Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In the Navy

Sometimes you just wake up to a day feeling navy. Solid, no mischief, honest & hard working N-A-V-Y blue. The day started out sunny and ended up with rain. But I was ready for it, peeps. I was ready.

Wore a big over-sized vintage blazer that has sweet satin cuffs. For some reason I chose to pose with the blazer over me like a shawl, so you can't see the cute sleeves. The shirt is a recent re-creation for the Citizen Rosebud. Formerly a dress, it now lives happily as a top with added buttons in front and on the sash in the back. The belt is a rope which for some reason seemed nautical to me and therefore went with my white & rope espradrille wedges & suitable-for-yacht-living red/white/blue with gingham lining tote. The bag is a one-of-a-kind creation by my dear friend Kris Laskey, the designer of the Sacramento-based label, Butt Ugly. She gave it as a gift from her my last birthday, and I love it!

Kris & I share a nostalgic love of red, white & blue. For me it reminds me of my childhood summers.  I love the crisp, clean innocence about the color combination. Right around Memorial Day weekend, when you all are busting out your white shoes, I'll be releasing my "Americana" colors out onto the world. Today, it's just a simple study of blue & white. Because I'm in the navy now.

Now Wearing: 
  • Blue/White Batik scarf, worn in hair, thrifted
  • Vintage '80's rayon blazer, thrifted (Salvation Army)
  • Navy-blue jersey knit top w/ butterfly sleeves, the Citizen Rosebud
  • Ralph Lauren dark-rinse denim short-shorts, thrifted
  • Soft cotton rope, worn as belt
  • Navy blue tights, Target
  • Tri-color tote w/ gingham lining, Butt Ugly Boutique
  • Mia white/rope espadrille wedges, Macy's (2007)



Marta said...

ahoy, bella! i am in love with your wedges!

Marta said...

on friday i am having an important exam, so keep your fingers crosses!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

consider them crossed, dear Marta. wishing you high marks and happy results on your exam! xo.

Wynne Prasetyo said...

you're wearing batik, that's from my country, woohooo!

Style on paper said...

Hi honey! You're radiant in these pics, I really like this!
Love your wedges!
kisses ;)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thanks Chiaradeanna! xo.

Isquisofrenia said...

you look so badass here, love how your wearing your wedges with tights and those shorts look amazing on you!

Lisa said...

those wedges are so cute!

Missa said...

Navy is a REALLY great color on you and I love how the little white bits and and the red lips add nautical flair in a subtle way :)

Searching for Rosebud said...

Just found all your nice comments on my blog! Thanks so much- your blog is amazing. Please check out my entry for today as it is marine inspired as well. Thanks again for the kind words as I am just getting started:)