Friday, April 8, 2022

ROSEBUD RAMBLE: You Tik-y You Tok-y, Me 8-Track-y


While a normal person in my age bracket would be working on brushing up her TikTok skillz, I am plunging back in the medium that first connected me to the people I connect with on the internet. Not sure why, other than I am sort of an odd, old fashioned gal, who just wants to do it the way I want to do it.


So bear with me, I'm feeling rusty, but determined. I'd like to use this channel as a way to share some of my thoughts on sustainable fashion, personal style and the power of community.  Stay tuned.....

Meanwhile, here are some older, earlier posts from some years ago, that I still connected to- and here they are, in no particular order: 

There are also some people I'd like to thank for visiting this page! They are lovely souls, I'm honored to connect with and they have blogs too, so DO consider visiting their blogs as well: 


Forest City Fashionista said...

I have been having the urge to return to blogging lately, primarily because I miss the story-telling, which isn't really a thing on IG. I also miss the days when most of the people I ended up following had starting blogging and we left each other real comments, not just "hearts".

Great photo of Francis!

Sheila said...

KITTY! Aw, thank you for the shout-out, honey! (I'm Sheila, by the way).

I still don't have any kind of cellphone or smart phone or whatever the fuck the kidz are using these days. Blogs are good enough for me!