Thursday, December 23, 2021

Last Years Vintage: The Pendleton, Part 1

The Pendleton, Part 1: Pendleton IS as Pendleton Does

Last year, I purchased this coat on eBay, it was an attractive men's car coat made by Pendleton, and the price was relatively cheap enough, I thought I could flip it for a profit. When it showed up, it was in even better condition than described, surprisingly light weight, and it fit me well. I have a heavy weight winter coat, a hunter's jacket in red and black plaid, and some light weight coats, but for cold but not freezing weather, I was in need of something warm, but not too warm. This fit the bill. 

So I kept it for myself.

It was around this time of year last year, so these photos are a year old, but it is likely I would style it similarly now. Since I just pulled it out of storage, replaced a missing button, it is the coat I grab to leave the house, so I'll see what photos I can take of it now and share with you. 

While I'm not a person who is a brand snob by any means, there are some brands and label that do impress me and that I will seek out. Pendleton is one such brand. The quality through-out the years is top notch, and while vintage 1950s 49er jackets are perfection, even recently made garments (and blankets) are well made and made to last. It is a brand that seems committed to quality, and I can appreciate that. 

Are there any heritage labels that attract your brand loyalty?



  • no make-up! 
  • vintage 1950s Pendleton wool car coat, eBay
  •  GAP black cotton eyelet dress, thrifted


Forest City Fashionista said...

Pendleton is one of the brands I have always considered to produce quality clothing. That is a great jacket, and I completely understand why you kept it! Wishing you a healthy, happy holiday Bella.

Polyester Princess said...

I keep hearing about Pendleton and its amazing quality, but I have yet to come across any Pendleton here in Belgium. I can totally understand that you kept the jacket as it is just perfect for you! xxx

No Fear of Fashion said...

For me that is Max Mara.