Thursday, February 9, 2012

outfit post: Fresh Squeezed

Orange you glad you love vintage? Bella sports a splash of color in her outfit.
California winters are bright and tangy, so I'm NOT going to complain about how I can't wear adorable but heavy vintage coats because my winters are so mild this year in California. Instead, turning uh, lemons into lemonade I'm going to enjoy the ridiculous fact that I can pull out a sweet summery sundress (in this case a freshly picked frock from the Goodwill) and throw on a citrus-hued vintage sweater over the top and take on the day.
Vertical vs the Horizontal: Stripes rule. Did you notice that I'm "breaking" some rules here? I'm wearing (gasp!) both vertical and horizontal stripes together. I'm calling it Sunny Delight, a tasty mix of a classic pattern. What makes it work it the fact that the two stripes are varying in size AND that they share a common factor: in this case the colors grey and black. And to make sure you get the idea that I LOVE stripes,

I pinned on a black/white vintage floral broach the echos the stripe effect. Speaking of rule breaking, Vix gave some great non-advice over at her blog, the Vintage Vixen. I loved this quote in her post entitled How to wear Flares: "Well, I'm wearing mine over a tiger print Mary Quant catsuit but you can wear yours on your head if that's what you want to do." She goes on to advise us all to "dress to suit yourself , mix your eras, clash your prints & colours and pile it all on at once if it makes you feel good" I love Vix's opinion, AND her style of dress. So if this give YOU some permission to break some fashion rules and wear clothes in a way that makes you feel good, you are going to be in some very good (and stylish) company.  

AND... to make sure you get that I'm all about the wicked deliciousness of the color ORANGE, I threw on this phenom little vintage hat that I bought a few months ago at the FRINGE hosted Blogger's Closet Sale. I got this prize for $5 bucks from vintage adorned local comedienne, Mary Van Note. Who happens to blog by the way, so you might want to check her out by clicking HERE

Juicy Color: Brighten up your winter with a squeeze of citrus hues.
Now Wearing: 
  • vintage hat, thrifted
  • vintage orange wool sweater, Goodwill
  • pre-loved striped dress, Goodwill
  • vintage floral brooch, thrifted
  • black tights
  • Camper booties, (similar model sold here)


mispapelicos said...

You look glorious, and so right for the land of the oranges. I knew you would agree with Vix about rules, lol
You are magnificent time, and time again


I find that to always be the best way to dress, clash, mix and wear confidently. I love the colour orange, and don't you look dashing in this outfit mix! Hope you're doing well dear Bella. I Love that Vix! :)

Marie said...

Pretty darn fabulous for the midst of winter and I am jealous, love the sunshiney color.
Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

doradadama said...

send that sun over here, was snowing again tonight.
mmm your outfit reminds of half and half cream popsicle.
I am in awe of your hat.
Vixcita rocks!

his_girl_friday said...

How cute are you? So cute! I love the orange!

The Fashion Philosophy said...

So pretty! You have a stunning sense of style, so lovely!

PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like! :)

ox from NYC,


The Fashion Philosophy said...

So pretty! You have a stunning sense of style, so lovely!

PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like! :)

ox from NYC,


The Style Crone said...

The jaunty hat and pin finish off your outfit with a splash. Love the colors and the stripes!

Patti said...

What a cool look, and oh boy, that hat is awesome. You look great, Ms. California Winter! : >

Anonymous said...

BELLA! That jacket is to die for. The color, the shape and cut, so fresh even though it's so vintage. I love love love it, my dear!


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

what a lovely dress. you are lucky, we don't get sun like that during winter here.

Girlie Blog Seattle - Beauty Tips, Makeup How To, Seattle Lifestyle

Unknown said...

I went without tights today wearing shorts. such crazy weather. feels like we are in orange county or san diego or something. creative layering is a must!

The Semi Sweet said...

So I love this outfit!!! And it makes me crave warmer weather!!! That tangerine sweater is a dream too.

Vix said...

You're a rule breaker too and that's why I love you!! Only the fiercest woman would team a sexy, strappy dress with opaque tights and black boots and look fricking INCREDIBLE!!
That spicy orange coat and hat hurt my eyes with their sheer fabulousness.
You rock my world!!! xxx

Adrienne said...

Loving the orange on you! I've been able to mix up my Winter stuff with sundresses as well, it's been pretty warm here!

What Lola Wants

mary van note said...

super cute! I love seeing the hat on you! The sweater looks so cozy too.

Anupriya DG said...

You look so fresh & juicy, my girl! ;)

Jill said...

freakin' love this outfit. loooove.

gabrielle said...

lady, you can wear stripes on stripes on stripes. the orange makes it an awesome look. LOVE

Anonymous said...

the pin ties it all together. The sweater is a delicious color!

Stacey said...

Incredibly cute! I love the orange, and the horizontal/vertical stripe mix. Have I mentioned lately that I want to grow up to be just like you?