Friday, December 11, 2015


FAREWELL TO KITTENHOOD: Francis is now five months and is looking less and less kittenish and more and more like a bonafide cat-dude. Well, when he has "sleepy face" I can see residue of his kitten-ness but wide awake, he is a ninja warrior in training, and I suspect birds are on his Xmas list. 

Selfie with Francis the Kittenish. Photo taken in early December 2015.

He has been so fun, but wow are kittens high maintenance! He is vocal- which I like, but he does meow quite a bit to let me know: he's hungry, he's bored, he needs attention, he wants to play with the feather stick, he wants to play with the laser mouse, he wants to play, he's hungry, he's bored, and so forth. Sometimes the "wants to play" mews are reinforced with his jumping up on the ledge next to the door, and he paws at the door knob, perhaps letting me know, that playing outside would be pretty cool. 

Eventually however, Francis will get into cuddle mode, and likes to plant himself on a pillow next to me, or at the foot of the bed and curl up for family chill time. Just so you know, he totally digs BBC nature documentaries almost as much as I do. I am enjoying watching the development of his personality, still a charmer, that Francis. Pretty sure he's going to be a rad grown up cat.


Unknown said...

I do so enjoy reading and catching up with Francis and his development from kijtty life to catdudesness. Keep up the good work, both of you. To you and yours the Best of the Holiday Season

Sheila said...

He is so sweet! Kittens are so much work - I don't miss Vizzini's kitten stage, although he's still a monster. But we love him!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I have only had a kitten once in my life, and they are sooo much work, but so wonderfully entertaining too! Looks like Francis is growing into a very handsome guy. Merry Christmas to both of you!