Friday, September 6, 2013


I love how I attract creative sorts. This lovely is an old high school pal, Monique Peterson, or just Moni, a published author, screenplay writer and film producer. I had the pleasure of creating a summer capsule wardrobe for her busy and mobile life, with an emphasis on easy care fabrics and a preference towards the versatile.

Dean Atlantic Yards, original sketch by Monique Peterson

Monique treated me to a series of selfies, all showcasing key pieces from her CITIZEN wardrobe. Since she is more comfortable behind the camera than she is before it, I especially appreciate her pushing herself out of her comfort zone, and for permitting me to post these pictures- I LOVE them. This is what dressing should be- fun, flexible and full of expression. 

And speaking of expression, what do you think of her plein-air sketches of urban railways?

Thank you Moni, for letting me share you and your fresh picked goodies from Citizen Rosebud!


Patti said...

Moni is lovely and talented. I really like her sketches, they look authentic and natural.

Ulla-Marie said...

I like the Picture of her with workers in the background.

Shybiker said...

We "creative sorts" recognize each other and that's why we gravitate toward you. We see the spark of art in you. And want to ignite your creativity into flames.

Becky said...

What a fun collaboration! Kudos to her for getting in front of the camera! She's a cutie!

No Fear of Fashion said...

It is so much fun mixing and matching clothes with a friend. Anja and I do it often too. Well... better said, she styles me. Never the other way around. haha.
And I love creative people. It is so nice to be able to make something lovely. Her sketches are really good.

Anonymous said...

What a great little profile! She sounds very talented, and I like her sketches. And lucky her having you for a friend!

Lynn Hasty said...

Dear Bella, first of all I love her railway sketches! They are fabulous. Second, I think Moni is beautiful. I love the selfies. Creating a capsule for an artistic soul surely must have been fun! Keep sharing these incredible women with us!


Tamera Beardsley said...

Beautiful post my dear!