Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sac Fashion Week 2012: The Finale

Artist Lindsay Rickman reports at the Finale of Sacramento Fashion Week (Photo Credit: M. Hollis)
I couldn't make it to our four day Sacramento Fashion Week this year, but going in my stead as special correspondent for The Citizen Rosebud was none other than textile artist/designer extrodanaire, Lindsay Rickman. Along with the newest style hunter for Street Style SACRAMENTO, photographer Morgan Hollis, Lindsay attended Saturday night's Finale at the Elks Tower Ballroom. The following is her report: 

Saturday night: the closing night for the 6th annual Sacramento Fashion Week, was an evening packed with Sacramento flavored fashion and fun. Similar to the showcase the night before, this event took place at the Elks Tower Ballroom, which was packed with a friendly and well-dressed crowd. A caveat for me was the honor of being invited into the V.I.P. room. Tell me, who doesn't appreciate a large deconstructed space in a 19th century building, where free drinks hops off trays and into your hand and you can mingle with a friendly, fancy crowd?

We had a good conversation with one of the founders of Bay Fashion Magazine. Morgan and I picked him out of the crowd an hour before the show, because he looked very handsome in a dark, sapphire blue wool hooded jacket designed by that evening's finale designer, Vasily Vein.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Picture Perfect: From Where You Stand

"From Where You Stand," taken at Sutter's Fort with an iPhone
"I like the dreams of the future
better than the history of the past."
       -Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sac Fashion Week 2012: Friday Night's Designer Showcase

The Sacramento Fashion Week's Designer Showcase about to begin. (Photo Credit: SacFW)
I couldn't make it to our four day Sacramento Fashion Week this year, but going in my stead as special correspondent for The Citizen Rosebud was none other than textile artist/designer extrodanaire, Lindsay Rickman. Along with the newest style hunter for Street Style SACRAMENTO, photographer Morgan Hollis, Lindsay attended last night's Designer Showcase at the Elks Lodge. The following is her report:
Photo Credit: Thomas Dodson
Last Friday night, eight designers presented their latest collections in the first of a two-night event celebrating fashion here in Sacramento.  The first showcase  featured the designs of the hostess and emcee, Caren Templet.  Models wore navy blue turbans with navy suede heels, dresses, blouses and trousers all in white, with pearls, rhinestones and glass jewelry. It was a cohesive collectin, and it set an ambitious tone for the rest of the show. The major standout was a white faux fur jacket equipped with over-sized pockets casually thrown over a floor length silk chiffon gown.

The designers showcased were:
The last collection shown was by Amanda Chan. This seemed to be a deliberate choice as Chan's works was the most fashion-as-art of the whole show. The other designers presented collections with a more commercial appeal, and I don't mean this as an insult. But the other collections were designed to be more wearable, they were in short, fashionable, functional clothing. Amanda Chan's work did not, and that is part of what made it the most beautiful, to me. She had hand- made satin ballet slippers in light blues, pinks and greens. Her models wore two-layer organza sheath dresses, very simple, also in these colors, as a base for wearable wire and wood sculptures. Maybe these weren't the things that most anyone might wear to most cocktail parties, or to hop on a city bus to do some grocery shopping, but this was the sort of work that I'd been hoping to see, and it made a good finale.

The fashion show were very current and on trend, there were playful uses of the materials and colors. From jersey, to silks and chiffons, the various looks lit up the runway in hues of blues, mustard, oranges, reds and salmon. There were some wonderful, comfortable shapes, on the whole simple and dressy/casual, clothes that I'd love be wearing. If the materials used in any of the collections seemed a bit limited, I'm pretty sure that it probably had to do with budget constraints, money and not time, because all of the designers obviously put a lot of time into their collections. Ask me to turn out a collection for ten or twelve models and I say I'll get back to you in two or three years. (This is the opinion from the point of view of an art-theatre-film-fashion student/ME!)

If you think it might not be worth your while to go to a mainstream fashion event, that you'll be bored to tears, think twice about that. Our hostess was very charming, warm and funny. She modeled three outfits for all of us. It's very clear that she cares about the fine and performing arts here in Sacramento, and wants to use fashion events as one of the platforms for getting as many people interested in these as possible. I say, these people are here tonite, instead of on theire couch, watching television, and that's awesome enough for me. So when I hear the ladies sitting in back of me snickering at the more avant-garde part of the show, and saying things like, "This is the WEIRDEST thing I've ever seen, " I think, well, at least she's here to see it.

ZuBauen by Amanda Chan (Photo Credit: SACFW)
I'm learning to appreciate all of the work that goes into making a good show/event even before the designers' models come out onto the stage. Magnum Opus, the company that produced the event did an incredible job organizing the event.  The show was well lit, and went smoothly without a hitch (at it appeared that way to me,) There was plenty of space for the professional photographers and their equipment. as well as comfortable seating for everyone else. Adding to the pleasure were the friendly, helpful staff for the event.  Good show, well done. I'll be back!    

Lindsay Rickman is a Sacramento based textile artist/designer living in Midtown. She's fond of fashion. And Sacramento

Friday, February 24, 2012

outfit post: the Cape Escape

The Mad Plaid-er: Wearing a plaid cape is part of my method for "Blooming Madly."
 As obsessed as I've been with capes these past 10 years, I don't really wear them out much. I recently sold a number of capes from my decade long collection, as I realized that I wasn't going to wear them that often and 15 capes in one closet is really just plain ol' overkill. That said, this plaid wool gem from the 1960's is a recent addition and it's a real keeper. Perhaps, you've seen me wear it HERE. Well constucted, fully lined and warm, and with zero nonsensical frills, I love the streamlined look to this cape, and of course, the plaid print. So there's still a handful of capes in my closet and I'm determined to at least wear them once before our springtime warmer weather hits us.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Local Color: The Happy Hour

"Color has got me. I no longer need to chase after it. It has got me for ever. I know it. That is the meaning of this happy hour" -Paul Klee

The Hooded Cape Fashion Show at Bows + Arrows last Friday was more than okay- it was a FANTASTIC time. I can't remember when I've enjoyed a crowd so much. Many of my favorite Sacramentans were there, from the alluring Ann Tindall, Kerry Dolan, + Arielle Madrone, to the folks from Martin Mattox, Kris Laskey and her sunshine of a sister, Barbara; there were so many lovelies who came out to see the show. Even more enjoyable was seeing a large number of folks show up in hooded capes of their own,  with many of the capes worn were from the beloved Sac-town label, BUTT UGLY.  Oh, I wish I had pictures to share with you! There were so many people there snapping snaps that night, but not a whisper to the whereabouts of any images from the event. If I can find some, I'll post them; the show and the attendees really were a sight to behold.

Monday, February 20, 2012

outfit post: Modern Old-Fashioned

I'm an old-fashioned sort. I love clothes from previous decades. I enjoy history. But my mind, eyes and heart are firmly planted in the 21st century. You could call me a modern old-fashioned. 

Because in way, that's what I am.  

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cape Rehearsal (The Hooded Cape Show at Bows + Arrows)

The Bows In the Hood: Come to the Bows Collective First Ever Fashion Show in the New Location.
Have I mentioned that I'm going to be IN a fashion show? Yeah, my 30 seconds of fame are going to be used up strutting my stuff tomorrow night at the Hooded Cape Show at Bows + Arrows. A handful of local designers/artists were asked to create custom hooded capes for this premier fashion show at the new Bows location, and our local fave, Lindsay Rickman was one of them. She did me the great honor (and opportunity to make a fool of myself in public!) of asking me to model one of her capes for the show. So that's what I'll be doing. 
The photos you see here are ones I snapped during our rehearsal. And look around, would ya? I was stunned by the all the gorgeousness going on, beautiful women, beautiful capes and one handsome man. He's Lindsay's other model, and no stranger to snazzy dressing. The whole group seemed unnaturally attractive, and all were super friendly + creative sorts. It was thoroughly enjoyable prancing about with them, rehearsing my fierce pony-walk for my big fashion moment. 

 I'm a bit nervous. My walk isn't exactly model material. I'm crossing my fingers that my shoes don't slip and I can make it down the catwalk in one piece. Whatever happens, it should be fun. Or funny. And really, all eyes are going to be on the amazing capes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CITIZEN LOVES: Lindsay Rickman

CITIZEN LOVES: Lindsay Rickman, artist
I met Lindsay randomly at a coffee shop a little over 2 years ago.
She was dazzling in some brightly colored costume (A candy colored printed short-shorts romper)
and coordinating duffle bag that she had whipped up herself. She looked like a blazing blonde Harajuku doll. She was sweet a pie. We ended up having her join our table, talked for over an hour, and eventually exchanged phone numbers. That chance meeting sparked a friendship as well as a working relationship.   Lindsay is a common feature on this blog + it's with great pleasure to interview and share Lindsay with you, in her own (very charming) words.                                         
-Bella Q

THE CITIZEN: What's your name + what do you do?

LINDSAY RICKMAN: My name is Lindsay Rickman. Some design labels I've tried out in the past: Sarcodine, lindsaylindsay23, and a new one that I'm excited about, Baby Jesus Takes a Ride into the Eye of the Psychic Mind. I've thought a lot over the past ten years about whether or not to use my name as a tag name, and I always come back to feeling more comfortable using something different. Maybe it's like to having a stage name, being able to step-back a bit from the work, or the projects.

CITIZEN: How would you describe yourself?

LINDSAY RICKMAN: I'm a small, fragile little beast with teeth and claws, that tries to be good, and do good.

THE CITIZEN: As a textile artist, how much influence do fashion trends have on your art?

LINDSAY RICKMAN: What's in the larger social sphere does have influence on me. When I started out, I was working with all black, grey and purple fabrics- that was in the early nineties. I was making capes, black stretch pants, and long, flowing skirts. Anne Rice's novels and Bauhaus (the band) were popular with my friends. The past few years I'd been into whatever I can get my hands on that's fresh, and using a lot of bright colors, lots of neon, mixed with colors like mustard yellow or brown with avocado green. I want to take old, discarded fabrics and materials like polyester, vinyl, silk, wool, any thing that's different- interesting prints and colors, and mix them up in different combinations. What pleases me is to make something exciting, something new. I'm not trying to be original, just new; there IS a difference between the two, isn't there?

What came out of my fabric re-working, was a modern sort of crazy-quilt style spandex, with which I turned into leggings, bodysuits, bags, sculptures and "rag" dolls. I got into making my own striped material, big time, more than I ever have, and have been making a lot of things out of that. It doesn't bother me at all that everyone is wearing stripes and that stripes are everywhere right now. I say, more stripes, please! I want stripes on stripes, on stripes. When I was in London, about seven years back, I came across this book, The Devil's Cloth, and it spurred me on to keep close to stripes, without questioning why; in this book I'd found the answers. (Editor's Note: The Devil Cloth chronicles the history of stripes in which medieval Europe relegated stripes to those on the margins or outside the social order.)

 "I'm a a small, fragile little beast with teeth and claws, that tries to be good, and do good."
Right now I've got a momentarily release from the stripes, and am presently making a lot of 3x3" triangle patchwork. I'm telling you, triangles are HOT right now. I started dreaming of the All Seeing Eye last year, and then soon after, I noticed that All-Seeing-Eyes are EVERYWHERE, not just on our dollar bills. I'm also making patchwork fabric in the shape of cloth dinosaur scales,  you can see some examples of my work in the hooded capes I'm making for the upcoming Bows &Arrows Hooded Cape Show.

Monday, February 13, 2012

outfit post: Maxi-mum Plaid

Today's costume is a direct influence of Vix, otherwised known as the Vintage Vixen. I mentioned in  previous post that Vix can and could single-handedly bring back the maxi. Well, I've seen maxi skirts and dresses ALLLLLL over the interwebs, but it's her hippie-chickie, cool-as-fuck bohemian way of wearing them that made me try my hand at this long hemmy business. 

When I saw this sweet plaid 1960's vintage maxi, I knew it had my name all over it. I had planned on wearing it preppy style, or punked up a bit, as is my way, but Vix bewitched me, and before I knew it I was pairing it up with a funky 60's vest and knit cap giving me a swinging London Carnaby Street flavor. The vest has since found a new home (I'm talking to you Ms. Pumpkin Pie) but I think I will try my hand again wearing the long skirts. And now I've got a new way to wear it, thanks to the Vixen. 

How about you? What bloggers have inspired your outfits? 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love-You-Love-A-Sale Sale at FRINGE

Shop the FRINGE Love-You-Love-A-Sale Sale. Don't you LOVE a good sale? 
FRINGE has one going on this weekend. Both today, and Sunday, you can take 15% off body care items and candles.  Even lovelier, is a gorgeous piece of jewlelry from the FRINGE designer jewelry selection.  The designer jewelry is 10% off this Valentine's week-end so stop by and show some love.  

You can get more details on sale at the FRINGE blog, Fringeologie.

Friday, February 10, 2012

outfit post: Your Teddy Bear

I just Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear: Feeling snuggly in my red glitter maryjanes and fugly sweater.

The elephant in the room is probably this ridiculous sweater. 

I don't know why I bought it, most likely a thrift shopping frenzy YEARS ago. I just recently pulled it out of storage, and laughed my sensible head off. A Teddy Bear, hugging a black kitty? Sporting a Tam O'  Shanter and a scarf? Ridiculous. This sweater could NOT be more unlike me or my style- it is too cutesy, too collegiate and TOO navy. So of course I had to see if I could style it so that it looked like "me."  I think it's probably one of the least sexy things I could possibly wear- it's reeks of "librarian mom."

And that got me thinking about my red glitter platform mary janes. I bought them, probably last Halloween, because I've always wanted a pair of ruby slippers.  You know, so I could be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. They are obviously of the "sexy Dorothy" variety, but no matter. They add a little som-som to the saccharine bear hug knitted on my chest.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

outfit post: Fresh Squeezed

Orange you glad you love vintage? Bella sports a splash of color in her outfit.
California winters are bright and tangy, so I'm NOT going to complain about how I can't wear adorable but heavy vintage coats because my winters are so mild this year in California. Instead, turning uh, lemons into lemonade I'm going to enjoy the ridiculous fact that I can pull out a sweet summery sundress (in this case a freshly picked frock from the Goodwill) and throw on a citrus-hued vintage sweater over the top and take on the day.
Vertical vs the Horizontal: Stripes rule. Did you notice that I'm "breaking" some rules here? I'm wearing (gasp!) both vertical and horizontal stripes together. I'm calling it Sunny Delight, a tasty mix of a classic pattern. What makes it work it the fact that the two stripes are varying in size AND that they share a common factor: in this case the colors grey and black. And to make sure you get the idea that I LOVE stripes,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Six +40 Fashion Blogs I Can't Live Without (and other pleasures)

Best of the Best: There are 6 Over-Forty Fashion Blogs that I Can't Live Without. Helga Von Trollop Tops the List.
"It is better to be looked over than over-looked." -Mae West

Being over forty doesn't mean you have to give up fashion. The Citizen's  +40 blog roll is now well over one hundred blogs strong, and this +40 blogs aren't just being read  by the over forty crowd. People of all ages seem to be waking up to the fact that age ain't nothing but a number and, and women of all ages can, and are, rockin' original style. Women, all shapes, sizes and color, from all over the world are united in one common factor: THEY LIKE TO DRESS UP. And we, like to watch.

The following is a list of some of my personal favorite blogs showcasing +40 fashion. These six blogs are some of the best +40 blogs on the web, they are my daily go-to's, and are, in my humble opinion, hands down some of the best fashion/personal style blogs (for any age) out there. The list is in no particular order, and are, in their own individual way, all my favorite.             -Bella Q

Pull Up Your Socks is the spirited style blog from the fabulous Desiree, of Down Under. A journalist, a newlywed, a mother and monster hotty, this bright bleached babe intends to "grow old disgracefully." Turning heads while having fun, Desiree equally pulls off wearing prim and proper vintage suits to Black Milk swimsuits + leggings. She's never met vintage lingerie she didn't like, or was afraid to wear out in public, for that matter. Desiree infuses  joie de vivre in her way of dressing, usually sporting her signature Doc Martins or Vivienne Westwood winged platforms.  By dressing how she pleases, Desiree encourages our own personal style to take flight. 

One of the most soulful blogs on my blogroll, the Style Crone is as sensitive, introspective and wise as she is outlandishly stylish. Judith, a svelte beauty who hails from Denver, Colorado dedicates the Style Crone to "the older woman, in her most creative, outrageous, authentic, powerful, adventurous, funny, and proud era." Now in her late '60's, the SC (as she likes to call herself) is not mere model for her wonderful wardrobe, but living proof of beauty shining brightly from the inside out. Her posts, heartfelt and honest, are as are as much about the art of living as they are about the outfits. Her taste is impeccable as is her extensive vintage collection, but more exquisite is the dignified and graceful way she wears it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

outfit post: Black Winter Spinster

Gentle Readers:

The photos do not do justice to the awesome pieces that reside in this outfit.  I was rushed, the light was too bright from the glare of an overcast sky, and black does not photograph well.

What you are missing are is the mother lode of textures- the needle-like hairs of the fur, the curls of silk ribbon on the coat, and the black clouds of cuddliness that made up my new-to-me thrifted mohair sweater.  Feeling quite jaunty, I slipped on a neglected pair of bright white brogues. I need to wear them more often.

Something I'll be wearing more often are these freshly thrifted black round sunglasses. If a pair of sunglasses is big and round, I'll want to wear them. I call it the Apfel effect. I want to look like this bold goddess. So I buy and wear, round lensed sunglasses. I look so serious yet off-beat. I'm so drawn to raggedly eclectic and eccentric looks that are a bit long in the tooth. A post-modern old fashioned. A black winter spinster. Are you seeing it?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Ahnu Embarcadero Boot: A Product Review

Finally! Some rainy days came through Sacramento so I could test-run my stylish Ahnu rainboots. I was recently contacted by the folks at Ahnu to do a product review. I (puddle)JUMPED at the chance. I'm a fan of this San Fransico based active footwear company and their mission: To create uncompromising footwear  performance while utilizing an ethical supply chain. Ahnu also is committed to contributing to charitable organizations.  Quality, ethical and style are big on my list, so I was eagar to try out a pair of Ahnu footwear for myself. 

I chose the stylish yet practical Embarcadero waterproof boot in black. I was struck with the quality construction of the boots, and the charming design. Upon putting them on, I could tell that the waterproof boots were made for comfort- the inside of the boot is well padded and my first stroll out in the rain was effortless. No breaking-in needed here.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Love: Meet the Sponsors

Thanks to the following for their support: 

and a very special thank you for the generous sponsorship from:
The Lazy Revolutionary

I'm so happy to be working with such a great group of wonderful people, many who, like myself, are creating blogs, sites and products that feature up-cycled, recycled and vintage materials.  

Here's a quick introduction to some of this month's sponsors:

Luckie You Vintage: Luckie You is an online vintage and retro apparel shop that hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Luckie You specializes in sweet romantic dresses and accessories from every decade. When you shop Luckie You, be sure to enter Rosebud at check-out for 10% off your purchase.

Funkoma Vintage:Funkoma Vintage is really more than vintage. Funkoma sells vintage clothing + furniture and hand-made clothing all under one umbrella website: This Seattle/Tacoma based seller also sells a charming line of hand-mades over in their Etsy shop called That Yountville Girl. I love the tagline: Original Designs for Nice People