Tuesday, November 30, 2021



What to do when FASHION comes back to the 1990s style you never left. 

I'm pretty sure I came into my personal style in the late 80s, early 90s, and so, still feel pretty fond of the spirit, and the aesthetics of that time. Whenever lately, I put together an ensemble that I'm feeling pretty sassy about, I'll get the backsided compliment that I'm "looking so very 90s today," LOL. 

My personal style includes an undiminished love of plaids, of old things chippy and holey, and a constant mishmash of vintage on vintage on vintage. Never true to any one decade or era, but savoring so many elements about each. Which, when I think about it, is very much an ethos taken from the 90s.

This past year, I've been rededicating my wardrobe to my personal style- and to DRESS TO EXPRESS. After a year or so of constant lounge and sweatpants attire, I've committed to upping my style game- and to do so, I've been focusing on adding FOREVER STYLE elements to my closet. 

Case in point, every single item in this outfit is something that would have been fashionable in the last decade, and will be stylish still, in the next. 

1) A SHADOW PLAID FLANNEL SHIRT: perfectly classic 1950s teen attire, and it reminds me of my favorite cholo uncle who wore shirts like this over a crisp white Hanes t-shirt, with his oversized khaki Ben Davis or Dickies work pants and Converse high tops throughout the 1970s. Flannel: top button buttoned only. Whenever I do a top button only, it is an homage to my late Uncle Johnny. 

2) THE SIMPLE SOLID COLOR TUBE TOP DRESS:  personally, I LOVE tube top bodices on summer dresses! It accommodates whatever boob size I happen to be sporting at the time, and it works so well as an under layer in the spring and fall. This one is made from linen, so it has definitely been on high rotation since I bought it on sale last spring.

3) WOODEN HEELED CLOGS: the OG of clogs and so very Swedish, so very seventies and so very noisy when strolling well, anywhere. But there is an outsider chic to them - librarian, Bergman, and permanent boho wrapped up in one. While the ugly-cute factor might not be for everyone- for those that do appreciate their appeal, will do so regardless of shoe trends. 

So with the shirt, I felt I could style it one of two ways: Cholita or Grunge, and for this day, I chose an updated Grunge'ish look. First thing I did to the shirt though was rip it up, to add a bit of raggedy to the shirt, because it isn't vintage and I wanted a more vintage look. I added some personalized elements to it too- an old vintage grosgrain ribbon, a silk flower petal sewn on with a button embellishment. I'm looking forward in adding more personalized elements to the shirt and feeling it reflect more of my personal style over time.

The clean ivory white of the linen dress adds a bit of modernity to the look- while inspired by the 90s, I don't want look to be stuck in that decade. The dress is actually a skirt- it's a Uniqlo score from their JW Anderson collection and while it works OK as a skirt for me, I really find it suits me well by raising it up to my chest and wearing it as a dress.

The clogs look to be a vintage pair but I don't know for sure as there is no label inside the shoes. The heels are wooden, and the leather uppers are a pretty good quality. I like the low heel but don't like the loud noise they make with my walking. They may not be forever in my closet, regardless of their eternal appeal.


  • Plaid cotton shirt, Xhilaration (Target label) THRIFTED from Goodwill
  • Linen Skirt/converted dress, JW Anderson, CLEARANCE, Uniqlo
  • Black leather, wooden heel clogs, label missing, THRIFTED from Goodwill


Tell me, how would YOU style a plaid shirt to harken the 1990s?


Sheila said...

I would tie it around my waist! Which is how I used to wear my plaids in the 90s. :)

I love the skirt-as-dress boob-wrangler. So cool.

Polyester Princess said...

You suit Grunge style so well, Bella, and I love how you updated this quintessential 90s style to the modern age. The skirt worn as a dress is brilliant, and I'm loving how you embellished the plaid shirt with the grosgrain ribbon - complete with punky safety pin! - and silk flower corsage. xxx

Shybiker said...

The key to great style is to find a look that suits your personality. This one works for you; we can "see" you. Nice job!