Sunday, January 15, 2012

outfit post: Leopard, Floral, Paisley

Blooming Madly: Bella Q is back from vacay and ready to rumble!
Hello, my lovelies!

I'm back from my offline vacation, and I must say I missed all of you! I took nearly a 3 weeks off from blogging, and I feel like I've gained some much needed perspective. Here's the deal: I LOVE blogging but the past year or so, blogging has taken over my life, and it has been at the expense of REAL TIME, and REAL EXPERIENCES. To "keep up" with fashion trends and fashion blog posts, I had stopped reading books, most magazines and pretty much didn't explore any new subjects. Having taken some time off, I've realized how unbalanced this all is- and at the expense of losing some of my blog friends, I have come to the decision that in 2012 there is going to be less ONLINE and more OFFLINE. I still plan to blog, but my intention is now to share a rounder aspects of my life, not just the fashion side.

Mixing patterns can be easily done is you play with prints in the same color family.
I hope you are ok with that! You will most readily be welcome to share in my adventures, and I hope you will enjoy the ride. 

This outfit was taken at FRINGE. As usual, I am print crazy, mixing paisley, leopard and floral prints. I'm wearing a new pair of leopard print platform shoes that I recently bought at Heart Boutique. I'm not sure how I feel about them- they are very high and hard to walk in. However, they are cute in a trendy sort of way and I can imagine all sorts of ways to style them. What do you think: should I return the shoes, or keep them?   

Now Wearing: 
  • Chunky knit Ralph Lauren Cardigan, Goodwill
  • Fabric Rose Broach
  • Paisley print cotton dress w/ bubble hem, from a free pile
  • Plastic cuff, F-21 (purchased on sale years ago!)
  • Vintage Animal print scarf, thrifted
  • Floral tights, FRINGE
  • Leopard Platforms, Heart Clothing Boutique
Leopard Print Platforms now available at Heart Clothing Boutique


WendyB said...

I went with a blog that wasn't 100% fashion from the beginning -- too boring for me! Glad you're back with new perspective.

citizen rosebud said...

You are never boring- that's for sure, Wendy B!

Unknown said...

I'm glad to see you back, and I understand your new perspective. It's a great idea! I loe your shoes - they look great on you. At the same time, if they aren't comfy and arent fun to wear - then its pointless b/c you won't want to wear them. Loves!!

theequinebovine said...

le meow, baby! welcome back. xox

Helga said...

I love this outfit,I am so inspired by your pattern mixing!!EEK!
Missed oyu,but so understand that one just has to take a break,and coming back fresh and with a new perspective is what it's all about.I know what you mean,blogging has kinda taken over my life! I panic a lot about finding the time to keep up with everyone more than the actual posting!But I DO love it,it's great fun and has been so good for my confidence.Meeting all you hot dolls,especially!
You do what you have to do,I'll be panting after you!
O,how close to San Fran is Sacramento?

Anonymous said...

I like the mix of paisley and floral! I've missed you and can totally understand the need to regroup or express more than the "style" side of one's life on the planet.

As for the shoes, I like them, but personally I'd probably return a shoe I couldn't walk in.

Unknown said...

Best shoes EVER! Love them, but I agree with Terri, if you can't walk in them, you won't wear them and there's no point in having them. But they are FAAABULOUS. And I LOVE them with the floral tights and that lovely lovely frock. Also love that stunning jacket. Welcome back, Bella... do your blog YOUR way. I waffle about all sorts of nonsense on my blog (as you are aware) and I am always amazed that people seem to be interested in my shenanigans.

Sarah xxx

Kitty said...

Hmmm. The shoes are cute but not so exceptional...if they're a PITA to walk in, lose them...there's always more just around the corner.

I hope you accept my honesty in the spirit of its intention :)

Re; the blogging/computer time issue...I so know what you mean!! The commenting alone takes up so much time, n'est-ce pas??

I had been addicted to my computer for so long until these past couple of months, I didn't realise how bad I thinking that having more real-life-time enriches one's blog persona.xx.

mispapelicos said...

I think it is very wise, and your real friends will go along with whatever you want to do in your blog, because you are the essence of it.
You know how I feel about mix and match, so I am going crazy with your outfit, my dearest Bella.

Kimi said...

Good on you! I actually prefer reading blogs where it is apparent the blogger has a life outside of blogging.

Unknown said...

Bella! I am happy that you are back! Breaks/vacations are good for gaining perspective and insight, so of curse we will be around no matter how your blog evolves.

You look amazing!! I am simply smitten with all of your print mixing!

Shybiker said...

Balance is important. Blogs are for reporting on our lives; they are not a substitute for having one. And your clothing choices are always so unique!

Sarah said...

Toooootally understandable, Citizen R. Yes, do go back to experiencing more of the world with your own eyes, ears, feet, skin, breath, and report to the blog friends when you can! I wish that blogging didn't take so much nitty-gritty time -- photo tweaking, writing, editing, keeping up with business aspects. A moment's pleasure, a single beautiful sight, can take an hour or two to present to the blog world.

FRINGE looks like a lot of fun. It'd take me, like, fifteen hours to present it to the blog world!

sylvia @ 40PlusStyle said...

I can really relate to that. It's important to find the right balance and I hope you find it!

Anonymous said...

Balance is good! Glad you're back tho. Loving the leopards!!!

Unknown said...

Yay, I'm so happy you're back!

I think blogs that mix fashion and real-life posts are more fascinating and well-rounded. Alas, for some weird reason I can't seem to get that mix right, myself. I wish my life were more interesting, lol!

But I'm definitely looking forward to reading more about your life! :o)

Franca said...

I have come to a similar realisation - though i've been slowly disentangling myself from blogging pressure for a while now.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Glad to see you back, Bella. You are a great writer and I love to read what you have to matter the topic! Blogging is a HUGE commitment so I get it! You look so cute in this is a great style for you! Glad you are refreshed and ready to enjoy all life has to offer!!

SeƱora Allnut said...

hurrah for Real Life and enjoying Real Experiences!!, blogging also can absorb most of my free time and my friends are missing me sometimes!!
And you look as pretty as usual in your mixed prints ensemble: love that tights and shoes!!
besos & suerte

Jenmarie said...

I totally understand your new years resolution and I'm excited for you!

Great print mixing btw ;)

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Welcome back! I know exactly what you mean about the virtual world sometimes taking over the real one. I know it's bad when my own husband begins e-mailing me ... I'm with you, and am all for real experiences and perspective! And those leopard heels are to die for (keeper!). xxx

Unknown said...

Bellaaaaaaa! So glad to see you back! You know, I'm detecting a common theme here among bloggers. And last year seems to have been pivotal for a lot of us. I have come to a similar conclusion. I'm just not willing to pour such a gigantic amount of time into it. Certainly not at the expense of the living breathing people right here in front of me. So I'm right there with you with a big high five!

Regarding the shoes, I think they are fabulous and will make A LOT of outfits just really stand out. I may be in the minority, but I would absolutely keep them, but maybe practice walking in them around the house before venturing out too much. Big love and hugs to you pretty girl! ~Serene

doradadama said...

I know what you mean about blogging taking up a lot of time. I love blogging and all the new inspirations thanks to all the wonderful bloggets. I too have been taking a bit of a rest with being busy with long we hear from your cool adventures.

Your outfit is crazy beautiful, love mixing all kind of patterns.
Leopard shoes are a total dream but if your not going to wear them..then get rid of them. Although i keep some shoes just for photo purposes.;)

Collette Osuna said...

Welcome back sweet thing!! Can I get an "amen"?
I hear you, more than you know girlie!! My blog will be transformed, totally for 2012:)

New year, new clean slates...there is far more to us than being in front of a camera (quoting myself here, lol)....I blogged about this very same subject tonight!!

Great minds think alike:) I cant wait to see what you have in store for us!!!

PS..keep the shoes!

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Sasha Maria said...

I applaud your choice! I'll definitely stick around. :)

I love this outfit too. So fun.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

After recovering from some serious breathing after eye-balling you in florals and leopard, I can understand your need for a change of pace. Good on you for taking time off and getting your priorities back in perspective my lovely, I've resolved to do more crafting and sewing this year, because it makes me calm and oh so happy:)) xoxoxox

Stacey said...

I'm trying to take the same approach to life this year. More offline seems to make me happier, and, in a strang twist of fate, more inspired to blog.

Adore the outfit! One day I will feel brave enough to take on pattern mixing the way that you do.

Unknown said...

Hi there!
Thanks for your comment!
Love how you mix everything together, so much creativity and you dare lady, this is what i like about you!

Take care!

Ariane xxxx

ZalinaW said...

Love the shoes. I admire high heels shoes but can't wear them, considering I ride a bike to work. Great look!

Adrienne said...

I love fashion, but lifestyle blogs are so much more fun to read!(and to write for that matter). I changed my blog from mainly fashion to a little bit of everything, and I am happy with that. Good luck, I think it will be awesome.

And yes, keep the shoes :)

What Lola Wants

Fajr Muhammad said...

I think that is the sentiment going around the blogosphere! I totally understand your need to scale back...can't say I won't miss my heavy heaping of Bella!

Heather Fonseca said...

I think you should keep the shoes and send them to me when you're bored! LOVE them! I can't walk in platforms either but they look so good in photos I can't not wear them. Sigh.

I hear you when you say blogging has taken over your life. I seem to eat, sleep and breath it some weeks. I've switched to two posts a week which I think is do-able. I want to keep it fun, you know?

Yes, of course you do! I'll be along for the ride come what may. Looking forward to the new direction on your blog.


Rosalind said...

Yay - you're back! I was nodding my head reading your account of your 3 week hiatus from blogging. Your new perspective sounds refreshing and exciting. I too have resolved to spend less time online and more time with books and face to face conversation - and it seems that a fair number of bloggers have reached a similar point this year. Looking forward to hopping on board your altered directions.

The Holly Rivers Show said...

mmm...floral and leopard print..mmmm....drool..mmmmmm x x x

The Closet Shopper said...

Holy cow that's a gorgeous outfit. You are so great with the mixing of patterns. the leopard shoes are such a nice finishing touch.


Kimberlee said...

Aw I definitely think you have to take those relationships offline. When I go out with my friends (who also have blogs) for dinner or something, at the end of the night I end up saying "crap! we forgot to take pics" and they say "that's because we are actual friends enjoying the night." I feel like too many post abou their nights but if they're so busy taking pictures of the food and decor, how are they enjoying their friends? I wish you the best in 2012! xoxo

Susan Tiner said...

I like the leopard print platforms, would vote to keep them. I'm glad to hear we'll be learning more about you the person in coming posts, and I know exactly what you mean about needing to spend more time offline :).