Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beats + Bohos Gets New Digs

Beats and Bohos leaves Ballard for the Neighborhood of Phinneywood

Beats + Bohos Gets New Digs- can you dig it? 

Beats + Bohos, purveyors of vintage and vinyl, has left Ballard for a larger space on Phinney Ridge. Beats, formerly located on 15th Avenue North, has recently upgraded their retail space to a plain late 19th century building on the corner of Greenwood and 72nd (formerly home to Stuf.) Beats and Bohos already seem to be a pretty good fit for thePhinneywood neighborhood. I've written about them before a few times, ok probably more than a few times, and in full disclosure, have become quite attached to the owners, Omaima Wolf and BJay Tibbs, who I now relish as personal pals.

So I was beyond thrilled that they invited me to join a vintage collective as part of the Beats and Bohos retail space. I've rented a space inside their cozy neighborhood shop, along with some other marvelous people, and will be selling a rack of vintage goodies there. While O and the Beej have been busy moving into the space and planning the grand opening, they kindly took some very rare spare moments and answered the following questions.

THE CITIZEN: How do you feel about the new place/neighborhood?

BEATS + BOHOS: We're super excited to be part of this beautiful neighborhood! It's a ridge where on a clear day you can see the mountains on both side of you, as you walk down the street. The locals have been so welcoming and so many have voiced their own excitement for us to being here.

THE CITIZEN: What makes your new space special? 

BEATS + BOHOS: We are now what we envisioned before, but lacked the space; a true vintage lifestyle shop. Still keeping the records and clothing, but also with vintage home furnishings and decor. In the new expanded location we have partnered up with a collective of vintage traders that have their own style, yet fit in well with our aesthetic. It's very rewarding because we have all worked together to make it happen and turn it into a space one feels comfortable spending time in. We're a gathering place; a spot to hang out, talk music, art, fashion.

THE CITIZEN: What's on sale that we need to know about? 

BEATS + BOHOS: Currently there is a rack of clearance priced to go, anywhere from $4 - $12. Also a bunch of super cute dresses are being marked down this week to make room for the fun fall pieces! We aim to be reasonably priced for our customers, we sell to the 99%.

The Grand Opening is set for Friday, September 13th. Get lucky with a grand sale to go with it- all summer clothing will be marked down 20%, and everything in the store will be 10% off during the celebration. A Grand Opening celebration has been scheduled for Friday, September 13th. For more details click HERE.


Becky said...

So exciting!!!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Very cool Bella! This looks like a great relationship! Seattle has so many neat neighbourhoods. I'm not familiar with Phinney Ridge, but now have it filed away for my next visit.

Krista said...

I've got it book marked for my next Seattle visit:) Good luck in the shop!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck on the grand opening. Sounds like a great place to shop.

No Fear of Fashion said...

Hope you get some good sales there. And of course enjoy the collective, the company of kindred souls.
Have a good laugh every day.