Wednesday, June 17, 2015

BELLA AT 50: be bold

THE NIFTY FIFTY: this is my first official blog post at the age of 50.
Hello world. It seemed apropo to put on this black graphic T-shirt telling me to BE BOLD. After all, I have been slinking around lately in very drab outfits as of late, with little thought to style. My 50th birthday resolution was to re-invigorate the wardrobe, and as a treat to myself, I created a brand new (to me) capsule wardrobe, culled from secondhand sources. As ever, I am shopping #SECONDHANDFIRST. That means I look first for a secondhand source to supply my needs, and I keep my eye out for sustainable and ethically produced goods. (So no thank-you to sweatshop produced goods!) Expect an upcoming post, sharing my cultivated capsule wardrobe with you in the near future.

Thrifted Tee + American Made dress + Thrifted Shoes = 100% #SECONDHANDFIRST
One of my recent purchases was a brand new pair of black perforated leather Vans, snagged from the nearby Goodwill for a whopping $20. They fit me perfectly, and I like their mix of practicality and California cool. Since the dress was one I've had for over a year, the total cost of my new "bold" outfit comes to $22. The fact that my commitment to shop #SECONDHANDFIRST for over 4 years feels priceless.

Get in the VANS: kicking it with a little California cool.
What's your favorite most recent #SECONDHANDFIRST find?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hey, Bella just wrote a new post, about something or another, and she probably didn't proof read it.

This dress was a thrift store score ages ago. I saw it, I loved it, I wore it. You can see me prancing about in it, in a ridiculous outfit post here. I've since outgrown it, and have it listed for sale here.

It's a lovely thing, full of youthful joy and optimism. Not quite like me, who turns 50 in a matter of days. 

I thought it was going to be harder to do it. Turn 50. 

But it seems, it's just another calender day, no biggie. Just another turn in this fantastic place we call a planet. I am glad to be alive. 

I find it curious how one of my favorite eras of clothing come from the years when I was just a wee kiddo. I absolutely adore fashions from the mid to late sixties, in particular, I've got a soft spot for 1966-68. I love the squeaky clean look and appeal of fashions around this time, with the bright cheerful colors, bold prints and those over-sized collars. LOVE 'em all. The boyfriend, born in 1972, is drawn to fashions from that era, which I find interesting. Even if we can't remember it, the zeitgeist, it claims us. 

I've never been more glad to live in the present, too. I adore this 21st century life. We kinda get the best of all worlds, tech, arts and nature. I'm here to enjoy it for as long a possible. It's a modern life I live, sort of, in a cityscape, sort of. Not very typical, or particularly fascinating, I suppose on the outside in, but it seems to have come to a pleasant equilibrium for me, and I think I may have stumbled upon the right balance. Maybe. 

The forties were a tough decade for me personally, there have been a number of setbacks, and plenty of loss. I do feel at times, a little worse for the wear. The beauteous shine of youth, has decisively jumped ship, and it seems the world has become immune to my charms. Many friendships over this past decade, have gone by the wayside, and while I mourn the loss, I am determined to bring into the next decade healthy and wonderful engagements with people I admire and trust, who happen to admire and trust me back. I have been seeking reliable full time employment for nearly 8 years, and after nearly a year of humbling nearly nada call backs, I am officially giving up on the search. Let them come to me. Goodbye 40s, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

In the meantime, I will apply my efforts to selling online. You are welcome to browse here and here, knowing your purchase goes towards a wonderful cause. I thank you in advance for your kindnesses. 

In fact, I created these custom Citizen Rosebud button brooches for those who wish to show their support: 
They are available for purchase HERE.

I have loved, loved, loved my time spent writing and blogging here on the Citizen Rosebud. It is my wish that I can continue to do so. I've even flirted with the idea of resuming outfit posts; after all, I'll be 50 and an old odd bird has got to represent! But we shall see. I'm not sure there's any interest in that, I've never won awards for my wardrobe prowess. But in all honesty, I am not sure what direction to go. Is there anyone left still reading this? Should I just close up blog shop, and batten down the hatches? Call it a day, cut my losses? 

All potent possibilities. Which option is the right move? I do know, regardless of this venue, I will go on writing, and creating, because it is like oxygen for my lungs, I can't breathe without doing so. I've been reviving a bevy of creative endeavors offline;  reading art books, playing around with painting furniture, and tending a modest garden.

This is a long and rambling way of saying: I'm still here folks. Even when here is somewhere else.

Celebrate, peeps. From one Rosebud to another, you're beautiful and blooming madly. 


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