Friday, May 14, 2010

Black & Ready

Man, what a foxy day! This Friday has started out deliciously, with the sun streaming through the blinds on what promises to be a fantastic day. Pulled out 3 bins of summer vintage to get ready to put out for sale. Of course, I had to play dress-up with so many of the pieces; I may end up keeping an item, or two, or twelve. Renewed my love of gingham, and am thrilled to get reacquainted with the print while going through my rather alarming gingham print collection, so in honor of gingham, I wore my gingham-like print halter and dolled it up in black &red. 

You may have guessed already, that I really love black, white and red together. 'Cuz, obviously I do. 

The theme today, other than the tonal red/black seems to be altered or Target. The articles worn here have either been altered or purchased brand-new from Target. In the case of the black/red halter top, it would be BOTH. The shoes, sadly are the exception, which is pity because with a little more effort, I could have easily summoned up a pair of Target flats to wear instead.And GOD KNOWS, this girl loves a good theme.

Now Wearing: 
  • Black sunglasses with chrome lenses, Target
  • Red cotton thermal-top shrug, Originally from J. Crew, then altered
  • Red/Black checked print halter top, Originally from Target, then alterd
  • Jean ribbon, from Jean skirt (see below)
  • Sassy Jean Skirt, altered with a bubbly-hem
  • Black/White Capri leggings, Target
  • Black wool cuff w/ button embellishments, Originally a sock, now a cuff
  • Black leather flats, Anthropologie

Turns out I'm not the only one on the block who's down with the black, red & white combo. Neighbor Khufu was sporting his colors too. He kindly let me snap a few shots of him while chatting with his lady friend. Thanks Khufu! You're one handsome dandy!


Sara said...

You look lovely! I have to say that I am in love with your hair :)

Your neighbor is CUTE :)

Violet Folklore said...

You and Khufu are STYLIN! I heart gingham so much, the longest blog I ever posted was all about it. I love this outfit as a whole.

Meggstatus said...

Khufu looks like a total bad ass, I'm sure he has your back too lucky girl.

PS I'm going to answer all the questions as soon as I can I've been super busy this week!

Margaret said...

your style is so fresh :)
loving the blog
great posts
stop by some time ! xx

FESI-NOIR said...

Great outfit!

xx fesi-fashion

Marta said...

Bella, you are such a lovely lady in red! your haircut is fantastic!!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Ah shucks, Marta! (*blushes* kicks the ground) Thanks! xo. -Bella Q