Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mayday, Mayday!

In real life I wore my j'eggings with this outfit, but for some CRAZY reason decide to outfit post without them. LMAO! I feel quite the tart in the wild medley of colors and A WHOLE LOTTA LEG! Basically I piled on floral prints that were bright, a bit unmatched and on edge. Think: GREY GARDENS meets the circus. Next thing you know, I'll be sporting sweaters for turbans and wearing shorts UNDER pantyhose, and dancing to a marching band. EDIE rules!

Ok, enough all caps, and on with the (peep) show. 

 Now Wearing:
  • Deadstock vintage '70's  cotton pink/orange blazer, Hospice thrift
  • French Connection silk floral mini dress, Thrifttown
  • 3 red, white and blue 1960's flower broaches, personal collection
  • Polka dot nylon sash, Salvation Army
  • Polka dot purse, Goodwill
  • Vintage '80's white handbag with white rosette
  • Vintage '80's hot pink pumps with rosette
  • Black floppy sunhat with '60's pink floral trim, the Citizen Rosebud
Tonight, I'll be going out with the BFF to sip some wine and girl talk AND go see my b*friend play a show @ the Hub in Sactown. I'll be wearing a very subdued outfit of black and grey, perhaps as an antidote to my toxic floral overkill du jour. Should be a fine and mellow evening, and I wanted to wear an outfit to match it.

Happy Mayday, peeps.


Marta said...

such a crazy outfit, but i love it! it's so energetic as well! and your legs are killers! what kind of show is it going to be? wishing you an enjoyable evening!

Sara Kristiina said...

Awesome outfit! Happy mayday!

Katerina Kazia said...

Just beautiful! You look as if you've been hit with some bunches of flowers and I love it! Spring is all around you! Oh! And the shoes? Just perfect! Their clolor is great!

Christina Caradona said...

what a crazy fun outfit!