Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Heart NY

Day 2 of wearing the new saddle shoes from Payless. It was such a lovely, sunny day out, I (gasp) left the house without a sweater or coat! Took my revamped vintage tourist Tee out and about, proclaiming my love to a city that never sleeps. The t-shirt was modified a bit to vamp up the girlish charms: the neck scooped out, and the sleeves shortened and capped with elastic. 

Also wearing a polka dot slip that I wear as a dress, from Target and first seen here and under that my gingham mini skirt with black tulle, as first photographed here. And of course, these delightful (yet slightly sweaty) saddle shoes made their appearance yesterday. So why am I talking? I'll let the T-shirt speak for me!

Now Wearing:
  • "I heart NY" oversized black vintage T-shirt, the Citizen Rosebud
  • Polka dot slip-dress, Target
  • Gingham/Black tulle skirt, worn as slip
  • Vintage polka dot scarf wrist-band, thrifted 
  • Clear "Ray-Ban" styled sun-glasses, Target
  • Saddle shoes, Payless Shoes


DIANA said...

Am loving this Rock'N'Roll look!!!! the shades are awesome!

I love all the dark colors I really do!!!♥.....amzing post♥

Rosalind said...

Aah, the iconic 'I heart NY' t-shirt. I like how this as been altered slightly, like giving a spin to a well known item!
Great shoes too, they remind me slightly of dancing shoes for some reason..
Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, I really appreciated it!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thank you Diana, you just made my day! And thank you Roz. I love your blog, truly! said...

In love with your bicolored shoes!