Thursday, October 25, 2012

We Got Tha Beat! Beats + Bohos in Ballard

I've mentioned that I LOVE Ballard, right? Ballard is a funky/awesome/kick-ass district in Seattle that has a Swedish/Nordic history and is rich with creative culture. Well, I'm starting to suspect that they have one of the best vintage shopping districts too. 

One recently discovered treasure is a newly opened shop on 15th Avenue NW in Ballard, Beats & Bohos. Described on Yelp as "half record store and  half vintage boutique," Beats has a heart stopping collection of GREAT vinyl records and MIND-BLOWING, wearable vintage women's clothing. And accessories. And house wares. And jewelry. It's kind of mind boggling how the owners crammed so much good stuff in such a small space. 

Nestled inside an old Craftsman bungalow, you'll find Beats & Bohos, the boutique upstairs, in a quirky and charming attic. Packed full with an old school vinyl record collection, AND ah-hamazing vintage- you could get lost for hours, caught up between the slanted sunlight streaming in from the small South-facing windows, the tunes spinning over the speakers, and the tightly packed racks of neo-boho, mad mod, and bubble gum '80's vintage women's clothing, handbags, coats, boots and more.  Dot. Dot. Dot. This girl speaks from experience- I literally got lost for hours inside this tiny gem of a shop. 

Precious too, is the fact that Beats and Bohos is a warm + inviting place. No aloof, disdainful hipster clerk chicken-clucking over your record picks, but instead a laid back and friendly greeting from one of the owners. All are welcome here, and everybody can probably find something to love at Beats & Bohos.
Say "Rosebud" at checkout and get 10% off your Beats + Bohos purchase
Beats & Bohos is owned and operated by Omaima and BJay Tibbs. 
While the shop has been open for less than 3 months, they've been selling records and vintage clothing at other various venues for a few years now. Omaima and BJay say they're treasure hunters at heart, and love to share their finds with friends.  They both feel strongly about the link between music + fashion, and wanted to create a space that made room for all of it. With events in the pipeline that merge vintage with music + culture, Beats & Bohos wants to be the place where you get great vintage and spin the best tunes. 

Stripes + Bohos: Co-owner Omaima gets in a stripe sandwich with happy customers (Photo courtesy of Beats + Bohos)

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be selling my CITIZEN vintage inside this incredible shop. Look for my fresh picks mingling on the Beats & Boho racks. You'll find choice  frocks + follies to bloom madly in. The prices are low, the spirits are high. 
Can ya dig?

Be sure to say ROSEBUD at the check-out (in the store as well as the online shop) to get 10% off your purchase.

Beats & Bohos
7052 15th Avenue NW

Seattle,     Washington
Phone:     (206) 395-4468

Online: Facebook/Beats-And-Bohos

W, Thurs, Sat: 11 am-7pm
           Friday: 1-8 pm
           Sundays 12-5 pm


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

What a cool place...I love this! You would find me spending time on both sides!

Anupriya DG said...

Wowie! This place looks like so much fun! And it's good to see you spreading your wings out there as well! Keep it up babe! :))

Anupriya DG said...

Wowie! This place looks like so much fun! And it's good to see you spreading your wings out there as well! Keep it up babe! :))

Melanie said...

I love how you've described this: neo-boho, mad mod, and bubble gum '80s... That dress you've pictured, WOW! That's a mighty dress. Looks like a great shop and a great hang-out. No wonder you love your new neighbourhood with gems like this.

The Cranky said...

Why is it that all the cool kids and funky shops are out in Seattle? Not fair!

Krista said...

I am in love with that DRESS! I love all the shout outs to local businesses!!! You rule Rosebud!

thorne garnet said...

I wanna move to the big city......:(

Anonymous said...

I'd love to shop at a place like this! Put on the Motown sound and I'll buy.

citizen rosebud said...

Thanks, A!

citizen rosebud said...

I feel so lucky to be here!

citizen rosebud said...

I'd love to show you Seattle s thrifty gold mines Terri !

Sheila said...

Woo, next time I'm in the Seattle area, I'm going to look for this shop! Thanks for the recommendation!

Jean at said...

Bella, you are my favorite tour guide!! The next time I come to the Pacific Northwest, I'll be ringing you up. Wish I was there now, actually. Please enjoy it for me.

Anonymous said...

Man-I am so JEALOUS!! We have NOTHING cool like this where I live!!
Looks awesome!

Unknown said...

That does look like so much fun. My town is so dull compared to this.

Kaffesoester said...

What a fantastic shop, just the sort of place I'll spend hours in! Too bad Seattle is so far away!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Love the look of this shop. I've wanted to visit Seattle since I was 15 years old - one day!

Jill said...

I love that you are branching out even more! Oh how I wish I could see this place. I know I would get lost for hours too. Bella! I have been meaning to write you for at least a month. I am way down deep in the mom trenches right now, I have to get my son into middle school for next year and gee, it feels a lot like trying to get him into Harvard, it is that competitive and crazy. Another charming aspect of NYC living. Anyway, Adrienne and I are focusing on hats for the next 'How I Wear My' post and girl, I KNOW you wear hats (and with such panache!). So if you want to join us, send me a picture by Nov. 1. We'd love to have you with us. It sounds like all is well with you my dear! XO, Jill

The Style Crone said...

Great combo - music and vintage. No wonder why you've landed in this perfect spot. Best wishes with your new venture.

Vix said...

Wah! That dress is the grooviest thing ever! x

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

What a fantastic shop - sounds like a great fit for you!

Beryl said...

I agree with your assessment of Ballard - it was always my favorite shopping in Seattle. Even my cousin in Southern California knows this - and when she found (in a thrift store in Southern California) a "Sleepless in Ballard" T-shirt, she bought it for me. What are the odds?