Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Striped Obsession

I love stripes. Year 'round; all day long. I'm all about stripes. When I'm not waxing and waning about the polka dot, the gingham and the plaid, I'm probably rocking a line or two or three. Although I don't usually go in for stripal overkill (& yes, I'm aware I just made that word up: stripal) since I bought my striped navy/white espadrilles from Target last week-end, I've been chomping at the bit to wear them. Also chomping is my love of my  vintage Oshgosh b'gosh shorts over-alls  embellished with trim from a vintage Hawaiian muu-muu (shown in the background.) I've been struggling to find the right top to wear underneath, and Friday when I picked up this cotton striped tank from Thrift Town for a buck-fifty, I figured it was time to paint the town RED WHITE & BLUE, in stripes. 

"When I'm not waxing and waning about the polka dot, the gingham or the plaid, I'm probably rocking a line or two or three."


Now Wearing:
  • Sonoma navy/white cotton stretch knit tank, thrifted (Thrift Town)
  •  Vintage floral broach, thrifted
  • Oshgosh embellished over-alls, the Citizen Rosebud
  • Lancome striped bag, thrifted (Thrift Town
  • Mossimo Supply Co navy/white espidrilles, Target

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It's been a bit warm lately, here in Sactown. So I thought I'd post a little cool.

Somebody call me if they're making mojitos.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Double Seersucker

Hot as Hades today. It's probably safe to say that Sacramento summer season has officially begun. While omelets could have been frying on the sidewalk, people oozed  onto their car-seats and ran their weekend errands in the form of melted butter. The Sunday soundtrack was the drone of air-conditioning blasting the air like a heated dirge of sizzling bag pipes.

But yours truly was prepared. Barely broke a sweat. Cool as a cucumber in an icebox.   She was wearing her double seersucker. 

The outfit was all thrift save the accesories: the ring a Porkchop Rules original and the bucket tote was Butt Ugly. The top, a double home-run in a gingham-printed seersucker, was a demure '50's blouse and it paired nicely with the recently Thrift Town score of blue/white striped seersucker shorts. Super comfy, and quite the deal at $1.99.  The shoes were brand new, never been worn (until me) Etnies Plus wedges with a limited edition blueberry print that are as comfortable as they are adorable. Quite the find at the Goodwill in Roseville.
See for yourself:

 "Cool as a cucumber in an icebox.  
    She was wearing her double seersucker."

Now Wearing:
  • Vintage gingham-print seersucker short sleeve blouse, thrifted
  • Shaver Lake blue/white striped seersucker shorts, thrifted, (Thrift Town)
  • Butt Ugly red/white/blue bucket tote (with red gingham lining)
  • Porkchop Rules Dutch Delft tile ring, Bespoked/ Be Quiet Fashion Bazaar
  • Etnies Plus limited edition wedges, thrifted, (Goodwill)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Center of the Universe Tastes like Raspberries & Smells Like Rum

Now Wearing:
  • Vintage Black (Paper) Sun hat, thrifted (Thrift Town)
  • Bespoked necklace w/ vintage medallion, Art Owl
  • Twin Girl, vintage red chiffon strapless dress, thrifted (Thrift Town)
  • Polka dot scarf, worn as belt, thrifted 
  • Aldo, black leather brogues,
(Quote: Findings, Harper's July 2009)

Friday, June 25, 2010

See Emily Play: An interview with Emily Roche

One of the many pay-offs of blogging has been meeting & making friends with folks that you may not have ever met in the real life.   I've had the good fortune of "virtually" meeting some great gals I can now solidly count as real time pals. 

One of these, is my dear friend Emily Roche. She blogs Pamja Libri: a Lookbook,  and basically turns her style inspirations into fashionable collages via Polyvore. I wish she'd post more photos of herself and her outfits, as she is cute-as-buttons, and write more about her real life adventures. Once I found out that she has an artistic bent, and is a passionate organic gardener, I knew I'd found a friend for life.

The following is an interview with her. 
                              -Bella Q

Question: Where do you live, and where are you from?
                Originally, I'm from Oxford. However, as of last April, I live in Tunbridge Wells. Me & my boyfriend Alex have our very own flat. It was absolutely empty in the beginning, and we have spent every weekend combing the charity shops & markets for bits and pieces to fill it up with. We discovered a lovely black lacquered bistro chair in a skip a few weeks ago. Yesterday, we found a sorry-for-itself cupboard, but have painted it bright blue and will update it with new handles, a.s.a.p.

Question: What do you do for a living? What do you do for fun?
               At the moment, I'm doing some temp work. I love plants and animals, but unfortunately I don't currently have a garden, so I've filled the flat with potted plants and shower every random cat with adoration. I love photography and practice at every opportunity. You can see my portfolio here.

Question: How long have you been blogging, and what inspired you to blog?
                I started a travel blog in September 2009 to chart my adventures in the Antipodes. At the same time, I started doing my fashion blog with the aim of experiencing a capsule wardrobe. In the end, however, I was not doing the sort of traveling that involves luggage; I had a rucksack full of everything I need and lived in a car or a tent for almost four months. So fashion kind of went out the window. When I returned to the U.K., however, I started up the fashion blog again and have been rambling away ever since.

Question: Name some blogs that YOU admire, that inspire you.
                I love LUXIRARE for beautiful, inspiring things that are produced and photographed in glorious technicolor. I enjoy the Citizen Rosebud (Editor's note: this answer was unsolicited but she does get major brownie points) because of the fun stories and anecdotes. I read Sea of Shoes for the snippets of the fashion world and for the love of the off-beat jewelry often included in the posts.
"I want to be an explorer, a zoologist, a baker, a thinker, and most especially, a contented person."
Question: If you could give the world anything, what would it be?
                A breeding pair of every extinct or nearly extinct creature. Except, maybe dinosaurs- while I adore them, I don't think the world is ready to repeat the Jurassic period. Yet.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hat People

What's a perfect topper for a tasty brunch with the B.F.F than a modest excursion to the nearby mall to do a little hat shopping? We paid a visit to our nearby Westfield Downtown Plaza and Old Town Sacramento in search of some summer hats. We hit pay-dirt at Macy's. There was a big hat sale, and lots of really wonderful choices. While straw hats seem to be le hat du jour, we both fell for a big floppy white cotton sun hat, as modeled by Kelly top photo. I chose to model a Jessica Simpson wide-brimmed cotton print hat that matched my outfit perfectly in red, white & blue. (Not shown: our kick-ass carmel apples rolled in butter-brickle)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

country ROSE

"I once had a rose named after me, and I was very flattered.  But I wasn't pleased when I read the description in the catalogue: no good in bed, but fine up against a wall."
                                                                                 - Eleanor Roosevelt                          

Day three on wearing a vintage apron as a top. This little number is most special, most likely made in the 1970's. The label reads:  The San Francisco Shirtworks, established 1870". It has an additional label next to the hip that says simply inside an embroidered red heart: "I love you." 

It's an adorable little apron, and I do mean little as it's rather snug against my womanly frame. But it's got those sweet butterfly sleeves, gingham trim and a county-charmed floral print on chambray, all elements loved by the Rosebud.  I LOVE YOU, indeed.

(Expect to see this item listed in the shop shortly. Comment me if you're interested in buying it.)

More '70's charm abound in my "Indian Bingo" braided necklace, which of course is worn as a bracelet. Red, white and blue are my winning colors. And here's yet another vintage broach in my vintage pin collection; can't get enough of these florals!

Now Wearing:
  • Vintage apron smock, yard sale
  • American Rag red/beige stripe t-shirt, Macy's
  • "Indian Bingo" beaded necklace, thrifted 
  • Vintage flower broach, thrifted
  • "Skinny" jeans (dark rinse), Target
  • Red/White/Blue bucket bag, Butt Ugly
  • EtniesPlus, Blueberry print wedges, thrifted (Goodwill)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Apron String Theory

I've acquired quite a collection of vintage aprons, and it seems such a pity to see them waste away  in some drawer, so I've decided to start wearing them as summer  tops. Some may be a bit risque as halters, but hey, life was born to be interesting. I'm really digging the apron smock top. I've collected a handful. You might recall this one, worn a few days ago.

"but hey, life was born to be interesting."

This one is my newest acquisition. I got it from Violet Folklore at the Bespoked/Be Quiet Vintage Fashion Bazaar. Also worn is my new flower-button ring, another great buy from the Bespoked/ Be Quiet shoo-doo, from Chandra of Juniper Goods. Cute, eh?

I keep forgetting to show the backs of these smock tops. Kinda cute. They are open-backed with a single button at the neck, but the apron tie keeps me modest. You don't see anything more than a sliver of spine. And I'm quite pleased that my "muffin top" is hidden, even as I show scraps of skin. And I can not wait to show you the "plaid tuxedo" apron. Oh my.

Now Wearing:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to Use BUTT UGLY

 BUTT UGLY is for people who are bigger than beautiful. From bombshells to rocket scientists, BUTT UGLY is the costume of choice for those who demand comfort & chic. You wear your BUTT UGLY, not just for a season, but for YEARS, and every year that piece, whether it be a dress, a coat, a bag or wallet, will get you more & more compliments. Each piece is certainly one-of-a-kind, inspired by the past but designed for the present. From her freshly minted creations to her smartly curated "Found" collection of  select vintage, Kris Laskey, the eyes, ears & (busily sewing) hands behind the BUTT UGLY label, makes it easy for you to feel beautiful.


For more photos click here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Links Ala Mode: Chillingly Delicious Posts

Duuuude! I can't believe my luck. This blog got a mention the IFB's weekly Links ala Mode.
Every week, the cool folks at Independent Fashion Bloggers pick posts from that week that they felt would be interesting and relevant to IFB members. And my post on local legend and Sacramento fashion icon, Bobby Burns got a shout out!
So, (clears throat) presenting, IFB's Links ala mode for the week of June 10th. Enjoy the icy goodness!

Sacramento Sunset

8 p.m. And I'm already running a bit late to the Butt Ugly sale going on tonight. Dolled up in a simple ensemble, my intention to dress in a signature "Butt Ugly" look.

Meaning the outfit might be something the lovely Kristy Green might wear. Vintage apron, worn as top: check. Denim skirt: check. Cowboy boots, a Sacramento-style summer signature: double check. Thought this would be a great time to wear my new Art Owl pendant, and for good measure my gun holster bolero neck-tie. 

 As you can tell, the sun is still going strong at 8 o'clock. The photos are over- exposed, and so many of the pictures had these long, strange shadows from the low angle of the sun. But this is Sacramento summer, and its sunsets, like the people, are a bit eccentric & colorful. Which I believe happened at 8:43 p.m.

Here is a detail of the necklaces. The top one is an incredible piece from Art Owl. It is a vintage medallion possibly from Korea, of a young Asian dictator. The artist said it came from a private collection of an older woman who smuggled it out of her home-country. The star is made of copper, with an enamel image attached to it. The chain is also re-purposed vintage, and the back of the necklace has a beautiful and funky hand-forged fastener. The bottom necklace is an old bolero neck tie I've had forever. It used to have a little gun inside the holster but I've long since lost it. I like the eclectic quality of both the necklaces; they seem to go well together and with the faded vintage apron top.

 Now wearing: 
  • Bespoked novelty necklace, Art Owl
  • Vintage bolero tie, thrifted
  • Vintage blue printed cotton apron smock, worn as top, thrifted
  • Citizens of Humanity jean skirt, gifted 
  • Justin grey leather boots, thrifted (Thrift Town)