Thursday, February 24, 2022

Leopard Friends


I will admit, there are some people, even when you just meet them, you know they are your people. 

That's how I feel about the people in the above picture. One, is a lovely lady who bought something from me on eBay, and as she was a fellow Seattle-ite, she wanted to save on shipping and pick up locally. When she came in, I was smitten with her sweet demeanor AND her awesome style. She wore a leopard print coat, and a vintage fedora hat with an animal print satin band. The other women, my friend and colleague, Debi B, is also wearing a hat, and a leopard print dress. 

I had snapped these fast pic last December and looking upon it, I notice they are both expressing great personal style wearing leopard prints. What a great pattern that tells so much about the wearer. 

Leopard can be many things to many people- it is a reference to a certain type of royalty, a wildness, it's Lady Temptation, it is rebellious and punk. And it is also a bit of a classic, something that's been around so long, that while it is a busy print, it is also nearly a neutral.

How do you "recognize" your tribe? Do they dress like you? Do you like the same movies and books? Go to the same cafes and restaurants? Shop the same shops?