Thursday, February 24, 2022

Leopard Friends


I will admit, there are some people, even when you just meet them, you know they are your people. 

That's how I feel about the people in the above picture. One, is a lovely lady who bought something from me on eBay, and as she was a fellow Seattle-ite, she wanted to save on shipping and pick up locally. When she came in, I was smitten with her sweet demeanor AND her awesome style. She wore a leopard print coat, and a vintage fedora hat with an animal print satin band. The other women, my friend and colleague, Debi B, is also wearing a hat, and a leopard print dress. 

I had snapped these fast pic last December and looking upon it, I notice they are both expressing great personal style wearing leopard prints. What a great pattern that tells so much about the wearer. 

Leopard can be many things to many people- it is a reference to a certain type of royalty, a wildness, it's Lady Temptation, it is rebellious and punk. And it is also a bit of a classic, something that's been around so long, that while it is a busy print, it is also nearly a neutral.

How do you "recognize" your tribe? Do they dress like you? Do you like the same movies and books? Go to the same cafes and restaurants? Shop the same shops?


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No Fear of Fashion said...

I have no idea how to recognize a person who is from my tribe other than when they speak and the first sentence is something most people wouldn’t dare to say but is funny. That is my person haha.
Love the leopard.