Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Product Review: Due Mary Janes by FitFlop

Standing Firm of the FitFlop Due Mary Jane from Sole Provisions

I live on a hill. And I'm a pedestrian. So all the cute high heels and wedges I own are now parked in my closet and gathering dust. I've gone, uh, practical. I now need walking shoes that can cover terrain in comfort and yeah, I wouldn't mind a wee more bit of style than a running shoe. My day-t0-day shoe needs are this: comfortable fitting, well made kicks that can stand a 1-5 mile daily walk about, have traction for steep inclines (and rainy sidewalks!) and can keep the ankles, heels and legs from hurting, even after a long day of running errands. 

I have found a pair of shoes that fit the bill: Due Mary Jane in black leather by FitFlop. I was drawn to the gorgeous, high quality black leather, and the thick elasticized band across the foot. I am partial to mary janes in general, especially in a walking shoe. In my experience walking isn't as stressful on the foot when there is mid-arch support top and bottom. The Due Mary Jane style by FitFlop make a great walking shoe. I liked the look of the platform sole, which was wrapped in a kid-skin black leather. There is generous cushioning, offering all day comfort. The foot-bed is lined with a super soft kid-skin leather, making going sock-less, something I do a lot, a comfortable experience.

These would make perfect shoes for folks in the restaurant industry- if I were still a cook or a waitress, I'd be wearing these shoes to work. Attractive, sturdy, durable and comfortable: you could last a 8-hour shift in them, and have the dogs still feel pretty perky by the end of your day. The quality of the construction showed: I pretty much wore them for a week straight, walking everywhere, and they still look pretty good. That quality explains the price, clocking in at nearly $140, which is a chunk of change, but I can say with certainty, I would be willing to invest in a pair, especially if my job demanded it. 

A representative from Sole Provisions, contacted me, and offered me the chance  try these shoes in exchange for a review about the product and the Sole Provision shopping experience. Well, here it is: if the quality of the shoes I received are a reflection of the entire collection of FitFlop, I am impressed. The shoes are solid. The brand's shoe offerings are a little stodgy for my taste (I for the record: NOT a thongs sort of girl) but the "Due" styles (with ballerina and mary jane options) were ones that I personally found appealing and could see myself purchasing with money out of my own pocket. 

The ordering experience was for the most part, pleasant. There was an issue with size (the style runs large) so the size 7 ordered, fit like a 7 1/2, and since the shoes only come in whole sizes, I exchanged them for a size 6. The sixes were tight, so lucky for me, I don't wear socks, and so could squeeeeeze into the shoe. However the few issues I had with the shoe all had to do with the fit- I got blisters on my heels and sides, and this was because the fit is so snug; as they stretched, the problem resolved itself. So if you are a half size, order down, and count yourself lucky. However, I have reservations about wearing shoes a size too big, or a smidge too small, and if you have the same size a me but wear thick socks, you'd be out of luck in my shoes. They would not fit well one bit. 

Kudos to Sole Provisions for the prompt and courteous manner in which they arranged the exchange. I received both pairs of shoes within 2 days after ordering, and the customer service was efficient enough and polite. Sole Provisions seems dedicated in offering a a range of stylishly comfortable shoes, and  carry name brands renown for their quality, like Naot, Taos, Dansko and Alegria, among others.

Disclosure: I received my shoes courtesy of Sole Provisions in exchange for this review. No other compensation was given. The opinions are my own.

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No Fear of Fashion said...

Hmmm. there were a few ballerina's I would have like to have tried. But living in The Netherlands, it is not worth the cost of shipping and paying duty.

doradadama said...

Cute zapatos! I will post my fave shoes next Wednesday amor.

Unknown said...

Oooh! Thank you! I've been looking for new restaurant shoes, and so far have been failing in my quest. It's so hard to find appropriate work shoes (ie, non slip, thick enough sole that glass wont stab through it) that still look cute with a vintage dress. Wee bit wary about the sizing (I hate online shopping), but I think I'm going to take the plunge. Thank you soo much!

xo Sara

The Cranky said...

These are definitely worth a check...with balance issues due to Parkinson's, etc... it can be difficult for me to find an attractive shoe that is also stable and practical.

Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

These sound great, and I think I've already been seeing them around. Good walking shoes are worth the money.

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

They are cute and definite;ly work-appropriate!
Thanks for the honest review!

Flora Cruft said...

Those are the cutest shoes! I'm looking forward to shoeshine Wednesday yay!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I am always on the lookout for comfortable, supportive shoes that are somewhat stylish, and these seem like they might work. Thanks for the review - enjoy your new shoes!

Unknown said...

Ah, these shoes were so promising until you got to the only comes in whole sizes. I'm a true 8.5 and if I get a 9, my heels slip in the back.