Friday, November 18, 2016

OUTFIT POST: What I Wore Last Summer

DRESSED TO EXPRESS: Let's be honest, I haven't been wearing many outfits worth documenting. Unless you folks want to see me in gardening grub and housecoats and pjs, then maybe we'll talk. But I did have a couple of occasions that merited a dress up over the summer, and thanks to local lovely pal, Jade who snapped a couple of shots on her phone, I have this one to show you. So drink it up, peeps, because I was obviously feeling like a tall glass of water wearing a mix of vintage and ethical fashion brands.

Frisky even.

Check me out: 

Summer Lovin': Adding vintage elements to an outfit can add a bit of sizzle to a summer outfit.
The occasion was an art show presented in the murky depths of a warehouse cum nightclub. Loads of young people queued up and paid $25 to get in. If you know me at all, you're aware that I avoid crowds whenever possible, but I had quite an incentive to see the show, as one of my favorite up and coming artists was presenting a bevy of new work after taking a number of years off. The last time I had the opportunity to see an exhibition featuring her was over six years ago in San Francisco, so the chance to take a peek in my city, gave me the gumption to go. 

I felt a bit of fish out of water, since I hadn't realized it was a downtownish nightclub and not a gallery, but I bucked up, went in and soothed my nerves with a couple of cold ciders. The place was packed, the art was varied, and it was good to see that the art scene is thriving with the youths. Bands played, people paraded around in tall shoes and tight pants, and I did a fair share of sashaying about wearing a beautiful mid century vintage rayon dress and a gorgeous handmade hat made from vintage materials that I got from a hat maker on Etsy. I wore a vintage inspired jacket purchased from Target almost 7 years ago and my fancy yet comfortable booties from United Nude.

I recently read somewhere that the "vintage trend" was on its way out. Which may or may not be true, but this #vintage honey badger broad doesn't give a fuck: I won't give it up.  I will never tire of classic and flattering silhouettes and well made construction of a vintage garment. The dress is made from a breathable rayon fabric in a neutral yet flattering taupe and blue watercolor print. And have I mentioned how comfortable it feels wearing it? Let me now mention it: it IS a VERY comfortable fit. 

With a bit of a New Look look to the dress, I thought it would go perfect with a little head dazzle. And what could be more fascinatin' than a vintage inspired fascinator? You tell me, amigo. 

Bella got dolled up for a summer social. Photo credit: Jade T
  • handmade facsinator by Flapper Femme
  • vintage rayon dress, thrifted
  • black wool cropped jacket, Mossimo for Target
  • custom rhinestone + suede cross body by Lindsay Rickman
  • United Nude stretch booties, thrifted (available here )


Suzanne said...

I cannot believe that vintage is on the way out. That'd be like saying hair is on the way out.

Love the whole eclectic ensemble.


Shybiker said...

Very nice. As Suzanne says, vintage will never die!

thorne garnet said...

"summer" and you're wearing a jacket. Vintage is on the way out because all the cheap companies that jumped on the bandwagon a few years ago have to have a new "hook" to real in the dollars. $25!!!!!!!! Damn, I don't get out much.

Sara Kristiina said...

Luckily I don't follow fashion, vintage is never "out" in my life :D You look cuuute! That little hat is so sweet

Sheila said...

Good, let vintage fall out of fashion with the hipsters! More for me when I'm out thrifting! I think you look divine - style has no age, no expiry. When you look great, you feel great, and you look even better! Lovely to see you again, sweetheart. I bet you rocked that party!

Natalia Lialina said...

You look beautiful, Bella! I'm glad that you came back!

No Fear of Fashion said...

Didn't you look terrific?? You did. And so much more unique than all the young ones. I love everything about your outfit but especially the fascinator. You look happy. Did you know United Nude is a Dutch brand?

Patti said...

Vintage forever! wonderful to see you, Bella, and you're looking fab. xox