Saturday, January 1, 2022

OUTFIT POST: Aztec Winter



It's been snowing this past week or so in Seattle, which is NOT a common thing. We're talking loads of snow!  When it first started snowing,  I had walked to my neighbors place to visit, and had left deep footprints in the snow walking there, but when I returned home an hour or so later, those footprints were gone, completely covered by more snow! 

And, it's been c-c-c-cold! Layers are the way to go, and what has kept my biscuits toasty and warm has been this AMAZING vintage Meso American woven huipil, hand loomed and embroidered from a thick wool yarn. The dress is a pull over, and quite loose fitting so it can easily go over other garments.

The "wee peel's" appeal? IT IS EFFECTIVE
Layered over a silk chemise and thermal leggings, and worn under a very heavy vintage woolen hunter jacket, this beautiful work of textile art definitely kept me warm, and left me feeling joyfully colorful. 

Also joyful, are my new sneakers, a gift from the dude for Christmas. I've been needing more practical, comfortable walking shoes, and was feeling bummed about how "stodgy" some of the options were. Well, he found these Marimekko X Adidas kicks, and they add such a fun splash of style to my comfort!

I enjoyed wearing this outfit so much, that I wore it for three days straight. During those days, I felt warm in spite of walking up and down hills covered with snow, and working in a drafty studio. I also loved the unique style of mixing the ethnic dress with my winter essentials of vintage trapper cap, and hunter's jacket. I felt when I wore this, that winter couldn't keep my spirits down! 

Tell me, would YOU wear something so unconventional during a snow storm?


  • vintage Eddie Bauer wool trapper cap, available HERE 
  • vintage J.C. Penney woolen hunter's jacket, eBay
  • vintage handwoven woolen huipil dress, Lady Lair Vintage on Etsy 
  • not shown (under the huipil) Eileen Fisher silk dress, similar HERE
  • Duofold black thermal leggings, buy yours on Amazon 
  • Marimekko X Adidas ultraboost, gifted, also available at ZAPPOS


Polyester Princess said...

Surely its effectiveness against the c-c-cold is not its only appeal. It is a stunning piece of clothing too! xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

The huipil is so beautiful - I have a fine wool tunic that is most likely middle eastern in origin and has some embroidery and I wear it in the winter over leggings, etc when it's cold. Your new kicks are very cool!

Love your full-on joyful face in the first photo! Happy New Year Bella.


No Fear of Fashion said...

Of course I would! Sensible and colourful.

Impressionville said...
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Impressionville said...

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Sheila said...

I love the huipil! It's amazing - so much work in it! The Marimekko sneakers are fabulous - I would wear those too (I loathe ugly sneakers).

Oh yes, I would totally dress up for the snow - and I do! :) That was quite the week of snow and cold weather, wasn't it? Holy smokes, I am done with west coast winter NOW.