Sunday, December 30, 2012

Outfit Post: Better Red Than Dead

Something about that survey stuck in my craw- and I've been wearing red lipstick ever since. Taking it to a whole other level, is this outfit of red on red on red. On red. It's as if I'm on fire. Hoping clearly to heat up my day- baby it's cold outside!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Outfit Post: Seattle Starling

Imagination takes flight in a practical fisherman's knit cardigan sweater. (Photo credits: Bella Q)
Grey knitted on grey, with clouds tumbling over your head, like a dirty white crest of surf washing in on a Seattle tide. Winter here is a a study of heathered, charcoaled, jetted, and slated greys. And some days, that can't help but color you. One can't pounce about in fancy silk frocks when it's wet and cold and rainy. You're going to want to feel toasty, warm, and better serving to that is the practical sweater, some leg cover; anything to get you out the door and onto the street ready to get about, to go somewhere.

I've been wearing jeans in what seems like forever, and I'm not a pants sort of girl. So I'm exploring all sorts of ways to stay warm and dry in a skirt or dress. It has to be done quickly- there's not a lot of time, or space (small, small closets) to sort an outfit out. Garments need to be selected, donned, layered and dressed.

I feel a dullness to all this practicality- what comes to mind are those drab yet shiny birds you see everywhere, the starlings. I admire their tenacity, their capability to thrive in city living, and for their bright yellow beaks that commonly accessorize their otherwise plain-as-jane wardrobe: an oily overcoat of drab dark feathers. I guess you could say that today, I'm feeling a bit like a starling.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

REAL WOMEN: Wear Red Lipstick

According to the Nurture Replenish Skincare survey, red lipstick is disgraceful after the age of 59. Moreover, results showed that women over 45 years old consider 59 is the appropriate age to steer away not only from wearing red lipstick, but also from high heels and tight clothes. (source)

Did you read the poll survey results reported on Yahoo recently- the one where a survey of women over 45 years of age, said that wearing red lipstick over age 59 was disgraceful? You can read the report HERE, and while many people react angrily about the news, I suspect the main point is missed: 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Shop Secondhand First: The Christmas Party Outfit

This post is part of the Ethical Fashion Bloggers monthly challenge. This month, ethical fashion bloggers the world over celebrate style with sustainable and ethical fashion. You can see more HERE.

So that big Christmas party is coming up, and you need something festive to wear. You're thinking "pops of color," "sparkle," and affordable. I'm thinking sustainable. The best way to combine both is to SHOP SECONDHAND FIRST
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Before you hit the mall for a brand new ensemble, take a second and try these sustainably savvy style tips first:





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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Outfit Post: Tiger, Tiger

All month I've been playing with red and green and plaids and mixing it up with black and white. Part of December's uniform has been these vintage Pendleton plaid coat that is deliciously awash in Christmas reds and a pine green. It was first acquired last year in Sacramento, where it was too warm to wear- but here in Seattle- like the middle bowl of porridge in the Goldilock's tale: it is JUST right. The black white striped gloves and red plaid scarf worn with the coat have been garnering quite a bit of compliments, usually the "it's so nice to see some holiday cheer" sort of thing.  You see, not a lot of color seems to be worn in these here parts. So standing out in color is easy here. And fun.
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Fun and 98% Thrifted. Everything but the hat, and the socks came from secondhand sources. The dress, a cute lace frock castoff from a fast fashion chain I won't mention, was found, good as new in a Goodwill shop in Portland, Oregon. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Outfit Post: Moto Mojo

Not So Tough: Bella takes to the streets all smiley in her tweed version of Biker Babe

Ah, the quintessential rebel garment: the classic leather biker jacket. Me? Not tough enough to wear the leather version of it. While I've attempted to sport a plaid wool version in the past, and a bright red non-leather one in the future (future outfit post that is) I'm not sure a sleek black as your soul version suits me. However, a moto mock up in TWEED? Count me in the race, folks. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guest Post: Odyssey Home

Minimal to the Max: Stephanie Clayton takes us on a style journey at Odyssey Home.
Upon first glance you can probably assess that artist Stephanie Clayton has a strong sense of aesthetics. Upon second glance, you'll probably dig her outfit. Stephanie blogs at Odyssey Home, and it just so happens she's a +40 style blogger. Style in this case, being more a a bigger picture, with a big push in design and decor,  not limited to the mere confines of a wardrobe. I'm pleased as punch that Stephanie consented to write a guest post for The Citizen Rosebud, as there is so much I admire about her and Odyssey Home. Let me introduce to you one amazing woman who happens to be +40, and fabulous. -Bella Q

Wear. Dwell. Live. 
That's the subheading for my blog Odyssey Home- the "home" of personal style and design. I realize the name may give an impression that my blog is all about home decor, which I do feature, but truly the focus is on personal style in all areas. I started the blog in early 2009 as a way to visually document my outfits and, occasionally, home decor; and as a handy way to connect with similar-minded individuals.

I work in the visual arts and this means I am sensitive to aesthetics. I believe good taste is, or should be, consistent, whether in clothing, architecture, furnishings, or other areas in which style plays a role. It's about having a holistic approach, really. I have a tendency to reinvent myself, although now in my 40s I believe I have reached a point of consistency. That's the good thing about having been an adult for a while – you evolve into this person with tastes and tendencies honed by years of living, paying attention, and caring about what you put on your body and what you bring into your personal space. Hopefully things start to fall into place as you become discerning. Obviously there is more to life than personal adornment and home decor; but these things make life a little more beautiful and interesting.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Bella Goes Gala

Say YES to the Dress: I'm wearing my Gala dress by Karina Dresses, with its cheery red/black/grey/white ditzy print, a sweetheart neckline and wrap around skirt that hugs the curves and forgives the lumps. With a nod to Advanced Style fashion icon, and newest model for the recent Lanvin campaign, Tziporah Salamon, my outfit makes me feel gorgeous and confident. I am wearing fashion that feels good!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Outfit Post: The Funny Papers

It was a cold and rainy day- too wet and grey to run outside and take photos. But inspired by my blogger friends from across the globe, my outfit was made in technicolor. If you are a new reader, you purhaps don't know yet that I LOVE the color combo of red, white and blue. I can be seen frolicking in these most bold and optimistic color mix HERE, HERE, HERE. But usually the blue leans more towards navy. Today I am electric in a vibrant cobalt blue. Which makes me think of Ariane,  +40 blogger and resident gorgeous hipster, who makes being over 50 years of age, look uber cool. If Style Sud-Est is NOT already on your blogroll, I urge you to stop reading this, take a moment and add her. And, YOU are welcome. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Party on Top, No nonsense on the Bottom

Bella wears her version of a Casual Christmas party outfit featuring No nonsense leg wear
Happy Holidays!

Let's get down to business and talk about No nonsense tights and leggings.
My neighborhood Walgreens sells them, and in case you think that fashion can't be affordable or easy to buy, think again. I love how easy it can be to buy quality leg wear in up-to-date fashion accents. Color, texture and fun fashion sense can be yours in a minute, and at a great price. 

So check me out.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Outfit Post: Secondhand Nirvana

So I decide I'm going to focus more on writing about my community and then give you an onslaught of personal outfit posts. My bad. One thing: outfits pics are easier to post than researched articles- and another- well, let's just say I'm bad at doing what I'm told, even if it's me doing the telling. Is anyone else that way? C'mon, we're rebels.

Rebellious, yet practical.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Ugly Holiday Sweater + Dominon Boots

Deck the Halls: Ugly Holiday Sweater Season has arrived!
'Tis the Season: Ugly Holiday Sweater season is here. And I, dear ducklings, am one to honor time-tested traditions. Behold, my latest and greatest to my Ugly Sweater collection. 'Tis 1960s vintage, 'tis wool and knitted, and 'tis very very ugly. And awesome. And wonderful. I feel like a happy little elf, all toasty and warm and getting geared up for the Holidays.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Outfit Post: Grey Matters

Layering up smartly in a heady mix of texture + pattern- tweed, argyle + honeycomb plaid make the grade in this winter look.

Note: This is a sponsored post featuring Karina Dresses.

Clever me. I'm getting used to this grey business of the Pacific Northwest. Overhead, an ongoing mosaic of cloud cover, swirling like paisley, pulsing with rain. Indoors it may be toasty, but this girl is going places- and I need to get there regardless of the weather. Tired of jeans and flats, I decided to doll up, while dressing for comfort and easy mobility. The grey day go-to: my "sweet" Carolyn by Karina Dresses.

Monday, December 3, 2012

December- Come Home

'Tis the season, yeah? 

I'm rounding up my year in my head- and let me tell you there's so many good things inside it. 
A year ago this month, I was living in Sacramento, making arrangements for my dude to come visit, to spend the Holidays with me. Today, I woke up in a home that we share- after spending a delicious weekend together, just hanging. The long distance phone calls, the pining away days are now over, and we are here, building our nest together. That is, as Martha Stewart puts it: a good thing. 
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Don't call it a come back, or a happy ever after- the story is still unfolding. And at the gone-to-seed age of never-you-mind-forty-plus-something, I'm just getting started. For the first time in my life, I feel like I've come home.