Monday, November 28, 2016

CITIZEN SHOPS: 5 Ways to #SHOPTHECITIZEN This Holiday Season

BLOOM TOWN: we've been busy as bees working on building our online shops, yes you read that right- S-H-O-P-S. As in more than the one. More than just two. While several of the shops are just staring out, we plan to focus our efforts on building them up to bustling little micro-boutiques, rich with vintage finds and treasures, each with a specific flavor and its own personality. It is our goal to not only earn a living but to do greater good in the world, and our eye on the prize is to create an artist collective that seeks to support sustainable practices and creative second-hand re-use of materials. 

When you shop with us, you help us reach our goal, one sassy pant leg at a time. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

THE DETAILS: Flapper Femme

BLOG IS IN THE DETAILS: sometimes your outfit goes to eleven due to a single, stand-out element. I've found that the right accessory in the right place at the right time can take what you are wearing to the next level. That's pretty much how I felt about this topper when I paired it with my art-show outfit (see previous post.) It took a practical pairing of a vintage dress with short jacket and added a bit of bubbly. 

Whether or not you think yourself a "hat person" let me be one among many to urge you to explore your own personal style by trying out head covering as a way to add a pinch of panache to your ensemble. A hat can truly complete a look. Think hats are a bit much for you? I think you'll find that starting with smaller, less overwhelming head gear, you'll have a bit of fun without too much fuss. Think "fascinator," "cocktail hat" or the "whimsy." These are tiny little bits of hat-goodness you fasten to your noggin' and just sit back and enjoy the stream of compliments.

The following are some thumbnail definitions of these easy breezy head pieces: 

Friday, November 18, 2016

OUTFIT POST: What I Wore Last Summer

DRESSED TO EXPRESS: Let's be honest, I haven't been wearing many outfits worth documenting. Unless you folks want to see me in gardening grub and housecoats and pjs, then maybe we'll talk. But I did have a couple of occasions that merited a dress up over the summer, and thanks to local lovely pal, Jade who snapped a couple of shots on her phone, I have this one to show you. So drink it up, peeps, because I was obviously feeling like a tall glass of water wearing a mix of vintage and ethical fashion brands.

Frisky even.

Check me out: 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


It's been a while, you.

While I'd been MEANING to write, everyday
there was just something else to do. 
And I'm not too sure I had any chat of interest. Been laying low,
and possibly just hadn't yet figured
out on how to renew
what this blog's supposed to do. 

Situations change, people change, and what remains
is a residue of done, did, do; the old snakeskin coat gives way 
to baby soft interests and newly born points of view. 

I'm sure you've been off discovering new things too. 

Hey peeps! I am back. Well sort of. But sort of some is better than sort of none. 
Talk at ya soon.