Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gingham & Cheese Sandwich

What is it about gingham that makes me want to go on a picnic? Or at least crave cheese sandwiches, potato chips and soda? I love the steadiness of its regular check pattern. Gingham is the plaid of optimism. This is classic, American summer on-the-go. The skirt is a Citizen Rosebud re-make: a black & white gingham print mini skirt with a bit of tulle added at the hem. It reminds me for some reason of  Mary Quant and her Ginger Girls from the 1960's, so I dolled up accordingly. READ: this is my rendition of a post-modern-mod. I'm wearing lots of white eye-shadow, pink lipstick, plastic accessories, and a gingham headband in a sort-of Carnaby-Road-Rogue sort of way. And these little black patent booties are most definitely an homage to the vinyl go-go boot of that era.

" This is classic, American summer on-the-go."

Now Wearing: 
  • White vintage sunglasses, thrifted
  • Gingham Ribbon as headband, JoAnne's Fabrics
  • Black Knit tank embellished with a big vintage button, Citizen Rosebud
  • B/W Gingham print mini-skirt with tulle hem, Citizen Rosebud
  • Vinyl cuff made from a record, Cuffs (
  • Ruby & Bloom black patent booties, thrifted (Thrift Town)
  • Polka Dot purse, gifted and thrifted (Goodwill)
Still hungry for gingham? Don't fret, my pigeons, the summer is young. There will be plenty more of gingham to come! -Bella Q


Avalonne Hall said...

Gingham is very all-American, like Dorothy :) I need more gingham in my life, must hunt for a nice gingham piece of clothing! You're looking like a rockstar!

Lisa said...

I love gingham. That skirt is so cute!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thanks, you two! Mark my word, peeps: I predict GINGHAM is the print of the summer 2010.

Kristin said...

ahh! Gingham and tulle together!? Two of my very favorite things! Black and white is also my favorite color combo to boot, so you pretty much just made my day! :)

Now I am craving a grilled cheese!

Sara Kristiina said...

That skirt is so cool! <3 Luv your outfit :)


stylenuggets said...

I must look out for some gingham. I'm wearing a white polka dot top in my last post. Sort of the opposite of your cute bag!

E said...

All-American, with an edge. I like.

Anonymous said...

Nice sunglasses:)

The Book of Right-On said...

Definitely very Mary Quant inspired! Love it... Of the school of Biba too! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Roll on the picnics!! Ele from BORO x

flaming hag folkwear said...

my husband loves gingham, too! we collect western cut shirts in various colors of gingham for him.
the other day as he was getting dressed, he said "when in doubt, go with gingham." i think all my years of thrifting and vintage hunting have finally worn off on him...