Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sac Fashion Week 2012: The Finale

Artist Lindsay Rickman reports at the Finale of Sacramento Fashion Week (Photo Credit: M. Hollis)
I couldn't make it to our four day Sacramento Fashion Week this year, but going in my stead as special correspondent for The Citizen Rosebud was none other than textile artist/designer extrodanaire, Lindsay Rickman. Along with the newest style hunter for Street Style SACRAMENTO, photographer Morgan Hollis, Lindsay attended Saturday night's Finale at the Elks Tower Ballroom. The following is her report: 

Saturday night: the closing night for the 6th annual Sacramento Fashion Week, was an evening packed with Sacramento flavored fashion and fun. Similar to the showcase the night before, this event took place at the Elks Tower Ballroom, which was packed with a friendly and well-dressed crowd. A caveat for me was the honor of being invited into the V.I.P. room. Tell me, who doesn't appreciate a large deconstructed space in a 19th century building, where free drinks hops off trays and into your hand and you can mingle with a friendly, fancy crowd?

We had a good conversation with one of the founders of Bay Fashion Magazine. Morgan and I picked him out of the crowd an hour before the show, because he looked very handsome in a dark, sapphire blue wool hooded jacket designed by that evening's finale designer, Vasily Vein.

Fashion Able: The Crowd Waits to the Finale to begin (Photo Credit: SAC FW)
 Sac Fashion Week had all the bases covered: social, charitable, and fun. The series of events were well-organized and the finale was no exception. All this hard work was done in the name of a good cause- to raise money and awareness for the Make a Wish Foundation. The mission behind Sac Fashion week is ambitious: to provide the bridge between the fashion and entertainment industry and produce an upscale quality event with the overall goal to bring more awareness and economic growth to our local fashion industry. But don't think a lofty appeal and a dress formal crowd was an uptight one. With enthusiastic shouts of "YOU GO GURL!" piping out from the audience, the models were cheered on as they strutted the stuffs down the catwalk. I believe the designers felt the support too, when audience showed their appreciation for the creative vision and hard work shown on the runway.

I would like to see future designers take larger risks, and explore more the theatrical side of fashion in their designs. Advice for new designers; follow the example the organizers of Sacramento Fashion Week, and  get production sponsorship, i.e. CASH MONEY, so that you can invest more thoughtfully in the time and materials you will need to make your next mind-blowing, fantasy/fantastic line of clothing. It's heartening to see the fashion scene grow here in Sacramento, and I'd love to see a thriving fashion industry take root in my hometown.

Lindsay Rickman is a Sacramento-based textile artist/designer who lives in Midtown. She is a part-time model, and full time creative spirit. You can find her at Model Mayhem, and on Facebook at:

Behind the Seams: Models backstage for Vassily Vein (Photo Credit: SAC FW)

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For more information about this annual  fashion/charity event, check out the official website for Sac Fashion Week HERE


A BRIT GREEK said...

Thanks for sharing these B, it's so true about having sponsorship or cash money help - makes all the difference for sure and a little goes a long way.
The leather jacket with burgundy patchwork looks fierce!


The Closet Shopper said...

You must be loving your life right now. So many cool things! You are my hero.


Mitha Komala said...
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Mitha Komala said...

woah the fashion week seems awesome dear! and of course with so many stylish people like you <3

I love your blog, all contents are amazing <3

follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)


It's always nice to see fashion of the bay area.Excellent for scoring VIP! I tend to gravitate toward emerging talent, Vassily Vein has beautiful creations. I love that leather, wine colour panel blazer! All looks like things I'd wear. :)

Liesl said...

Looks like such a FUN time! Thank you so much for sharing all of this fashion with us! :)

DeniseAngela said...

It is awesome to see & be involved in fashion shows that are close to home......thanks for sharing photos & links....looks like a fun time was had by all!