Friday, November 5, 2010

5 quick questions: RETRO REVA

Wild Heart. Tame Wallet. 
Over 40 fashion-blogger, Retro Reva shares spirited style on a shoestring budget.

A self-described thrift store junkie, Retro Reva is a mid-western gal who loves to dress up. Fashion, as long as it's not retail, or mainstream, or boring, is her name of the game. She's down to earth, friendly and loves her boho style.  I was recently privileged to e-chat with this Mid-western fire-cracker and here's a taste of Reva in 5 quick questions:

Q: Name 3 words to describe your style?
REVA: Eclectic. Bohemian. Vintage.

Q: Where's your favorite place to shop and why? 
 REVA: Any thrift store! I especially love Goodwill. Why? Thrift stores allow my imagination to run wild. I can dress myself for pennies, find sweet vintage pieces and stop buying into "cookie cutter" styles.
Q: What inspires you? 
REVA: Photography, music, other bloggers, indie trend setters, cultural diversity!

Q: What's your preferred (personal style) network, and why? 
REVA: My first was Weardrobe. I even started my own campaign to be the first featured blogger over 40. I still post there, but I am more into street style pages, like Japanese street style, and Street Peeper. So, I don't have a fave at the moment. Any suggestions? 
Q: Are you on Facebook? 
REVA: Not an official Fan page, but I'm working on it!

You can get more of REVA's joyful, bohemian spirit over at her newly spruced up & updated blog Reva's Rags to Roses. And be sure to add her to your blogroll!

(Edit: I wrote that Reva was the first woman over 40 to be featured on Weardrobe, but that is incorrect. Reva sent me an email clarifying her campaign to be featured, and I have since corrected the statement. -Bella Q)


Marta said...

i have just discovered a new fabulous blogger. thanks for sharing!

ps: i hope that eveything is ok, Bella!

mispapelicos said...

Thank you for sharing and letting me discover her fabulous blog.
Eres un ángel!!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You are welcome! Sacramento and Marta: you are going to love Revas free spirit!

Anika said...

Hi beautiful Bella, great feature! I already have her on my blogroll :) she is fab! Thank you very much for your comment on my blog, very insightful. have a lovely weekend! xx Anika

Unknown said...

Thank you so Much, Bella Q !!!!!
You are one of the most terrific blogger's out there :)
You always keep me on my toes and thinking big :)

luciana said...

these pictures are really beautiful, dear :)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thank YOU Luci Ana. And Reva, it was a pleasure, and you make me blush!
I just discovered a new blogger you would love:

check her out and tell me what you think!

Style Underdog said...

Oh yes, Retro Reva! She is so enjoyable. She reminds me of a movie star. I'm glad you featured her. And, thanks for visiting my blog via the Dashing Eccentric. There is not enough room on the comment section to describe my love of Steph. Now, I'm off to check out your blog.

Isquisofrenia said...

i love when you do interviews like this

Anonymous said...

Reva--it's great to see you here! And I would be a Facebook fan, for sure!

Joy said...

I loved this. It was great!

It's nice to see 40+ bloggers get featured!!

Heather Fonseca said...

I love that I'm slowly finding other older women who blog about fashion. It's so nice to see clothing being modeled on real women. I just love it. Thanks for the tip. I'll start following Reva.

Lee Oliveira said...

Definitely going to check her blog out.. Looks fabulous just like yours

Rosalind said...

Thanks for sharing - always nice to hear about fellow thrifting addicts! I'm looking forward to going back to my usual charity shops once I'm better.

Raquel said...

she sure doesn't look like 40!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Lee & Heather, Roz & Raquel: you are going to love Reva!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your sweet comment :)
It was heartwarming to say the least.

Your blog is wonderful!
style activist