Wednesday, November 3, 2021

OUTFIT POST Accio Mah Assio




These glasses aren't perched on my face to help me see- they are the useless but fashionable sort with blanks for lenses. But cute, eh? They remind me of Harry Potter. So to uh, cast a spell of enchantment, I posed with them and they did manage to add a bit of something to my outfit, don't you think? 

These photos were taken this past summer, when I first moved into the BT/W studio. The light in the space has such a nice quality- these are taken with just natural daylight coming through the windows. 

I've been attracted to garments that have a timeless quality to them, and this blouse is a case in point. While it's a no name cotton blouse, I like the vague ethnic quality to it, and think the floral embroidery on the front is a quiet call-back to the bold floral print on the skirt. Nothing fancy here, just a solid, comfy separates that can mix and match with a variety of other items.

I'll admit, I love the Harry Potter books but CONFESSION:

I've somehow NOT managed to watch all of the Harry Potter films. I watched the first 3 I think and just forgot about them. BUT- that does not stop me from being giddy about the upcoming LE GRAND OPENING of a wizard bar in my neck of the woods! 

More specifically in Ballard. Which somehow seems oh-so-appropo that SEATTLE IS SOON to have a wizard themed bar in our city! It's called The Splintered Wand, and you can learn more about them HERE.


  • Non-prescription round black framed glasses, a FREE PILE grab
  • Unbranded cotton blouse, thrifted from the GOODWILL
  • Shein colorblock floral pleated skirt, AMAZON 
  • Checkerboard chunky leather sandals, ALOHAS 


Black Iris Vintage said...

Dude you are soooo going to that Wizard Bar aren't ya

citizen rosebud said...

yes i am lol

Sheila said...

Love the glasses! I remember nothing from the Harry Potter movies, but I saw all of them, lol. Cool skirt!

SeƱora Allnut said...

You Rock these glasses! and Love the embroidered blouse. Both are classic designs that keep their style, timeless quality!
A wizard themed bar looks totally like my kind of thing ;DD

Forest City Fashionista said...

Nice outfit Bella, and the glasses add a "smart, sassy, cool gal" vibe ;)