Saturday, June 5, 2010

Creeping Virginia

"It is far harder to kill a phantom than a reality."
-Virginia Wolf

The weather today was overcast, muggy and oppressive, kind of like the atmosphere in an old Film Noir movie. Maybe that's why I felt like dressing like the heroine out of one. Red + Black = very Femme Fatale, and the awesome primo condition of this recently gifted vintage sweater adds to the feel. 

I think if I were to write a Film Noir movie, I'd call it "Creeping Virginia." It would be about a  woman being framed for a murder she didn't commit, because the person never actually existed. With her life in shambles, her reputation tarnished, our lovely heroine, Virginia "Slims" Jones, is forced into the dark seedy underbelly of society to wreak her revenge. 


There would be lots of plot twists and an unnerving ending with a slow finish. "And the Oscar for best film noir screenplay goes to: Bella Q for CREEPING VIRGINIA." Which nicely, is also the name of the little green vine growing on the back fence in the pictures. It is a weedy little plant that grows rapidly, producing bright red beady berries by fall. The wooden fence should be half-covered in its greenery by late August. 

 Now Wearing: 
  • Vintage wool cardigan w/  wheat & flower motif, gifted
  • Black camisole halter,  ruched & embellished, the Citizen Rosebud
  • Dark rinse "skinny" jeans, Target
  • Vintage black clutch w/ gold-tone rosette clasp, thrifted (Thrift Town)
  • "Cin-Cin" vintage red leather pumps, thrifted (Salvation Army, Modesto)


Sarah xo said...

I love the sweater. I've been looking for an embroidered cardy for a while, but I can't find one. boo. You look lovely, and that noir plot sounds like a winner! xo

Cristi Silva said...

I love those pictures! You allways have the raddest style!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the lovely comment, and I am definitely loving your style, consider me a new follower, xoxo

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You all just made my day.

@Sarah xo: This style of vintage sweater is getting harder and harder to find. I'm so stoked MY NEIGHBOR LORI gave it to me. I LOVE IT!

@thatsorad: thanks you! I dig your photography, too.

@jemina: Am so looking forward to your future posts. Glad you finally started a blog!

Isquisofrenia said...

that blouse ,i want, this outfit is so laidback but with a twist those shoes pop!