Sunday, July 27, 2014

OUTFIT POST: visible in vintage

BABE THE BLUE FOX: every once in a blue moon, you stumble onto a dress that seems perfect but not for you. This dress is one of those stumbles. I have held onto it for a couple of years, because it is BOSS, it's a vintage cotton Hawaiian inspired frock made by the humble folks at J.C. Penneys. I'm presuming it's a hostess dress, ya know, for your Tiki BBQ mixer where you invite the neighbors over for some roast pig in the fire pit and Mai Tais, drink a bitsy, and flirt too much at the relentlessly handsome bachelor from Connecticut in front of your dear and darling (and thankfully very patient and understanding) husband. But I digress. 

I imagine this little tropical number has more than a few good party stories up her fluttery sleeves. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

ROSEBUD OF THE WEEK: lovely Carelia

Just look at this gorgeous + vivacious woman! Perhaps it's no surprise that a personal style blogger has great style, but we're mesmerized by the chic and timeless appeal of Carelia's outfit. Not too young, not too old, but JUST RIGHT. When Carelia messaged us, sharing that she had indeed purchased this top from the shop (a pre-loved cotton top, made in the USA) and was wearing it in her recent outfit post, we had NO IDEA how

Friday, July 18, 2014

SECONDHAND FIRST™: meet the mrs.

A BETTER HALF: it's funny how one thing can take so many different forms. For example, in your garden. You like roses? Isn't it wonderful to see the many varieties that can grow in flourish in your yard? That's how I feel about so many of my favorite style bloggers: while they may share many common values (like shopping secondhand first!) it can be expressed in so many different ways. In short, it's not all one flavor, but it's all kinds of wonderful.

MEET THE MRS: let me introduce to you 3 of these women, because I'm sure they'll inspire you as much as they do me. File them under mulitple catagories: +40 style bloggers, queens of pattern mixing, thrift store mavens, and women of integrity who have all taken the pledge to shop SECONDHAND FIRST. Oh, and I should mention, absolute sweethearts. Irresistible in charms, you can't help but vow to love them forever.


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