Sunday, April 3, 2022

OUTFIT POST: Snow Day (with Bonnet)



These photos were taken on a snow day earlier this winter in January. I mean MAJOR SNOW. I had to wear snow shoes just to make it down the hill to get to my work studio. It was COLD. But I was prepared. I donned thick layers and trekked on in. And when I saw myself in the mirror, I absolutely loved the way it looked. I felt like a wooly Babushka, especially with my new crochet bonnet, a neighbor made for me from my local Buy Nothing group.

So forgive the total picture dump, but I love how the self portraits turned out. Even though the images are slightly redundant, I liked how dynamic each image is. And so I share them with you!

My five year old self would be quite fond of this outfit- it contains the same reasoning a kid might use to get dressed. A mix of practicality (it had snowed and the streets were a winter wonderland) and my favorite things, a black cotton dress with pink flower embroidery, a grandpa cardi, covered in polka dots,  and my new bonnet!

Those Prada crochet hats were stuff of my dreams and I had put out a request to get something similar. A sweet lady answered the call and she crocheted me a pastel pink and sage green striped cap with ties. It kinda looks like a baby's bonnet, and also, something Lil Edie of Gray Gardens would wear.

Something I'd like to share with you in my recent style journey, is that I'm now only acquiring long term items- clothes and accessories that I intend to wear for years! In the past, I feared that "forever style" garment would be boring- after all, aren't they going to be neutral and basic and safe? Well, maybe not.

To eschew trends- won't that make me look stodgey and outdated? We're going to find out. This outfit is comprised 100% off pieces that were selected because I presume they are going to be around for while.

Silly baby hat- oh you're gonna see more of this!
Vintage Hunter's jacket, a winter classic!
A chunky grandpa cardigan sweater, BUT WITH POLKA DOTS? Keeper.
Flattering, comfortable, well made cotton dress: until I outgrow it, I'm going to wear it.
Old jeans that I've had for about 6 years, will probably be around for another six.

I've recently packed up these winter essentials- the heavy coat and snow boots aren't needed for April's promise of sun. But you will see the other items in various iterations. For now, it's all about feeling good, being comfortable in my own skin, and to be able to express myself in clothes.



Sheila said...

Love it!

Polyester Princess said...

Your wooly Babushka outfit suits you very well, Bella, and your bonnet is absolutely adorable.
Acquiring only long term items seems like a sound idea, if only I could be so restrained! xxx

Shybiker said...

Your style is a reflection of your personality and this seems to suit you. I love the playfulness of the bonnet. Buying good quality clothes for long-term use is smart, ecological and rewarding. I love items I've had for years.