Wednesday, November 23, 2016

THE DETAILS: Flapper Femme

BLOG IS IN THE DETAILS: sometimes your outfit goes to eleven due to a single, stand-out element. I've found that the right accessory in the right place at the right time can take what you are wearing to the next level. That's pretty much how I felt about this topper when I paired it with my art-show outfit (see previous post.) It took a practical pairing of a vintage dress with short jacket and added a bit of bubbly. 

Whether or not you think yourself a "hat person" let me be one among many to urge you to explore your own personal style by trying out head covering as a way to add a pinch of panache to your ensemble. A hat can truly complete a look. Think hats are a bit much for you? I think you'll find that starting with smaller, less overwhelming head gear, you'll have a bit of fun without too much fuss. Think "fascinator," "cocktail hat" or the "whimsy." These are tiny little bits of hat-goodness you fasten to your noggin' and just sit back and enjoy the stream of compliments.

The following are some thumbnail definitions of these easy breezy head pieces: 

A fascinator hat: a small ornamental headpiece that fits on the head using headband elastic or small comb. It is always lightweight and usually features feathers, beads or flowers.

A cocktail hat: a tiny yet extravagant hat for a woman. Most often a component of evening wear and is intended as an alternative to a large-brimmed hat. These hats are often decorated with beads, jewels or feathers, as well as a veil.

A whimsy is a veil with some kind of trim. Often it is adorned gathered netting with silk flowers and or rhinestones attached. While some may have rings or wire support, there is no hat foundation to the creation. It’s a light and airy hair decoration more often than not covered fun and flirty elements.

FASCINATE WITH A FASCINATOR: You can find all sorts a fabulous vintage fascinators, cocktail and whimsies (in fact we've been selling them for years) but you can also procure yourself updated modern versions of these, which I like to do. I've been acquiring a small collection of hand-made fascinators made with vintage elements over the years and one of my favorites was the one I purchased from Flapper Femme. It's got a great vintage 1930s silk fabric in rusts, silver and black with a bordered of mother of pearl button beading around the rim. A bright pop of periwinkle tulle and voila! I am one sassy and stylish blogger-ista. In fact, I got so many compliments regarding my beautiful topper, I thought I'd share a little about this lovely hat maker.

Flapper Femme is the label for L.A. based milliner, Leslie Robinson. She is an artist whose canvas is your head. Her medium is felted wool, vintage silks, straw and sea grass, buttons, feathers and other vintage elements. She's a +40 woman, so ladies, give a sister some support. You can find out more about her here: and her shop on Etsy HERE.

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Forest City Fashionista said...

People who say they can't wear hats just haven't found the right hat yet. I prefer smaller hats, leaning more towards fascinators, for me personally, but I find larger brimmed hats overwhelm me. Your lovely little hat is soo pretty!