Friday, June 11, 2010

Are YOU Spoken for? The Bespoked/ Be Quiet Bazaar

Strange. I'm feeling soooo bazaar. I've spent every spare moment getting ready for this shin-dig, and now I'm getting ready to just let it happen. It's happening. The Bespoked/ Be Quiet Vintage Fashion Bazaar is upon us.
the 12th of June.
starts at NOON.

Amazing vintage.
Charming jewelry.
Clever hand-mades
embellished & relished
one-of-a-kind finds 

Bespoked/ Be Quiet
My gentleman friend (dear ol' D) mentioned our event in the Midtown Monthly blog: Style Second Saturday.  We are all looking forward to this event and hope for a handsome turn-out.

Shall I tantalize you with a taste of what you may find? Nibble on these delectable steam-punk necklaces, & lace cuffs:

The quality of the photographs may be poor, but the charm of these amazing cuffs are definitely NOT.
They are made by Sacramento artist, Colleen Craig who creates jewelry & clothing under the moniker  Art Owl. She sells on Etsy. She speaks Bespoked.

And here's a second-helping of delicious from Niki K of Junkyard Buccaneer:

(I believe she's spoken for.)

There are ways to make your voice heard.
Bespoked/ Be Quiet Vintage Fashion Bazaar
1819 23rd Street, Sacramento, California


Marie said...

Lovely items!:D

Thank you so much for the migraine tips.:D I'm feeling so much better now.:D

Have a great weekend and have fun at the fashion bazaar!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

Andi said...

I wish I could make it! I hope you have fun at the Bazaar.

Mimi said...

vintage and charming jewelry sounds great! :D

btw, i am a new follower. visit and maybe follow my blog too? thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

Great cuffs, thanks for sharing! <3

-Dyanna Pure

Nathalie said...

Wow, that sounds like THE place to be :) Really made me curious. Have fun there

Lisa said...

I wanted to go soo bad but my brother just had a baby so we had to go to the bay area and visit.