Thursday, December 31, 2015

RESOLUTION: Old is the New Awesome

LOVE YOUR VINTAGE. As we say goodbye to the spectacle that was our 2015, let us make room for some special remembrances. We lost some great ones, but we gained some new perspective on life. The new jobs, new friends, new hobbies have perhaps aided in a new way to seeing your world.  And those twists and turns that you've somehow marvelously maneuvered with the nimble graces of a cat, have added a bit of pepper to the dish, a trial-by-fire-flavor to be savored while you wonder just how is it you've managed to thrive in the Crucibles-R-Us sponsored middle of it all.  

The Citizen Resolution for 2016: LOVE YOUR VINTAGE.
 As the saying goes, what doesn't kill you makes your stronger, and you, my friend, just might be the metaphoric equivalent of Brian Shaw in a tutu. So frock on, Madame Bad-Ass. 

And here’s to more thrive and less jive for 2016.  

Regardless of your resolutions,

Friday, December 18, 2015

FRANCIS FRIDAY: Francis the Dancer

GLAMOURAMA: I wish I had a winter ready coat as silky and stylish as Francis does! His fur has gotten glossy and thick, ready for a chilly winter. His antics are getting hilarious- he is practicing his kitty hunting skills and that apparently means standing on his hind legs and dancing like a crab towards his victims, which to date are an assortment of feather toys and my knee. We had a good time watching him last night as bounded towards us in his signature sideways moves in what only can be interpreted, as cat interpretive dancing. What a hoot!

Friday, December 11, 2015


FAREWELL TO KITTENHOOD: Francis is now five months and is looking less and less kittenish and more and more like a bonafide cat-dude. Well, when he has "sleepy face" I can see residue of his kitten-ness but wide awake, he is a ninja warrior in training, and I suspect birds are on his Xmas list. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015


WHO (K)NEW: Some people are weirded out by wearing clothing that was previously worn by others, so vintage clothing holds little lure for them- after all, most items 20 years or older have had a life before they found their way to a vintage boutique or thrift shop. Lucky for them, you can also find tons of items that are virtually new, unworn and unused also hanging on the racks of a thrift store, and so while they are "new" often still with the tags attached, they can be purchased for much less at the local Goodwill or Value Village, than you'd be expected to pay at the mall or online.

Secondhand, but new to you, for considerably less. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

VIDEO: Customer Love + Unpacking the Goods

FRESH PICKED VIDEO: I just ADORE this video Christy made of the arrival of her recent order from our home goods shop, Citizen NEST.  A-d-o-r-e!

We love adding extra fun to our packages, and it feels great to see the little touches being appreciated. THANK-YOU Christy for being creme de la creme de la creme, and such a great customer! 

And thank-you for sharing the love!

Friday, December 4, 2015

FRANCIS FRIDAY: on the lookout

When it comes to the great outdoors, Francis the Cat likes what he sees.

ON THE LOOKOUT: Francis is leaving his coquettish kitten-dom behind and is rapidly growing into a handsome young cat. Seeming a bit of a teenager, he is good at playing a churlish rebel and getting into things he knows he shouldn't be getting into, climbing curtains he shouldn't be climbing and yowling loudly if nobody's paying him the attention he deserves.