Friday, November 26, 2010

Girl (Black) Friday

The Citizens of Rosebud Black Friday Preview sale is TODAY.
Today is "Black Friday."

It is also a day of celebration for the Citizen Rosebud. We have moved into our new HQ, and are celebrating with a sale. Two looong racks of discounted vintage starting from $3 dollars, and moving up to $5 and $10 hang patiently to be rescued. There is a special room reserved for exclusive Citizen vintage, my choice picks from the past for your imminent future. Prices start at $15 and up. Because I believe in you.

Day is going to be C-R-A-Z-Y, in the best possible way. I hope to take pictures of the event, but I make no guarantees. I'm got to bustle on in and hope for the best. There shall be worrying about little things like bank, signage, and pricing. LOL. I've never been so NOT ready for this, and ready for it ALL at the same time. So much left to do. "There's nothing to be done."  

So here today I celebrate: my passions, my ambitions, my vision. And simultaneously fret that I'm going to publicly & foolishly fall flat on my face. And starve like a proper artist. So with a huuge to-do list that will not get done before noon today I shamelessly forge ahead and plan to make do where dues will have me. 

In the words of one T.S. Eliot (who I always seem to reference for comfort):
"If you aren't in over your head,
how do you know how tall you are?

Happy Friday, friends. See you on the flip side.              -Bella Q


mispapelicos said...

Best of luck my brave friend.
I just wish I was there, but you know that already.

Sarah said...

Best wishes for grand success! I don't know how anyone opens and runs their own businesses -- so much work, so much suspense, so much problem-solving, so little sleep during the busy times! But thank goodness people have opened businesses since the dawn of civilization, and continue to do so despite big box stores.

I guess it's a little like raising kids. Most people are so NOT READY; but the learning curve is steep and fast, and after some sacrifice, sleeplessness, worry, and love, most of the kids turn out okay. It all comes together, even if it seems we're bewildered, behind schedule, and exhausted.

I look forward to pictures of your event and news of your business experiences. I also appreciate that T. S. Eliot quote -- so true!

Anonymous said...

where is said store!?

A BRIT GREEK said...

Lots of wishes and success with your venture doll! You rock! end of.

Have fun too and just go with the flow!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you well with this new venture...I know you'll be tall enough.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

thank you dear friends! i had a great day, and am now crawling into bed to get some shut eye. thanks to everyone who showed up and shared their support. xo

jemina said...

Happy Friday Sweetie Pie, and enjoy your weekend :)


the Citizen Rosebud said...

thank you JJ. you too!

Marta said...

this is maizng news!!! my congratulations on setting up new business!!!! i wish you all the best,Bella! good job! xox


Congratulations and best of luck, Bella! Good for you for following your heart!

♥ V
twitter: @gritandglamour

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bella!! This is such an exciting time for you. I would be such a ball of emotions. I think everything you're feeling is totally normal. I can't wait to hear how it all went. I'm so happy that it's all happening for you.

P.S. I always love the quotes you use. I'm putting that T.S. Eliot one up next to the "Bloom where you are planted" one that I stole from you ages ago! xx

Unknown said...


kristy said...

bella, you are so freakin' awesome. how COOL this shopping event of yours. and i have every belief that you most certainly did not fall flat on your face but rather flourished like the rosebud you are. i love your line "i've never been so not ready for this, and ready for it all at the same time." i know EXACTLY how you feel. sigh... forging ahead is exactly what we must do. i hope you took pics of the event, i would love to see them. =)

Luca said...

I like it!

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