, September 20, 2013


You know what they say: One man's trash is another man's treasure, and in dealing with shopping secondhand first, I've found this to be so very true! My love of vintage clothing means I scour my favorite thrift shops for items dating pre-1980s, and I have a special love in my heart for almost anything 1960s, and an eternal crush on a good bias cut dress from the 1930s.

That doesn't mean I eschew the modern or contemporary- after all, not everybody can appreciate an overblown 1970s collar, or want to look permanently retro/trapped in a time warp. Modern is good, and I think it especially good if that modern is a well made garment, made in the U.S.A.
"am I a discarded thing cast off by the norm, or am I a bright and cheerful new form of flower blossoming in a messy urban landscape?"
So that's what my curated line is all about- quality and quirky, and classic. Well, I guess that is what my LIFE is all about too. I seek out beauty everywhere possible, including a bit of rubbish dropped by the way side. If it can be seen in a new perspective- and perhaps put to good (re)use, we all win. That's why I'm a little magpie and shamelessly take on items discarded by others, and if I can't use them myself, I try to find them a good home.

One day, I hope to start an artist collective that specializes in using materials from secondhand sources- I've been dreaming that dream for over a decade now. I desparately want to make this happen. Meanwhile, I've become a vintage/pre-loved re-seller. I collect and curate items that I personally love, and clean and mend them as needed, and offer them up for sale. It's hard work at times, and the pay isn't terrific, but I LOVE what I am doing.

My life, can be seen as a bit shabby, I suppose. I struggle to pay the bills, with not a lot left over for anything besides re-investing in my venture. But the payment in meeting kindred spirits and feeling good about what I do, is rich. I feel a bit like the debris seen in the picture above- am I a discarded thing cast off by the norm, or am I a bright and cheerful new form of flower blossoming in a messy urban landscape?

It's all the angle of your perspective I suppose.  Here's to a blossoming future- for each of us.
Whatever your treasure, I wish you a rosebush of happiness to go with it.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blah-Blah Blog

Picture imperfect: I'm still working out the kinks in my makeshift photo studio, aka the "Gay-rage" There's lots of room for improvement, but I've just got to buckle down and get to work. There's plenty of things to list! 

Today, I had some fun prancing about, in front of, and behind the camera, trying to model various items, with mixed results.  Today's theme was "the need for Tweed," and I wore some spectacular specimens of tweed clothing, including the moto-jacket made from tweed, and this office-ready skirt. I'll be listing them soon. 

I've decided that I need to recruit some models! So I put the call out, and hopefully can get some fresh faces in front of the lens. I think it'll be easier and more fun for all. So maybe in a couple of weeks, I can have a fun editorial style spread for you, featuring lovelies modeling my "fresh picked vintage."

A year ago today I lived a whole other life, and the year before that, in a whole other different locale. It's kinda funny/cool/weird to see what's changed, and what's stayed the same.

That's about it for now- I'm feeling under the weather, and need to take easy this week. See you on the flip side!

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Grand Opening

Warning: PHOTO OVERLOAD. Last weekend's Grand Opening celebration at Beats and Bohos was a blast, and it was a thrill to see such a nice turnout of warm, friendly and super stylish people. We had snacks, sips and music to mingle to. I was so touched by how warm and friendly the crowd was, and how welcoming they were.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Polka Dot Polka Dot Leopard Spot Leopard Spot

Somewhere I dreamt that polka dots were the leopard spots of the urban jungle. Actually, I got the idea from my dear friend, textile artist Lindsay Rickman

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Outfit Post: Navy Polka Dot Peplum

Spot the Dot: When in doubt, put on a POLKA.

This outfit, for the record in 100% thrifted.  Yup, all secondhand sourced. So, yay, me. It makes also a great transitional outfit, perfect for late Spring or early Autumn outing. For some reason, navy blue is kinda magical during those times of the year. And polka dots, quite frankly are magical year 'round. I'm wearing these boxer-like shorts made out of rayon- so they are comfortable, and on a skinnier girl, probably super chic looking. 

At the moment, I'm not looking too skinny- too many juice bars, not enough walks around the lake. Boo, me. The top is cute, yeah? So fash-n-dash: it's a navy blue polka dotted peplum. Try saying THAT 3 times. In the name of matchy-matchy, I took the liberties of pairing it with my navy polka dotted boxer shorts. And you are welcome.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shoe Shine: September Bling!

The spotlight is on you!
And those dazzling kicks of yours that make you feel like a superstar.

If you've got a pic of you sporting a pair of shoes that make you feel stellar this month, please post the url in the linky widget below. I'd love you to leave a comment about your picture or post, and what makes a pair those shoes a star in making your feel special.

Shine on, Rosebuds!


My apologies- the blog hop will happen but at the moment there is a problem with the link code and I can't access the site-.... so Shoe Shine is a bit dull at the moment. Please accept my apologies- and I'll fix it asap!

Here's a new link hop via Linky Tools

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No Fear of...Arm Candy

Behold the brilliant Greetje, who has No Fear of Fashion. How well she rocks blazers with her boyfriend jeans, and you can't help but love her bright neon footwear. I love her fearless way of trying new ways to wear beautiful, classic pieces. And for her being a MAJOR sweetheart and shopping my shop from waaay across the pond. Greetje is modeling some tasty arm candy acquired from the Etsy shop, and I must say she does it quite an honor! You can see better details on her blog HERE. Be sure to check it out!

Also be sure to come back tomorrow for our monthly installment of SHOE SHINE. Every second Wednesday of the month, we host a link party, and share the shoes that make us feel like a star. All you need is a photo of you in your stellar kicks, link up the url and add your comment about why you love your shoes. See you then!

Monday, September 9, 2013

I Liked You Better

I've been busy! Got my space all readied for the GRAND OPENING scheduled for this coming Friday at the new Beats and Bohos. Moved into a new work space where I'll be able to take decent pictures indoors! This is right on time- as the Seattle monsoon season is set to begin soon, so casual pics on my doorstep won't be as easy to do anymore. Sold some stuff, and to a number of really nice people. If you happen to be reading this: THANK-YOU.

Rare Antique Red Cross Wooden First Aid Kit. On Sale Now.
I don't know if you've noticed but the Citizen has been bereft of "outfit posts" lately. This is because I'm a little burnt out on #selfies (trust me, I am as fearlessly self-absorbed as ever) and so have decided to only take pics of outfits worth chronicling AND/OR fun editorial style photography where it's less about WHAT I WORE, and more about AIN'T ART GRAND?

Here are some crass commercial shots of items that are about to be listed on Etsy/Ebay:

  1.  Vintage 1950s hat bedazzled with faux jewels and netting, because OVER THE TOP never applies to your headgear. Union Label. One Size. $38 +shipping
  2.  Vintage 1980s "Nude" stretch belt. Like new. XL. $7 +shipping
  3.  Pre-loved, Capezio "Nude" jazz shoes. Almost New. Size 7. $29 plus shipping.
If you have any interest in these items, please message me and we can make it happen.
Get Your Shine On THIS WEDNESDAY for Shoe Shine!

Don't Forget!
This Wednesday is September's SHOE SHINE. It's community event where we post our favorite shoes and blog hop it. It'll run from Wednesday to Friday, and I hope I see you and your stellar kicks there. 

Because ain't no party like a VIZZY party, I'll be over at Patti's for Visible Monday.

Friday, September 6, 2013


I love how I attract creative sorts. This lovely is an old high school pal, Monique Peterson, or just Moni, a published author, screenplay writer and film producer. I had the pleasure of creating a summer capsule wardrobe for her busy and mobile life, with an emphasis on easy care fabrics and a preference towards the versatile.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beats + Bohos Gets New Digs

Beats and Bohos leaves Ballard for the Neighborhood of Phinneywood

Beats + Bohos Gets New Digs- can you dig it? 

Beats + Bohos, purveyors of vintage and vinyl, has left Ballard for a larger space on Phinney Ridge. Beats, formerly located on 15th Avenue North, has recently upgraded their retail space to a plain late 19th century building on the corner of Greenwood and 72nd (formerly home to Stuf.) Beats and Bohos already seem to be a pretty good fit for thePhinneywood neighborhood. I've written about them before a few times, ok probably more than a few times, and in full disclosure, have become quite attached to the owners, Omaima Wolf and BJay Tibbs, who I now relish as personal pals.

So I was beyond thrilled that they invited me to join a vintage collective as part of the Beats and Bohos retail space. I've rented a space inside their cozy neighborhood shop, along with some other marvelous people, and will be selling a rack of vintage goodies there. While O and the Beej have been busy moving into the space and planning the grand opening, they kindly took some very rare spare moments and answered the following questions.

THE CITIZEN: How do you feel about the new place/neighborhood?

BEATS + BOHOS: We're super excited to be part of this beautiful neighborhood! It's a ridge where on a clear day you can see the mountains on both side of you, as you walk down the street. The locals have been so welcoming and so many have voiced their own excitement for us to being here.

THE CITIZEN: What makes your new space special? 

BEATS + BOHOS: We are now what we envisioned before, but lacked the space; a true vintage lifestyle shop. Still keeping the records and clothing, but also with vintage home furnishings and decor. In the new expanded location we have partnered up with a collective of vintage traders that have their own style, yet fit in well with our aesthetic. It's very rewarding because we have all worked together to make it happen and turn it into a space one feels comfortable spending time in. We're a gathering place; a spot to hang out, talk music, art, fashion.

THE CITIZEN: What's on sale that we need to know about? 

BEATS + BOHOS: Currently there is a rack of clearance priced to go, anywhere from $4 - $12. Also a bunch of super cute dresses are being marked down this week to make room for the fun fall pieces! We aim to be reasonably priced for our customers, we sell to the 99%.

The Grand Opening is set for Friday, September 13th. Get lucky with a grand sale to go with it- all summer clothing will be marked down 20%, and everything in the store will be 10% off during the celebration. A Grand Opening celebration has been scheduled for Friday, September 13th. For more details click HERE.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Product Review: Due Mary Janes by FitFlop

Standing Firm of the FitFlop Due Mary Jane from Sole Provisions

I live on a hill. And I'm a pedestrian. So all the cute high heels and wedges I own are now parked in my closet and gathering dust. I've gone, uh, practical. I now need walking shoes that can cover terrain in comfort and yeah, I wouldn't mind a wee more bit of style than a running shoe. My day-t0-day shoe needs are this: comfortable fitting, well made kicks that can stand a 1-5 mile daily walk about, have traction for steep inclines (and rainy sidewalks!) and can keep the ankles, heels and legs from hurting, even after a long day of running errands. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Porkpie in Black (it's a Hat Attack)

One thing I like about jazz, kid, is that I don't know what's going to happen next. Do you? — Bix Beiderbecke
I'll admit it. I don't like over-planning things, including my outfits. This number was slung together like a Thelonious Monk tunello, all nonchalant and confident.